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hair between the cheeks

hair between the cheeks

Anyone else have this problem? It’s quite uncomfortable as you can imagine. I have no idea if all men have this or if hardly any men have it or what. What have you done to deal with it? Is it safe to wax?

Thanks in advance.

Most men (80%, according to this puberty survey, question 17) over the age of 16 have ass crack hair. And from what I’ve read, seen or heard most of them don’t do anything about it. Some shave and I’m sure some wax. Waxing is safe if you can keep the follicles clean, which might be a problem in that area. Shaving would likely offer less chance of infected follicles, but seems like a chore to do by yourself (said someone who’s never done it).

I have a lot. I shave it every once in a while just to keep it tame back there.

As a hairy person, I have once shaved off the hair around Uranus,
but after a few days it started itching like mad, for about a week. :(

Also, now we are speaking out frankly, I suspect that the hairs prevent the 2 cheeks from
touching each other completely. Another way of saying it:

when I shaved my crack, it suddenly became a lot sweatier

When unShaven, it does not feel clammy.

So, although esthetically less pleasing, the hair on my ass has at least 2 functions:
1 less sweat in the crack
2 less friction when walking.

Anyone agrees? Disagrees?

flip, I have the exact same problem when I shaved my armpits!

Never tried the asscrack, but I asssume it would be the same deal.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Originally posted by flip
So, although esthetically less pleasing, the hair on my ass has at least 2 functions:
1 less sweat in the crack
2 less friction when walking.

Never thought of these… why are oh so many swords double-edged!?!? >:< (shaving pun totally intended)

I have an extremely hairy butt and have to shave it every 2 weeks or so. I don’t get sweaty back there… maybe weight has something to do with it? I’m about 135 pounds, so I don’t sweat too much in the first place.

It is a chore, expect to spend about half an hour the first time you do it. I also recommend trimming the area down first with clippers or a hair trimmer. It also helps if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that can do it for you.

Now for the real question. How many girls have hair in the crack? I’ve only come across 1

I just use a 1/8 inch electronic hair trimmer.

It makes it very smooth and presentable - but it doesn’t cause itching like shaving. Also, it at least leaves a tiny bit of hair so you still retain your masculinity.

Also only takes about 4 minutes, weekly.

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