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Got Diabetes!


Your fasting blood sugar when you get up in the morning is almost always higher than later in the day. What great advice you’ve been receiving here!! Exercise and weight loss will make such a difference in your life!! And your blood cholesterol will also drop. I went off almost all the carbs: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, bagels, etc. etc. etc.

But I have my weekly ice cream cone!! Like Cajun, it’s the carbs that will kill you. I’m on high fat and protein, very few carbs. I have two friends with diabetes. They both have had the same experience as I have had. Their cardiologsts, one at Yale, New Haven, said, “A few years ago I would not have believed that this diet would work. Now I say, keep doing whatever you’re doing!!” They’re changing their song about the low-carb diet.

And man, do you lose weight fast on it!!

Good luck, pal. We’re all here to support you in this.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


here in San Antonio, I can’t go anywhere without seeing my favorite food…tacos!

Before my diagnosis, I was averaging around 30 to 50 tacos per week, that is not a joke. All flour tortillas, by the way. Since then, I have cut them out completely, but I know that from what other people have told me that “cold turkey” is not the way to successfully defeat something. Even though over the past year or so I have dropped about 70 pounds, I still have a problem with gourging myself when I “cheat” on my diet. Does anyone know of any kind of appetite suppressants that are extremely strong? Please tell me so that I can ask my doctor for a Rx.

Also, I just came home from work and I checked my sugar, it was 131. Hope to keep it there.

Thanks for the advice and support guys and gals.

Bravo, IWant,

Keep up the good work!! I know an extremely strong appetite suppressant: any form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, etc. I’m not being facetious, eitherl!! :D When I’m swimming, I can’t “pig out!!” :D

I figure when I’m in the pool, the only thing I can take in is water and oxygen!! :D When I finish the laps, some days I’m hungry as all get out. But if I’m consistent with my exercise program, my appetite actually diminishes. Try it!!! :D Combining exercise with reduced calories and carbs is GREAT for losing weight!! :D


BTW, I LOVE tacos. But I keep thinking about my blood sugar shooting up after a few of them, and then I think twice. The immediate pleasure of wolfing them down, (I’m a real glutton!!) is soon gone. But my blood sugar for the next day or two is much too high. It ain’t worth it!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Artificial disease created by our diet in the last 30 years or so.

I also was recently diagnosed with type II. I take Metformin in the morning and evening also and boy does it tear up my stomach. I was told by my nutritionist that your body will dump blood sugar in the system if you haven’t eaten recently. I was given a certain number of carbs to eat at each meal, including a snack prior to bedtime. Try eating a SMALL apple or banana as an evening snack and see what results you have. (something that equates to about 15g of carbs).

Good luck, and I am proud of you for getting the numbers down. This will be more helpful for your health than concentrating on the # of lbs lost.

Good luck


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