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Guaifenesin for increased load?

Guaifenesin for increased load?

Back in 2006 someone posted that he had taken Mucinex, and it materially increased his ejaculate volume. Well, I wonder if anyone here has tried that.

The active ingredient in Mucinex, and in plain Robitussin as well, is guaifenesin, which is an expectorant. It’s supposed to make coughs more “productive”, meaning that it makes phlegm less viscous so you can cough it up easier. Ugh.

Well, anyway, I can see how it might work. And if it does, it’s something you could take “as needed” before sex, not all the time.

But as I remember, Mucinex is an extended release product, and I think what you would want is to have it all be immediately effective so you get the biggest punch. Is there such a version in pill form?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Peter North has been guzzling Robitussin all this time?

Well, has anybody tried this?

Guaifenesin makes secretions less thick (less viscous) by increasng fluid to them to make them move when you cough.

There is information that it may thin semen and make it easier for the sperm to swim up stream making a man more fertile:

If you’re making your semen less thick, you are probably increasing volume.

Mucinex and many other things have Guaifenesin in them, but they also have extra added attractions you don’t want. If you want pure and unadulterated Guaifenesin, use straight Robitussin.

I was going to share this info in a new thread but looks like it’s already been talked about. I took corciden and mucinex one day an had a massive load. I tried the combo another day and it was the same. After that I did some research and found the info on multiple fertility sites that it thins and increases semen in men and vaginal mucosa in women.

I started skipping the corciden after learning this and did some more tests. Taking the mucinex about 1-2 hours before sex and drinking plenty of water over that time did the trick.

My semen is normally very thick, lumpy sometimes if I’m dehydrated. This stuff gave me really thin and voluminous ejaculate. Like mike in brazil for those that are familiar.

I don’t know if it’s healthy to take long term but as an occasional thing I think it would be fine.

Wow I have to give it a try!

I think drinking a shitload of water might serve the same purpose.

When I’m on creatine, I’m drinking about 2 gallons of water per day. And my cum looks like water, making it seem like the volume has doubled.

I believe Mucinex also has DXM as an active ingredient. If so I would steer clear of using it recreationally for any purpose.

FeelingSmall, what dose of guaifenesin did you take?

For those interested in trying this, I think both Walgreen’s and CVS sell house branded guaifenesin. What you want is immediate release tablets or capsules, and it appears the standard size is 400mg. Mucinex is time release, which I don’t think is what you want. And you want plain guaifenesin without any decongestants or other medicines added.

Well, I took one 400 mg tablet of immediate-release guaifenesin about 2 hours ahead of time, and … no effect. No difference that I could detect.

OTC.. Primatene. Ephedrine HCl + guaifenesin ;)


Originally Posted by ChuckR
Well, I took one 400 mg tablet of immediate-release guaifenesin about 2 hours ahead of time, and .. No effect. No difference that I could detect.

The immediate release guaifenesin definitely seems to be the way to go. You may have to take an increased dosage to see a noticeable effect. A level of 1,200 mg 6-24 hours before activity and 1,200 mg about 2 hours before activity will likely show dividends.

This research was done on guaifenesin 30 years ago. It co-signs on guaifenesin’s use for this topic:


Possible side effects from the immediate release guaifenesin are mainly nausea and vomiting. So it’s really about what your stomach can tolerate.


But for those taking lecithin for volume which emulsifies and thickens, an expectorant like guafenesin can help to thin it out and maximize the volume. Other natural expectorants can assist, but I don’t think they’ll be as good as guafenesin.

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