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Had a Vasectomy today


Had a Vasectomy today

Yep, had a vasectomy today.

Non-scalpel, under local anesthetic only.
Went very smoothly and relatively pain free…except when the doc was cauterising the sheaths over one of my vas’.
A very unexpected electric shock!
He said that it was due to the fact the sheath probably hadn’t received enough anesthetic….yeah, you think??

Anyway, that was some 8 hours ago. Just have a very minor ache when sitting/laying still. I bit more pronounced ache when walking, but nothing serious.
I guess tomorrow morning well see what the pain is really like when the anesthetic wears off (24 hours post op).
Nothing a bag of frozen peas wont fix I suspect :D

Congrats Andrew :) I bet your pain tomorrow won’t be too bad.


Why did you decide to have the vasectomy now? Done with having kids?


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I hope your right :D

Yeah mate, all done having kids.
Ive actually been thinking about it for a (long) while (our youngest is 6 this year) and finally got around to it.

I hope you feel better quickly.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I heard that most people who get vasectomies don’t go back to be checked that they’re no longer emitting sperm. This can result in unexpected pregnancies. I hope you made a follow-up appointment.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Had one a couple of years ago. No icebags, no painkillers, very smooth recovery. I’m told they do a much better job of it these days than, say, 10-20 years ago. A friend had it done back then and was iced for a week, immobile for the first weekend. I was out and on a mountain bike two days afterwards. But the 10 seconds of pain on the table was excruciating :-)

Thanks 789 :D

I actually know a guy who never went back and got his wife pregnant. They almost split up over it as he accused her of having an affair. When she finally convinced him to go for the sperm test, they found out he was still ejaculating some sperm. Im not sure what happened in the end.

The doctor went through all the stats with me and the chances of failure. You only need to wait 2 months and at least 16 ejaculations to do the followup test and if the test is OK, there is only a 1 in 5000 chance it may fail in the future.
If you wait for 6 months (or have a retest) and everything is still OK, then the chances drop to 1 in 100,000

As a comparison, tubal ligation has a whole of life failure rate of 1/5000 and the oral pill has a 1/100 chance of failure MONTHLY!
The Mrs still has a repeat for a prescription for the pill for 4 months, so once she gets near the end of that, Ill go and get tested.

This morning everything is fine.
Just a little uncomfortable when I walk due to the size of my upper thighs (squats are working too well), but sitting at my PC, I dont notice it at all.
Back at work tomorrow…why is it every time I take a couple of days off everything falls apart?

Glad to hear that :-)

I think a vasectomy is a nice gift to give your s.o. Having tubes tied is much more involved and unpleasant. I avoided it for decades, but this is my idea of ‘commitment’ :-)

I had mine three years ago, your experience sounds familiar. All was going great until the doctor cut the first vas. I didn’t jump or anything, but I did mention that it hurt. He added more anesthetic before continuing.

I took one of the pain killers on the way home, but didn’t feel the need to take any more.

Good luck

I had mine on Good Friday 2 years ago.

It was weird having your junk tugged at and clipped. It felt like a lot of pressure.

I found out that getting it done is like having a unloaded .45 around other women.

They want to see the gun and try it for a couple of blank shots.

Be careful.

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Originally Posted by Vater
I found out that getting it done is like having a unloaded .45 around other women.

They want to see the gun and try it for a couple of blank shots.

Be careful.

Thats what Im counting on :)
My Mrs asked last night if there would be a reduction in ejaculate volume
She says I pump out too much volume for her to swallow :rolleyes:
Stupidly, I said no.
I then recanted, but I think it was too late :D

Ive had the old snip and tuck as well. Same problem though when he did the cut. Must be standard practise nowadays to lower the local dosage.

However I did have problems about 3 days later and I was nearly admitted so they could drain the build up of blood in my testicles. They were huge and black.

Just be carefull and take it easy for a couple of days, not like myself and ventured into all things manly around the house and work.

Rest them and good luck

Thanks Robbie, will do.

They felt a little sore yesterday after work…did a little too much.
But after icing for a while and taking it easy today, I feel great.

Might even get the Mrs to take it for a test drive tonight :D

Hi all.
Just an update for those too chicken to take the plunge :D
In a few days it will be three weeks post-op.

Everything is going fine.
Ive noticed something I didnt think I would. My ejaculate volume is way, way down. Ive never actually measured or anything, but Id say anywhere between 30 and 50% down on what it used to be.
Maybe Im imagiining it somewhat, but the Mrs agrees, volume is signifcantly lower. Not that its a bad thing.

Oh, and the mrs says it tastes different. No longer bitter at all. Needless to say this means Ive finely got her to have a taste :)
And the signs are good that see will partake of my man juice again in the future. :D

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