Goal is EQ

Hello everyone. You may not recall, but I started a couple threads in the past about problems in my sex life and my large dicked roommate banging his gf so loud it’s as if there wasn’t a wall between the two rooms.

My gf and I have talked a lot and my premature ejactulation has been the biggest issue. I want to be able to to be able to last for as long as I want with rock hard erections. I want some guidance as to a proper routine for my goals. What am I doing now…

1) Cognitive therapy. This site seems to make sense and I taking a few ideas from it —-> http://www.pegym.com/forums/prematu…n-response.html

2) Ballooning. I don’t have a ballooning routine, any ideas?
3) Edging. I dont have a routine with this either…
4) Kegels

I don’t have an organized way to do all of this or how to progress. Any help guys? It would be greatly appreciated. I want to improve my sex life like all of you and am willing to work hard :)