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Got a Kegel Girl?


Just as an update:

We tried the other night to see if she was using the right muscles. It turned out that she was just contracting her arse, after all… working out her bum muscles for a few weeks. LoL, poor baby! waste of time, now she finds it hard to shit (j/k) :D

So anyways we tried different things and eventually isolated the right ones, (Her whole vagina contracted) but the contractions were pathetically weak and she had to really concentrate and strain to get even that.

So that explains everything. She said to me before that, in the middle of a hardcore doggy style fucking session: “Am I too loose?”

LoL great way to kill the mood :D

I quickly yet temporarily settled it by saying “No of course not”, not wanting to totally make her feel like shit (how would you like hearing the cold hard facts during sex? Especially when it’s not exactly a one-word answer to be giving. There is alot to explain/discuss with a question like that, with any woman)

Then afterwards she said to not bullshit her because: “I can feel that theres not much friction”. Wow, so she was trying not to hurt my feelings all this time?! It would have been so easy for her to just say I wasn’t big enough. How nice of her I thought…

I’ve explained to her about the whole female anatomy, and that the only real difference between tight-as-a-fist and loose-as-a-cow is muscle tone. So she is happy about it all, and admits to being weak and inexperienced (which is true)

So now, I guess, she’ll just work hard on the real kegels, and see what happens as far as her being ‘lose’ goes.

secjay, man am I ever sorry that I just said to keep at it the way she’s going. I’m glad you guys are on the right track now.

Your story probably hits close to home for many of us here. Me personally: been there, done that. Its those kinds of experiences that bring us to this site. So if you can make it grow a little and she can make it tighten up a little then the lovin’ will be better for both. If its any consolation, it seems that doggy really spreads a woman’s opening more than any other position.

I’m not an exercise freak but I’ve noticed that kegel exercises are self rewarding because the improvement is so noticeable so fast. The beginning phase is difficult because its such an effort to isolate them and as you put it, the squeeze you can get at first is pathetically weak. I’ve done curls for weeks and seen little to no improvement. It simply takes longer. But with kegels, if you really stick with it, the improvement you see in three weeks is amazing.

You sound like a great couple with a great open attitude, able to discuss anything and poke and prod eachother, that’s really cool. And if your lady is willing to accept this setback (exercising the wrong muscles) and is willing to drive on and stick with it, sounds like you got a keeper.

How old is she, secjay?

I imagine that in the mid-20’s there is already a noticeable loss of muscle tone in the PC (if not exercised specifically). It’s just a part of the aging process. If she understands that, then she need not feel bad. In fact, she can feel better because she can now do something about it.


Nutsnbolt, even if she had kept to exercisesing her arse, I think it would have eventually had some sort of effect, but it’s good that she is learning exactly where..

BH, we’re both turning 20 this year.

Thing is, it’s never been used, so it’s prematurely atrophied. She has had little experience with sex or masturbation before me. Hell she never even got the hang of masturbation before meeting up with me.

I’ve totally ruined her and turned her into a horny little horn-bag :D


“horny little horn-bag” sounds like my kinda women :D


well too bad, because she’s all mine :D

maybe I’ll tease y’all with some pics some day LoL ;)

I asked my girlfriend to do kegels last year and it was a total disaster. She had no idea what they were, and I mistakenly said they were for “tightening the vagina”. I should have said vagina muscles, and I knew it as soon as I said it. It was too late. I was in the doghouse after that. Its not that she’s really loose or anything, but she took it like that. She hardly ever used to have orgasms, and I thought it would help with that. It was ad experience all around, but I suspect that she does them though.


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