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Handling involuntary PC/BC contractions

Originally Posted by BigBear
I tried this once last week to get the feel of it, and if anything it was totally relaxing and just put me at ease. Holding off from ejaculating was difficult at first, i tried “pushing the envelope” and managed to get it in time without having to contract any muscles but when i say “pushing” it wasnt by much. took me about 8 minutes of slow strokes at a steady pace to get to that point. Then went about my day and I was totally energised. Didnt even need my usual morning coffee. Didnt have time to finish myself off that night, so woke up the next morning and tried. It took me longer to reach that point but i made the mistake of clenching my BC and felt the involuntary reflexes kick in and came shortly aftewards. Im gonna try this all week next week, as ive got some down time and let you know.

Ok so I have been training myself for about a week or so using tips I had found in various threads on this board.
A sessions would entail lying on my back on the bed, fully naked and stroking away until the involuntary BC contractions start. As soon as they do, I either slow down or stop until the contractions cease and then resume as before. The timings I have noted for each day below dictate the length of time it took before contractions started, NOT the amount of time it took for me to ejaculate, as you will see from the recordings below ejaculation was not always the end result.


Slow= 1 Stroke per second (1 up, 1 down)
Moderate= 2 strokes per second (up/down per second)
Fast= 3 strokes per second (up/down/up)
Stop= 3-5 minutes.
KegelMaster= 200 every morning to work and counting.

*Each session would start with dry slow stroking, and sometimes I’d switch to a moderate pace. Only once did I use fast stroking and I ejaculated*
**These exercises were performed both without kegels and reverse kegels (apart from Sunday)**

MONDAY - Managed to stay ahead of the PONR for 40 minutes before contractions started kicking in which is a total first for me! Did go soft a few times so switched to moderate stroking but managed to stay hard for about 80% of that duration. Did not ejaculate. Did not need to slow down or stop at all.
Ejaculatometer: 6/10


WEDNESDAY - Again for 40 minutes then the contractions kicked in. I had the TV on in front of me as I lay on my back which was making me lose focus and my hard on. Switched to moderate stroking. Only needed to stop once and slowed down my pace 5 times and still refrained from ejaculating.

THURSDAY - 20 minutes and they started kicking in real strong. Felt myself riding the edge of the PONR real close for another ten minutes then it was just too much. I stopped completely and lost my erection pretty quick and had produced lots of pre-cum. I use the amount of pre-cum as a gauge to monitor my level of horniness, so a few small drops means I’m on my way but not quite there, where as a puddle of pre-cum on the tip and drippage down the sides would mean I’m pretty much there (i.e. one more stoke and splat!)
I had to stop as slowing down didn’t work. Did not lose erection at any point and did not have TV on.
Ejaculatormeter between 8-9/10

FRIDAY - 17 minutes before the contractions appeared. Lots of pre-cum. Found myself needing to stop about 6 times thereafter. I had definately reached the PONR a lot quicker and the contractions were very strong. I tried pushing myself by switching to fast strokes but ended up ejaculating :( No loss of erection at any point prior to ejaculation.
Ejaculatormeter 10/10 (Haven’t cum that hard in years!)


SUNDAY - 30 minutes of slow stroking the whole way. Had to stop for 20 minutes as contractions kicked in. Went for another 10 minutes after the stop as slowing down didn’t work. Almost ejaculated at 20 minutes, but managed to catch it in time by accidently holding a kegel. This forced out a wad of pre-cum that was clearly mixed with semen as it was a milky colour but not thick enough to be semen. Erection subsided rapidly. Carried on for a further ten minutes of constant slow stroking before contractions began again. Did not ejaculate.
Ejaculatormeter 9.5/10.

Taking a breather today and tomorrow. Will resume on boxing day.

Further notes:

I know this is me stating the obvious, however…this is the first time I have masturbated like this without the aid of porn, which usually cuts my time to anywhere between 2-12 minutes inclusive of Ejaculation, quality of porn obviously pending.

Please feel free to share any suggestions or make any comments regarding this program, I’m just trying to get a feel for it and make use of regular sessions.

Merry Xmas by the way.

Jan 01/08: BPEL-6.78" NBPEL-6.25" EG-5.5"

Jan 21/08: BPEL-7.25" NPBEL-6.70" EG-5.7"

Aiming for 1.0" gains all round.**newbie routine currently on hold due to severe porn addiction. No gains lost yet-23/03/08**

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Cheers on Boxing Day.

Folks here in the States don’t realize what that is.

My fiance’ is from the UK and we were discussing that today.

06/21/07 NBP = 7.75(tape) FSL = 7.875 EG = 5.00 Volume= 15.42

09/13/07 NBP = 8.375 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.38 Volume = 19.29 (+25%)

12/26/07 NBP = 8.625 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.50 Volume = 20.82 (+35%)

What an awesome thread. Cheeva thank you for your recent contributions here!

I’m working on all this too. I had an incredible non-ejaculatory masturbation session last night and this morning.

I’ve dabbled in “edging” before. A LOT, for over 10 years now. Average sessions (few and far between) are 2-3 hours. Last May on vacation while alone I managed 9 hours! Huge mess age the end. But it was a lot of stop and go, and I had never thought of “relaxing” as in avoiding the involuntary contractions.

Last night, my wife was fast asleep. When she’s on her period she encourages me to masturbate if I need a “release”. Last night she was too tired to stay up with me.

So, I tried what Cheeva has written about here and in the “Dick Control” thread. Staying ahead of the involuntary BC muscle contractions… what a concept! I was truly amazed!!! I went about an hour in this state. Did have to back off a few times. It seemed like maybe 10 minutes, but I don’t think the clock was wrong. I honestly did not want to stop, I was in a groove where I felt I could go all night, but I knew I need to get some sleep.

The feelings were incredible. I hardly slept. At about 6am, after my wife had already gotten up and left, I went at it again. After about 30 minutes I decided to reward myself.

Man, I have not gushed that much goo in a really long time. Sloppy wet come shot up and kept shooting.

I’m completely hard now just thinking about it. I think this time I will try to “retain” for an additional day. The feelings radiating from my genitals were truly amazing. I’m going to have to work on the spreading concept so that it’s not so concentrated in one place.

You nailed it exactly Cheeva. Just went on vacation with my new GF and I avoided sex with her when I wasn’t drunk, pathetic I know. But when intoxicated I can go for quite a while. I do believe it is a sensitivity thing but one which I did not have a problem with before. Coupled with the LOT tugback I developed when single for a while (i.e. tons of masturbation) and I am trying to undo this. I am keeping my eye on this thread and others. Thanks for the great info everyone.

BigBear I have had similar problems that you have mentioned. I started with frequent urination and premature ejaculation followed shortly afterwards. Went to the Doctor and he prescribed me flomax which did little but nothing significantly. I will post my entire story in the proper forum as soon as I hit 20 posts.

Originally Posted by Kewana
BigBear I have had similar problems that you have mentioned. I started with frequent urination and premature ejaculation followed shortly afterwards. Went to the Doctor and he prescribed me flomax which did little but nothing significantly. I will post my entire story in the proper forum as soon as I hit 20 posts.

Nice one Kewana.

I look forward to reading it.

Now hurry up and get posting! : )

Jan 01/08: BPEL-6.78" NBPEL-6.25" EG-5.5"

Jan 21/08: BPEL-7.25" NPBEL-6.70" EG-5.7"

Aiming for 1.0" gains all round.**newbie routine currently on hold due to severe porn addiction. No gains lost yet-23/03/08**

I’ve just started practicing edging and spreading and I’ve managed to have a dry session and dry orgasm. However my ponr is just too early like few strokes and it’s their. I can hold it by kegeling and letting go and spreading, but how can I make it so it is pushed back? And how often would I have to edge?

Welcome to Thunder’s, slanker.

Have you tried the exercises I’ve outlined in this thread? If not, please do—they might help. I’ll try and address your questions in more depth in the “Dick Control” thread when I have time.

Thanks cheeva, yes I have read your answer very helpful. I am at the point now of just pushing back the ponr by having dry sessions. I have had one dry session this week, I will probably have two more and see where I am.

Question - is it ok to do kegels on my off days while semihard?

8.5'' here we come!


Wow, I’m really happy to have discovered this thread.

I have had a few little adventures with edging and these sorts of exercises used to gain ejaculatory control. When I have persisted in the past, one of the clearest discoveries for me was the involuntary contractions. I decided to keep an eye (so to speak) on this, and found that in everyday life I was actually carrying a lot of tension in my perineum. So I started to conciously observe when this happened, and then force myself to relax it whenever I caught myself. It helped.

However, I’m my own worst enemy really. I repetetively slip back into un-disciplined mastabatory habits. I’ve realised that I use ejaculation as a drug, the same way I used to use marajuana as a teen, to sedate myself. That is why I’ve trained myself to rush to ejaculation. Which obviously has negative reprecussions when it comes to having a sexual relationship with a woman.



I’ve been wondering what I can do about glandular sensitivity? Last night I had a good half hour going with just shaft stimulation and at any instant I attempted and glandular stimulation I would feel myself instantly shooting from say a 4 to an 8-9 in sensitivity. Am I approaching this the wrong way? I’m trying to avoid getting so stimulated so fast by masturbating slowly and avoiding the glands but if I go anywhere near them after a while, they are a ticking time bomb. It’s like I need to desensitized the glands some how but I don’t understand how longer masturbation sessions could solve this problem.

It’s similar to when my girlfriend goes down on me. If she goes for the shaft or anywhere else, I last a decent amount of time. But if she goes for the head, I lose it pretty quickly. I’m just way too sensitive there and the only way to help it is with lidocaine.

I’m reviving this thread. I’ve still problems with PE, and totally forgot about these exercises I wanted to do. Let’s see if it works this time.

Cheeva since you seem to be the most knowledgeable about this, I’ll address it to you. But I’d like to hear from everyone. You’ve said NOT to use porn; should I also NOT think about having sex with a hot chic while doing this exercises? If so what should I think of? I truly believe that we can use or minds/ thoughts to change things. So, should I concentrate on the pleasure, but would this just make me come faster? What do you guys think about while doing edging or the other recommended exercises for having a dry orgasm?

I’ve also noticed that these contractions do shorten the time it takes to orgasm but I’ve also noticed that for me at least rather than contracting my bc/pc muscle is clenched tight throughout majority of masturbating or sex and with out it being clenched erection quality suffers it seems I’m in somewhat of a catch 22, any advice?


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