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Great...low libido or venous leakage?


Great...low libido or venous leakage?

Hey I know this has been covered in past posts but not so the libido bit.

Last Fri I basically had sex twice for a long amount of time then a short PE session. No pain, injuries etc. Over the weekend as detailed in my progress log I had very poor PI’s, which struck me as odd as lately my dick has been recovering very well. I attempted to have sex saturday night but then I had been drinking my erection would just not rise.

I PE’d again then on Monday, after the weekend off, figuring the jelqing would get some needed fresh blood into my dick.
To my knowledge I still have no had night wood and it’s scaring the shit out of me. Tues morning I had a vague feeling of plumpness, but today zilch.

Now,these last few days I have been feeling kind of down for reasons unknown to me and have seriously not thought about sex or anything vaguely erotic once.

On the one or two occasions I have become aroused, my glans did inflate although the erectiond did subside rather quickly simply as I was not interested.

The thing I’m concerned about is however, surely even with a loss of libido I’d experience night/morning wood? This is kind of becoming a self fulflilling prophecy where the more I worry the less I am able to get turned on etc.

I am a realist and if I have got venous leakage I’d rather at least start to sort it out my fear being of course that the session I did Fri was just too much and I somehow damaged myself.


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Hey Lord Harris,

I think you’ve just exhausted your dick. Two long sex sessions and then PE afterwards = tired boner. I have noticed the same thing if I masturbate or have sex and then have a PE session without a full days rest in between, I kill my dick and libido for 4 or 5 days.

I think your big mistake was PE’ing again on Monday in the hopes of livening up your little buddy. When our dicks don’t work as a result of over-use, more use is not the solution!

My experience is that with a few days of complete rest (no PE, sex, masturbation!), everything will be back to normal. Relax and don’t let it get to you, if you leave it alone it will be fine.

Sounds like a nasty case of anxiety and exhaustion.

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Take a week off with no PE and mo masturbation, sex with your partner is ok. Don’t drink before sex.

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Hey thanks all most appreciated, seriously.

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Ya what they said. :-) Honestly tho…same exact thing has happened to me a few times. Take a rest to recover mentally and physically. You will be fine.

I agree with the others. Take a break and relax. You’ll be fine.

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I have been asking about eq on various threads because I have experienced the same thing. I usually pe the day after sex because I figure I have at least a day to recover before the next sex round. After listening to WL, I think I may not do that.

How old are you Harris? I am 40 and I think that sometimes we listen to 20-30 year olds and expect our dicks to react the same way to similar workouts.

The other thing I realize is that when we take supps, we artificially get a better eq and it can mask overdoing it.

The good news is that with a few days rest, the dick seems ready for action. If I am under a lot of stress, it could take even 4 days of no touching.

I’ve had the same problem Harris. However mine was due to a mild case of depression. I worked through it and my libido returned. Keep your head high ( no pun intended ) and I’m sure it will return.

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Hey thanks all. Funnily enough I had sex not long after I posted that message and all was well. It wasn’t as hard as usual although to be fair my smooth muscle has not had decent bloodflow. Either way it was a lot better than saturday.

PE, I’m 25. I’ve had this before but it was after I wore my ADS constantly. This seems to be related to firstly tiredness then me being anxious about it. This seems like quite a common problem.

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Well things are a little better today, plumper fuller flaccid. My dick was “chubby” on waking up but still not my normal raging night wood. Perhaps I should have laid off that sex last night.

My libido is still crap though and I can’t help thinking it’s not being helped by my reduction in weights and upping of cardio. Any opinions?

I just don’t feel horny at all, even if I’m looking at porn secnes that would have me raging before are not doing anything. I’ve started taking ginko again.

This has shocked me, just how tired your dick can get without much pre warning as I swear last week I was fine. My glans gets fully inflated with little effort when I’m erect. Mad.

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The additional cardio could be a contributing factor, just make sure you get additional SOLID rest. How many hours of uninterrupted sleep do you get every night? If you are not doing so already, aim for 8 hours every night, it does wonders for your energy level, not to mention your physical performance in and out of the sack.

I know it’s tough in your mid 20’s to get lots of rest, but do your best. Especially if your hitting the weights.

Yeah thanks man I’m going to give the cardio a miss for a few days and just completely rest. My sleep ain’t been great your right.

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Hey Harris I hope you get better soon man, I’m sure it is just a momentary inconvenience in your awesome PE journey. I agree with the others in considering the reason of your problem as fatigue, that plus you sleeping less and increasing the Gardie just intensify the fatigue.

I would suggest to lay off sex (I know it is hard:) ) and try to relax, perhaps taking a week off just for you to rest and relax might be a good idea.

Please keep us informed and you should be back at it in no time.

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Yeah thanks man. I really appreciate the support guys. I Know it’s not a leak and is psychogical as my libido is at an all time low. It MUST be connected to this increase of CV and in fact I was really worn out in boxing yesterday. This makes sense as when I first started PE I did not work out and used to have a very tired dick after a workout. When I restarted I was pumping the weights heavily and was shocked the workouts my dick was getting over.

I may go to the docs tommorow to get some viagra as I went on a date tonight with that brunette and should be able to get her up to the house on the weekend. Thing is as I haven’t had a 100% erection in days now it will take a few hours I think to get my dick back up to size if I get jiggy.

I have been very anxious and depressed today this is not a good time for me, thanks for the support guys. If I wake up tommorow with wood I will be over the moon.

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