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Got a Kegel Girl?


Got a Kegel Girl?

Anybody suggested that their concerned (about size) girlfriend do kegels to tone/tighten their vaginas? What happened?

Also, are virgin girls pretty toned/tight because they haven’t been stretched before?


One of the coolest things to do to get a girl interested, is to do them together. I like to bury my bone, pressed into her CDS, hold still, FLEX, and watch the expression on her face. Then she does me. Aahhhhh, what a way to learn to kegel.

How do you bring this up without implying that she is too loose? Some girls can be sensitive.


There is no replacement for displacement

Do it for the health of it.

My wife has known about my PE’ing almost right from the time I started. In the beginning when I was explaining the exercises I was performing which included Kegals she mentioned that her doctor had reccomended the exercise to her to help get her body back in shape after child birth ( she’s had three). Luckily for me she takes her doctors advice.

But even if your wife hasn’t experienced natural child delivery if she is at all health conscience she will be interested exercising her whole body, even those hard to reach muscles! ( they’re not so hard to reach now, thank you PE god)

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I have done kegels even without having natural child birth because it helps improve my blatter that took a beating while pregnant. But I would like to know these other “health benefits” of female doing kegels. Please.

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Doing kegels is not necessarily a looseness issue. No more than kegels are related to penis size. It’s a matter of conditioning. Since i have started them, i ejaculate harder, further, and with more volume. My girl loves to feel it squirting in her CDS.

In the woman, the PC and all the muscles contract during orgasm. The stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasm. If you don’t believe it, give a woman oral sex til she cums, but put a finger or two inside and feel what happens inside. And if you are adventurous, place finger inside her anus, which is also encircled by the PC muscle, and you will feel it squeeze as she cums.

That is absolutely correct. The more toned the muscle (which basically means stronger) the heavier the muscle contraction. Weak PC muscles only contract strongly for a few contractions then fade quickly.

Anna, it’s worth it to test it by going on a 2-3 month conditioning program. I think you’ll feel the difference.


My girl takes a really long time to orgasm, even when manually stimulated. Maybe I’ll tell her that I read about how it makes orgasms more intense and easier to achieve. She probably wouldn’t do them though.

For women, isn’t it tougher to do them without some sort of insertion device (something to squeeze on)?

I brought it up with my girl a while ago.

She tells me that she does them almost every day, sometimes for up to an hour.

I’m not sure if I believe her though - there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference, although she does generally reach orgasm faster than before.
But then again that could be for other reasons which would make more sense.

I tested her to see if she was doing it right by putting in a finger and seeing if I felt it when she squeezed. It used to feel like almost nothing, barely perceptible unless I was completely still. Now It is noticeable, but…

I put my finger(s) in at a different angle (from behind) and asked her to squeeze. It felt like only her ass was contracting, so I guess she still hasn’t found the right muscles, but she says it’s the only one she can control…

we’ll see.

ladies, which part of you actually contracts, is it just the posterior of the vagina, or the vaginal entrance as well? From watching porn I am inclined to believe that the PC muscle group encircles both the anus and vagina…. I saw a girl once get stretched wide open with two hands, and then forcefull (with PC only) close herself back up again.

Must look up some anatomical diagrams…

Go Secjay

The Methodical Desert Island Mad Scientists looks for yet another answer. Way to go Secjay.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I think I need some more “instruments”……. or at least, that can be my excuse ;)

Originally posted by secjay
I tested her to see if she was doing it right by putting in a finger and seeing if I felt it when she squeezed. It used to feel like almost nothing, barely perceptible unless I was completely still. Now It is noticeable, but…

I put my finger(s) in at a different angle (from behind) and asked her to squeeze. It felt like only her ass was contracting, so I guess she still hasn't found the right muscles, but she says it's the only one she can control…

Hey, everyone. New guy here. I’ve been lurking around for awhile and I love everything about this board. I’m just starting with pe so I’m no expert but I think I’ve got a couple things to say about kegels. secjay, about your girl doing them and your expectations for where you should feel it, I say give it some time. Keep her encouraged, consistent and persistent. You say you may already be feeling a change.

I noticed when I first started doing kegels myself, I could barely locate or squeeze them at all. After about a week, I found it easier to to get a good solid squeeze. After about another week, I noticed that the area(s) I could feel were being affected were increasing; that is to say, when I started I could only feel the exercises in a few square inches right at the “t’ain’t” (the area between scrotum and anus…that’s a medical term…really). Anyways after a while I could feel the tightening sensation higher up near my nutsnbolt, or deeper in my body cativity, etc. I didn’t intentionally change how I did the exercises. From the time I started until weeks later I, like your girlfriend, was just squeezing the only way I knew how.

I noticed a better effect when I did my kegels just after pe and figured out that its the heat that helps. Have her try to sit on a heating pad while she does them and keep the heat on for a short while afterwards while she recovers.

Now, some motivation for getting any women you know to try this. Some “professional” ladies I’ve known had spent some time doing these exercises, and mostly to directly benefit their career. The most common place to find providers with excellent kegels is in asian massage parlors (AMPs). Its in these places that I have experienced ladies with phenomenal muscle control. Here’s some inspiring motivational antectdotes for that special lady in your life.

Case number one, Mimi. She was an average sized girl with a vaginal opening that was in the medium and average but a bit soft and easy to enter. While I came she began squeeze-release-squeeze, with each squeeze getting tighter. After she had milked me dry and felt me beginning to pull out, she bore down as hard as she could and smiled. Let me tell you that the reason I’m getting into pe is for girth, I’m pretty slender, and now my pecker is shrinking and I try to pull out and she gets a hold of it with the rim of her pussy. I couldn’t get it out. I relaxed and chuckled in acknowledgement of her little trick. She begins to relax and I start to pull out and again she bears down, and I literally couldn’t get it out. I suppose if there were a fire I really could’ve forced it but it would’ve been uncomfortable.

Case number 2: Pink. Pink’s opening was only slightly bigger than average. As I prepared to enter her I had a nice raging stiffie so I decided to tease around the opening a bit. I pushed my head around her lips and slowly began to penetrate, only to pull it out as a teasing action. Well Pink really thought I was taking the plunge so she squeezed and held it. And held it. And as I tried to push it back in, I couldn’t make any headway (sorry, bad pun). So I pushed and pushed, arching my back and my dick wasn’t bending or anything (not bragging, it was just a good moment and I was literally rock hard) and it was almost a contest for a minute there, we both knew what was going on and laughed about it. I only got in when she let me.

Case number 3: Yoko. Her pussy was a bit on the small and tight side. I could tell she had decent muscle control throughout the session but nothing special except that it seemed to be no effort at all for her to clamp down, it was just part of the easy natural flow for her (with some younger girls you can see its an effort for them to squeeze). Yoko was a bit older and more experienced and an absolute nympho. She was always trying to talk me into cumming multiple times but I’m a one-pop guy. So one day I’m reminding her of this and she says “We’ll see about that, I know how I can make you cum more than one time and last longer for me…” I’m like, “Yeah, right, whatever…” Well, right when I’m about to blow she clamps down with a grip better than John Henry and not a drop was spilled. After the throbs of my dry orgasm subsides she relaxes and I feel just the slightest amount of jiz leak into the condom. She says, “Now you gonna fuck me some more.” I obediently complied.


Let me just say, on behalf of all of us at Thunder’s:

Welcome, nutsandbolts!

I can tell your posts are going to be interesting to read. That was fascinating.

Tell me, I would have thought professionals would be in the habit of getting you off as quickly as possible and being on their way (or you on yours)?


Superb first post nutsnbolt… thankyou very much for the advice and experience sharing, thats what this place is all about!

You’ll make a great addition here. Welcome aboard!


Thanks guys. Just want to let you know that those three examples are all rare peak experiences after many visits, and are far from typical. But I can attest to the fact that by far more asian providers have developed superior muscle control.

BusterHymes, its true that many types of providers are mostly interested in getting you in and out quickly and moving on. Especially if she knows she’ll never see you again. However, many develop a professional reputation or work hard to get repeat customers. Some girls will let you go over on time or find other ways to make your visit special and make you want to return to her for more.

But some really enjoy their careers, while a few of them really, really, REALLY enjoy their carers. Yoko was one in a million. I’m no doctor but I truly believe that she could be clinically diagnosed as a bonafide sex addict. I’ve heard that most female sex addicts are not very appealing looking. Yoko had a very tight, hard sexy bod and she was so horny juice would literally drip out of her pussy by just having her give head, without giving her any stimulation at all. She wasn’t a squirter or an ejaculator or anything, but there was so much normal lube-juice when we’d finish the sheets would be soaked.

Anyways, I figured it would be best to continue any discussion about paying for it in the thread set up by Guiri in the “Not Covered Elsewhere” section.

Anyways, tell your ladies to do their kegels. Maybe one day she’ll be able to use her pussy as a human cock-ring.

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