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Great book on dicks and problems associated with them

Great book on dicks and problems associated with them

Hey guys, I’ve found this great handbook on line on andrology (the study of male reproductive health , associated medicines and biology). And it’s free to download as a PDF. Have a look at and, especially, the last 7 or 8 chapters. These cover:

• How do erections occur? How common is erectile dysfunction, what is its etiology, and how do you evaluate men with this problem?

• How to treat erectile dysfunction?

• Is there an andropause, better known as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, and if so, what tissues are affected and how? Fertility, androgen production and sensitivity, osteoporosis and sexual function in aging men.

• Should there be hormone replacement therapy for aging men?

• What is the importance of psychosocial issues, counseling and psychotherapy in andrology?

• What is BPH?

• Are some men more susceptible to prostate cancer than others and why? What are the treatments and their effectiveness? What are the possibilities for improvements in therapy?

• What is the risk of testosterone therapy after prostate cancer?

While it’s a scientific handbook put out by the American Society of Andrology, it is quite readable for plebs like me. Have a look at it.

Originally Posted by RickM

• What is BPH?

What is BPH? :confused:

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