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glans odour

glans odour

My head seems to smell bad if I have washed it with soap recently. Normally I don’t do this and the odour is fine. However for the last two days my head has smelt unprecedentedly awful, not just in terms of strength but it also smells a different kind of bad. I am uncut by the way. So what’s up with these two odd cases?

Are you taking antibiotics? Has your diet changed? Did you have sex with someone who has a yeast infection? Are you using a different soap? A different condom? It could be due to any number of things. Try to look for changes in yourself or your life. That said, if your glans isn’t irritated, red, etc., and it goes away then you probably won’t have to worry about it. If it persists or there are concurrent problems, see a physician.

Do NOT use soap in the genitial area. It disturbs the bacterial balance.

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Shit, I am cut and wash my balls. Am I going to get ill now? I used to put Drakkar Noir Body rub in case a girl would service me and I would just pawn it off as Menthol flavored ball rub. I guess I have to go to the Pep Boys Auto Supply and get some Pine Tree Air fresheners for my dick now!

Seriously, how bad does it smell that it just rises up a foot or so to your face?

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