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girl gets sore

girl gets sore

Hey guys… I havn’t posted here much and not for a long time, im usually an infrequent lurker but hope to get more into things.

Anyhow, I’ve been with my gf for over 4 years and had plenty of sex.
The last 4 months or so she often is very sore for sex and I gotta pull out nearly straight away and then I can’t even touch there.
She doesn’t know whats up, neither do I. She’s thinking about getting checked out.. you guys have any comments on this ??

btw, I don’t think im too big. It had been fine in the past. Im 6x5.5 NBP

Vulval vestibulitis syndrome

With vulval vestibulitis syndrome, you experience severe pain when the opening of the vagina (the ‘vestibule’) is touched. The syndrome usually comes on quite suddenly, and is most common in women in their 20s or 30s. It is very distressing because, as well having to cope with the pain, your sex life is probably zero and it can even prevent you using tampons, wearing jeans or riding a bike.

The cause of vulvar vestibulitis is not known. Some experts think the nerves of the genital skin become oversensitive. Research from Sweden, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2001 (2001;108:456-61), suggests that women with vulvar vestibulitis tend to be oversensitive and worry about things that may never happen. So perhaps your brain is over-alert to signals from the nerves of the vulval skin.

What can be done about vulval vestibulitis syndrome

* Look at the Common sense dos and don’ts for vulval problems.
* Teabags (Indian tea) or Earl Grey contain tannic acid which is a local anaesthetic and can calm the burning sensation of vulval vestibulitis. Put teabags in the bath, or put a cold, damp teabag on the sore area at night.
* You may be able to soothe the area by applying vitamin E oil (which you can squeeze out from capsules of vitamin E).
* Aqueous cream is a plain, soothing, perfume-free cream that you can buy from pharmacies. Many women with vulval vestibulitis find that aqueous cream helps by soothing and rehydrating the skin. Use it cold, by storing it in the fridge. Unlike steroid creams, you can use it as often and for as long as you like.
* Xylocaine gel contains a weak amount of the local anaesthetic lignocaine. It numbs the nerves in the skin and can be used safely on a regular basis. Although it does not cure the problem, it will allow you to have sexual intercourse comfortably if you apply it 15 minutes beforehand.
* You could try a diet that is low in oxalate, a plant chemical. The evidence that this works is scanty, but some women find it helpful. This means avoiding beetroot, chocolate, cola drinks, cranberries, nuts, rhubarb, soya foods, spinach, strawberries, tea and wheat bran.
* As with vulvodynia, tricyclic antidepressant medication often helps. This is not because you are depressed (or imagining the condition), but because these drugs suppress transmission in nerves of the skin. So talk to your family doctor.
* As with vulvodynia, ask your family doctor if your local hospital has a ‘vulval clinic’ that you could be referred to. Some clinics use a technique called ‘electromyographic feedback from pelvic floor muscles’, which is a method of training your nervous system to stop sending the pain signals.


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Thanks whoareyou, im going to do some research on this. Shes not always too sore, but been quite a lot lately. As far as I know it is only when we go to have sex. I’ll do research and pass info along to her.

No probs.


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Originally Posted by gmanEA
Anyhow, I’ve been with my gf for over 4 years and had plenty of sex.
The last 4 months or so she often is very sore for sex and I gotta pull out nearly straight away and then I can’t even touch there.She doesn’t know whats up, neither do I. She’s thinking about getting checked out.. you guys have any comments on this ??

btw, I don’t think im too big. It had been fine in the past. Im 6x5.5 NBP


Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious. Here’s my story. Years ago, when my wife and I were first going together, all of a sudden she started having the same experience of soreness like your GF when we were having sex only. Finally after several weeks I discovered the problem, and it was my fault. I had started to experiment with shaving my dick. Well, sometimes there was the regrowth of new stubble on the shaft and come to find out, it was this coarse stubble which was irritating the hell out of her vagina. Once I let my pubic hair grow out or as long as I kept my shaft shaved real smooth, the problem went away. Could this be your situation?


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Hey peforeal,

Thanks for the suggestion, but that definitely isn’t it. The last time I shaved there was over 6 months and it wasn’t really a problem.
Most of the time when I put it in it hurts her and then its sore even to just put a finger in, it has been worrying here a bit. The problem isn’t lack of foreplay either.

The best bet in all cases is to maybe get checked it. It could be something really simple or not. It could range from maybe she has a yeast infection, which can cause you to be sore as well during sex. Some women don’t get the usual symptoms of it and don’t even know they have a yeast infection. Also, maybe at some time you tore her and didnt know. Small tears happen but can also lead to Urinary Tract Infection, which can also make you a little sore when having sex. These are little possibilities but can happen. A little check up never does any harm. Better to know than not know.

During sex is she usually well lubed be it artificial or natural? Does she have points where she gets dry but you continue to have sex?

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hey anna,
She said she would get it checked out but hasn’t yet and I don’t know if she will actually go. She said some time ago I did tear her she thought, but that is something that is better in a day or two. You said can cause me to be sore as well during sex, how do you mean make me sore, as in what type of sore ?


Not you literally. I meant you as in her. And I apologize for the typos and not making myself clear.

Why do you think she won’t go get herself checked out? Just because something is better in a day or two doesn’t mean a little damage wasn’t done.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

I’ll have to talk to her a bit more about it, if pain persists to see a doctor

My girl and I are going through something similar and it is very recent (lots of pain when trying for penetration). Their are 3 things that we have noticed.

First, their is sometimes little blood in the semen that she dump in the toilet after sex. It could be from her periods but don’t think so. It is not from me.

Second, she precisely know where it hurts the most (lower intersections of inner lips) and from that it could indicate that I tore her at some point but there is no visible wound. In addition to that, she said that she thinks I’m a little big for her and the biggest (girth) she apparently had. I’m not that big at 5.5” but it could be part of the reason. Once I’m inside, it doesn’t feel like it’s that tight. As far as how wet she gets, I don’t think it is a problem although her inner lips tend to get inside when I try to enter her at first.

Third, when in her periods, she has no problem with the tampon in the first couple of days but on the third day or so, she starts feeling pain to a point she can no longer put a tampon inside.

Because of work, I have been away from home for the last 4 months and still have 2 more months to go but we spent 3 weeks on vacation in Europe early July before heading our seperate ways again. When we first got together and had sex for the first time, everything was great but there was lots of pain when we went at it the next day. We started experiencing these problems just before I left home 4 months ago.

It could be some kind of injury that has a hard time to heal. Maybe the tampons are giving her a hard time (she will see in the next 2 months). Maybe it’s because I shave and she gets irritated. Maybe we don’t lube enough. Or maybe it’s that vv syndrome.

Anyhow, our game plan is to see in the next 2 months if she still have trouble with the tampons. Then, we will start using lube and stop shaving for a while. If problems persist, hello doctor.


Hey Snoop, my gf said it hurts in the same area… there was unexplained bleeding once a few weeks ago but that was only time to have happened.

She doesn’t use tampons, so hasn’t mentioned anything about that… but when she does get sore I can’t even tough there or go in with a finger.

The medications for treating yeast infections are OTC. This means that you could buy it at the store and see if it helps. It’s not always apparent when there’s a yeast problem, so it’s worth a try.


Sounds very familiar.


Thanks for the advice. I will tell my GF and see what happens. Other than that, everything is going great.

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