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Hair growth

Hair growth

Wasn’t too sure where to put this, but here seems ok.

Some background first:

All the way up my shaft, in various areas there have always been tiny little bumps that have just been there, doing nothing. THe go from the base to the foreskin.

Since beginning PE full time almost 5 weeks ago, I’ve noticed that these bumps must be follicles, as each is now sprouting hair! I’ve can deal with it easy enough so it’s not a problem.

Do you think it’s increased circulation that’s done that? Anyone else experienced similair effects?

Heh….Get ready to start shaving down there alot more lol. Ive got hair growing about half an inch up my shaft.

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Originally posted by retsnom
Heh….Get ready to start shaving down there alot more lol. Ive got hair growing about half an inch up my shaft.

I must be at least as bad as that!

But does anyone have an explanation for the until now dormant hair follicles now sprouting hair?

Yeah, those little bumps you noticed, I assume you have them on your scrotum as well. They are hair/sweat follicles and they sort of look like plucked chicken skin. Every guy has them, just they are not as visible on some guys as others. Hair does grow out of them, and a bit of hair growth up the sides of the penis is normal (BUT not too much growth, Im talking maybe 1/4-1/2 inch more up the shaft than normal). I do not think that the hair growth is caused by increased circulation though. If you jelq, you irritate the glands and you sort of “trigger” them. So they start to grow hair. Thats at least what i figured happens.

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My hair growth across the shaft is about one inch. I think it is related to the skin stretch during lig stretching exercises. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, it is the sign of growth, the more the better for me :) .

Soon to be 9''.

If you dont want hair ,pull it out .One strand at a time ,if a female can do it

a big strong guy like you can also do it with out crying.After a few years you will find the hairs either give up growing or get so fine you can hardly see them.I now have no pubic hair at all ,and I would have it no other way.

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