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Girl's being loose....Myth?


Girl's being loose....Myth?

OK - what is everyone’s take on this. Everyone says a girls tightness is depends on certain factors.

1.past partners penis sizes
2.quantity of past partners or amount of use in general
3.pure genetics and age

what do you think assuming the woman has never had a child.
Personally, my girl and I have talked and she’s had quite a “wild” past as have I - yet she is still quite a snug fit…….(and i’m not exactly girthy - hence my presence here).

so what are everyone’s opinions on this? what do you guys think makes a cavern turn into a canyon.

My guess is that it’s mainly genetics, and having a child has a big impact - this I know from experience unfortunately.

Past partners, use and age play a much smaller factor IMO.

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping Than you can understand.

Genetics plays an important part, but my guess is that its general fitness. An athlete strengthens all muscles. Try to stabilize your thighs and butt muscles in the process of stepping, lunging or recovery from same without reflexively contracting the pelvic floor. Inadvertently, somene who plays sports has a tighter kegel IMO. As a college wrestler I screwed some track athletes, gymnasts, volleyball players and some party girls. The athletes all had tight shallower pussies, the party girls loose ones and no kids among them. The jocks also came harder and easier.

Good Question!

I have been exploring the realm of vaginal size ever since my first sexual experiences. It was like something mystical to me. It always stirred my curiosity and still does. Nonetheless, I have matured quite a bit (still have more——-I know___lol…) and learned much more about genital size in general.

First off, I know that my opionion is quite opposite of most guys, but I preffer a woman with a large vagina. I prefer them to be looser and deeper. I feel this way for many reasons. I know that health comes first though, and a woman must have good muscle control for health and for better orgasms. This being said I like women with very elastic vaginas that enjoy that “full” sensation, but that have good muscle control and still clamp down when necessary. A good example of this would be a gymnist. They can do splits comfortably, yet they have strong legs to jump and proppel themselves with. I am not expecting many to agree with me on this prefference, but hey! I enjoy it.

From everything that I have read over the years and what little experience that I have I can some up a little about vagina size that I “think” may be correct. If any of you have any knowlege pertaining to this subject, please share it with us!

1. Not considering child birth and sexual history, vagina size is genetic. Just as our cock size is.

2. Childbirth can affect the size of the vagina in width, and the strength of vaginal contractions during orgasm may be weakened. I don’t think that the depth of the vagina is affected as much by childbirth as the width is.

3. The number of partners that a woman has had or amount of use in general, should not affect its size. In fact it should increase the muscle tone possibly.

4. The size of the partners cock, toy, or other objects used for penetration might affect the size over time. ( if used often and increased stretching each time has taken place= enlargement) Other than that a larger object will open a woman up more only for a period of time, and her vagina will colapse back to its original size. (Sex with a larger oject once or twice will not change vagina size permanently, consistent use will. “I think, and would love to hear all of your opinions!)

5. I believe that a woman can keep good muscle control, along with the ability to stretch more than the average woman if kegals and stretching were practiced together.

I would like opinions on wether some of you feel that a womans body size (legth of midsection/trunk of her body, and the width of her pelvic bones) hints to the size of her vagina. “OR” Just as in men, body size has nothing to do with cock size. With the vagina being internal and touching other organs, I feel that body size may play a role. Especially pelvic size if not the whole midsection. I know some women are all legs! lol….

I would like any opinions on judging “natural” vaginal size just by looking at a woman.

natural=not considering child birth or sexual history.

I do believe that a 6’ tall woman with a good sized frame will have a natural vagina size that is larger than a 5’ tall petite woman.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


and I’m only 5’7”……….

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

I wouldn’t overuse the analogy between genetics influencing the vagina size in the same way as penis size. Yes, genetics provides a central tendency for both. BUT. The penis is much more inert connective tissue. Changing its shape requires sustained and relatively extreme stresses until “remodeling” is done. Connective tissue’s function is to flexibility limit compression or extension for safety reasons.

The vagina is mostly muscle. Underuse create’s shortening and stiffening, but the tightening and laxity is much more nerve controlled than structure controlled. Therefore, a vagina experiences the effects of relative “tone” of the muscles. Think of the muscles you have in your arms and legs. Over the long term underuse of a muscle leads to shortening and weakening, while with intent in a short period of time you can do stretching exercise that lengthens and lifting that strengthens the muscle. Conidtioning thorugh use at strain increases contractile reaction ability thorugh increased innervation. Even then underuse will cause loss of tone and slackening which will lead to shortening over a longer time frame.

As muscle the vagina wall have many magnitudes more blood flow than the collagenous tissues of the penis and therefore structural adaptation to demand level happens on much quicker cycles.

Childbirth tears all of the muscles in the vagina severely. If you’ve ever had a mucle tear you know that after initial healing exercise is required to shorten the muscle back to its ideal functional range and contractile ability. For the vagina short term usage (incidental, traumatic or intentional) matters alot.

Veering off topic…

If you want to learn some scince about muscle strength and stretching and the effects and action of innervation read the work of Pavel Tsatsouline. He popularizes this topic pretty well. He argues that developing the firing mechanisms and inhibiting mechanisms is much more important to strength than increasing muscle volume. A good example is the woman with the child under the car story. Ask her to lift the ass end of a car, no dice. The amount of muscle she has and concious firing ability just don’t cut it. Put her child under it and the adrenalin temporarily allows a massive desperate firing of the same amount of muscle and that car just might stand on end. An hour later she’ll notice that in the process her muscles tore themselves to shreds, but the adrenalin blocked the limiting pain receptors for that crucial instant.

I’m not so sure that body size has so much to do with vagina size either.

I mean, with guys, there is a weak correlation between height and penis length yes.

But it is only fairly weak. A guy’s dick is not a direct relation to his height by no means. Just because one is very short or very tall means basically nothing. Look at Holmes; he was a short guy with a big dick.

I think it’s the same with a vagina to an extent. Sure it’s internal and structurally different, but then again it’s entirely possible for any organ to be disproprtionately sized from the rest of the body.

There are no hard and fast rules to determine this kind of thing from external appearances. Sure, if you go round picking up only the smallest chicks, on AVERAGE they will be smaller. But every few of them you will get one who is surprisingly large for her body size…

I think that aside from genetics, general fitness plays the largest role as stated previously. More than the penis, the vagina is muscular and therefore can be strengthened (smallified) much much easier than a penis can…. You girls have it easy ;) There’s not much to VE apart from kegels and refraining from sticking huge objects up there on a regular basis… Us guys have to work hard for it :(

MY personal experience came with my girlfriend, who is quite petite at the very low end of 5’. I was suckered into believing that since she was small, she probably wouldn’t be able to take me. Well to cut a long story short, we had problems the first few times, but once we got started, I found that my girth was not a problem as I thought it would be. And now, after months of practice, The length is getting to be less and less of a problem too… I thought that she would find it painful and that it would take her ages to get used to it, if she ever did. I was so wrong. She loves it :)

Just as an aside, I saw on some (probably porn) site once this quote:

“Big girl, big hole….. Small girl, ALL HOLE!”

LoL :D

Here is what I’ve learned after @ least 100 girls banged.

1. The size of the woman in height has little or nothing to do with the size of her vagina.. I used to have sex with this black girl who was pushing 6 feet tall and 175lbs (all tits and ass!), she was rather snug.. I also had this little petite blonde who was still in high school who was so loose it felt like I stuck my dick out an open window and dumped a glass of water on it! Go figure..

2. If a woman who is slim puts on massive ammounts of weight (in the PELVIC REGION), Ya know we have all witnessed those girls who look like they have an earth ball under the stomach, like a second lower stomach… You notice that CLEFT you can clearly see through the pants? This is the most devastating thing a girl can do to her pussy.. Permanant Vagina Enlargment! I watched it happen twice and ran like hell both times… It’s like when you first start going out with em they have a difficult time taking the trout up until the time they throw on 70 extra lbs.. It is then that she goes from tight to LOOSE (I’m talking COW LOOSE)!

3. Asian girls are very tight, a couple of them are so small sex is all but impossible…

Regarding the Asians...

Well, I can’t say that my experiences are are statistically significant (I’m working on it!), nonetheless…

Sex with Asians is what got me into PE.

No kidding.

I was average (6x4.75), and every Asian girl I slept with, while in Japan, kept saying “Sugoi!” (Wow!) at my size, and telling me how westerners are always huge.

Now, they could have just been humoring me (it worked!), but it got me thinking…

What would the response be if I actually did have a huge cock?

Thus PE.

My plan is to return to Japan with a 9 inch cock and become emperor.


(ps 7.5 x 5 now, I’ve recently ordered an extender, and will start the Uli thing soon.)

(pps Yes, my experience with Asians suggests that they are rather small. I bottomed out on more than one occaision after I hit 7 inches…)

(ppps They are sooooo cute! Little hairy, though…)

Sugoi! LoL… thats half the dialog of a hentai movie! hehe

Is that where you got your nick, northstar?


Nah…to be honest, I kinda dislike the handle. I panicked when creating the account, and somehow it slipped out.

(I’m also from Canada)

Nonetheless, if I do hit my goal, I might become an male stripper in Japan.

In which case, the handle will definitely stick!

Hmm…Y’know, one thing that always bugged me a little is when people say, “I’m doing PE for myself”

Well, how couldn’t you? We define ourselves in relation to other people, and consequently chose a course of action that will provide that most pleasure.

Within a somewhat phallic obsessed culture such as Japan (this is not to say it’s any less anywhere else, just I became aware of it over there) who wouldn’t want to be worshipped?

A bevy of young, naked, beautiful nymphs at your knees for your bidding.

Sigh…I love Japan.

Excuse me, I must go to the hardware store!


(In truth, I never slept with more than one girl at a time, but let me tell you…that will change once I return. Japan will be mine! Then it’s on to Taiwan…)

Asian girls are hot thats for sure! North, you are / were in the Army?

Thanks guys!

Thank you for your opinions. I will still read and search for all informaition pertaining to this topic on the net. I’ll drop by later.

One other thing that I have read is that in a servey, girls with larger clits had larger vaginas also. Meaning maybe that their holw genitalia was bigger, and not just one part. I know that there will be exceptions to this (possible) rule also. Any correlstions….what do you think?

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

more thoughts

Sorry that I keep posting with spelling errors. I guess that I need to brush up on that a bit.

I do appreciate all the advice. I have a friend that is about 8”ebpl x 5” eg. He has been with close to 100 women also. He has told me that he found no correlation between body size and vagina size.

Secjay, I do think that you are right in saying that if a person were to always pick the tiniest women as sexual parntners, that the “average” may be a bit smaller. “No hard and fast rules” …….nice way to put it. Thanks for giving it some thought. I still find a nice properly shaped set of hips to be sexy, and hopefully a good indication of adequate space. Not that a narrow hipped woman will be “smaller” of course or vice versa, but the “maximum limits” are always set by those two pelvic bones on each side.

In saying all of this, I am sure that I sound a little crazy in wanting to predict size. I do know that 80-90% of all healthy women out there could accomodate LOTS. I just enjoy talking about this. I just wanted to pic y’all brains for any possible bits of information on this topic. Thanks…..

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


>>>Not that a narrow hipped woman will be “smaller” of course or vice versa, but the “maximum limits” are always set by those two pelvic bones on each side.

I drew a pic that is two diagrams superimposed so that you can actually see this ultimate “limiting factor” - the pelvic bone. It was quite interesting (and for me, disturbing) making this pic. (btw I got the resources from grays anatomy website and some random sexual anatomy website)

>>>In saying all of this, I am sure that I sound a little crazy in wanting to predict size. I do know that 80-90% of all healthy women out there could accomodate LOTS.

You’re not crazy. I am also obsessed wih the female reproductive system (or at east, the really useful interesting bits) :D

I think the fact that I took the time to make the pic shows that clearly! but my motivations aren’t for guessing the probable size of a mate, for the following reasons…

You were right in saying that most women can take lots. in fact, you have to realise that given that the soft tissues can stretch and expand a phenominal amount, that the bones are the only real factor. If a vagina is filled to absolute maximum capacity (pushing agains the bones) then the asshole and tract will be squished into nothingness.

If the numbers aren’t legible in the pic they read:
115mm x 90-115(or is it 175?)mm

Even if you take the smallest measurement, that means an average womans pelvis could accommodate a cylindrical object with a girth of about 11”… (with room to spare to the sides)

This is of course not taking into account the limiting factors of the soft tissue.. If the object were irregular in shape, so that it lined up with the irregular opening of the bone structure, you could probably fit even more! And this is, remember for the average woman!

In a really thrashed, stretched out loose-as-can-be vagina, something with 10” or more girth is easily an insertable reality (just watch some movies as I suggested in another thread of “Ty” or “Dennio”)

This explains how double and even triple fisting is possible.

I won’t even try to discuss the volume capacity of the complete vagina in depth, because there are many other factor involved which are not as concrete and calculable as solid bone. This stuff I just said only applies to the very opening.

When you also take into consideration that the opening is by far the tightest part (in terms of tissue) then you start getting paranoid and feeling very inadequate :)

Say the average vagina can take something to the depth of 8” for arguments sake. The fact that these tissues are extremely stretchable means that sideways (on the horizontal plane while standing up, if you will), the vaginal canal can stretch to accomodate just about anything you can throw at it. Because there are no bones acting as a limiting factor, it would theoretically be possible to continually stretch these tissues out over time, increasing the overall capacity. (similar to ear and lip stretching, and much more easily done than penis enlargement)

What is the absolute limit? Who knows! Given my experience I could take a somewhat informed guess that if the average vagina were taken and stretched to absolute maximum capacity over years and years, the volume that it could accomodate could increase into the range of several liters. (!!!)

Just how many I won’t say, but I did do a water displacement measurement on my (fairly average) fist and it was 300ml (almost 1/3rd of a liter) and I have seen up to 3 hands the size of mine inserted, and the only reason more couldn’t fit was because of the limited opening (bone).. there may have still been plenty of room up inside…

These facts I have known for quite a long time, and they tend to depress me, just because I’m that sort of guy…

Knowing that no matter how big your dick gets, that you could never ever possibly ever fill any woman to breaking point is somewhat dissapointing to me.

My only comforts, and the only reason I could say there is some sort of ‘excuse’ if you will, is that the vagina is designed to do these things since it’s primary function is the passage of babies.

The only other thing that keeps me happy is the fact that what gives a woman pleasure is the stimulation of nerves, which are of course within the tissues. It is fairly obvious that the harder you stimulate (push against) these tissues the more stimulation, so logically the bigger you are, the more you can stimulte them and the better you’ll feel. It motivates me to keep going.

Not to mention the fact that packing a vagina absolutely full to the limits is usually more than most girls can take anyway; it’s like a sensory overload and it just becomes white noise interpreted as pain.

Still, one could argue that god should have made vaginas smaller for guys to have more fun/confidence, and have babies born extremely small :D LoL j/k…. stupid evolution.. anyways…..

This is turning into a rediculously long rant so I will shut up now. Thanks for your time anyone who bothered reading this obsessive rubbish ;)

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