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Girl couldn't get me off


Mravg is right. Even if you don’t cum, tell her how good if feels, and maybe tell a little white lie saying,” I don’t want to cum because it feels so good. I want it to last forever…” she will be more into it, and it will be more of playful challenge rather than a pain in the ass.

I’ve personally hardly ever been able to cum from getting a blow job. Not really sure why. It wasn’t due to a lack of trying on the girls part either, and most of them were pretty good at what they were doing. Anyways, mvrag gave good advice, and in my experience, if you make a girl feel like she’s the best and greatest at whatever she’s doing, she’ll not only do it with more energy and passion, but she’ll do it more often (At least in my experience when you make a girl your girlfriend, oral ceases to exist, unless there is a good reason, like she thinks it’s something she excels at). I made the mistake of telling one of my ex’s about how many chicks I’d been with before we actually got together, and she was too scared to even try to suck my dick until I reassured her. Lesson learned, kept my mouth shut about all the sex acts, tell her she’s the best and bingo, sunny times.

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Jennifer had the same approach in life as in bed, taking and not very giving. Also very often she acted like a dictator and did not like me meeting up with my friends. Another thing she was always checking up on me, looking up my emails and SMSes. And she was always comparing me to her ex, not really on how good he was but rather how crap I was like him. I eventually had enough and I fucked off.

Since our break up I was harassed by her for 2 months, she’ll phone, SMS, send me emails saying how much a degenerate I was, I was not a man, how she felt sorry for my addiction with prescription drugs and how my family was crap. Then she started giving me frights, she was pregnant, her uncles and dad were going to beat my ass up, she’s going to kill herself, I will never get to meet my child, she’ll raise him in a way to get revenge on me and she phoned our common friends to tell them how much an asshole I was. At one point her dad called me up and said that she was in a clinic and wanted to meet me. I told him yeah sure but never went. I eventually chicken out, I knew if I went there we’ll get back together. The thing was I loved her.

Dude you have no idea how relieved I am not to be tied up with that cow right now.

P.S: Jennifer is alright though, I get news of her through one of my buddy who is her lecturer. Not that I ask him about her but he always brings it up to tease me.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


Sounds like she was a lil Psycho. She liked to think she had you in fear. It sounds like you wised up, cause I tell you
Trying to love one that does that, is insanity. You have to look at it like a job, and a job with the most stringent boss.
Literally killing any personal desires and ambitions you have, and ontop of it to be doused with humbling and humiliating
Comments and experiences. I guess it’s good to go through those sort of things, AND MAKE IT OUT - because then
You understand.

Why is the slang used “a cow” for her?

The thing is, if I call her other than a cow I feel that I am falling back in love with her.

Anyways I do not think that I wised up, I am a just cautious now.

Which is crap because I always thought that when you are in a relationship you should give your 100% to that person but now I find I give 80% only.

The rest is kept as an instinct of self preservation.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Scotty has a good point, tell her how great it feels. I have two friends that just do not cum from head. No matter what girl did it, or what she did. But definitely tell her how great it feels, I did plenty of lying this department this year. My ex stopped trying as well, because I never got off, but she still wanted to have sex every day. So basically, tell her it feels really good, give constructive pointers on what puts you over the edge, and go from there.

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I just recently started getting head and I was really surprised that I couldn’t get off on it. My girlfriend told me one of her ex’s couldn’t really get off from it either, it would take over an hour for it to happen for him and I’m the same way.

The only way I can get off from head is if she gives me a hand job at the same time, otherwise I won’t be able to blow.

The first time she gave me head, it took over 40 minutes for me to get off, and the only reason it happened is because I placed her hand on the base of my cock while she was going down and I moved her hand up and down on it while she continued to suck on the supper portion of my penis.

It takes less time than it did that first time, but not by much, it’s still takes around 25-30 minutes with her rubbing me at the same time.. I can’t imagine how long it would take if she only was using her mouth, it might not happen at all.

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Well if you watch porn, a good blowjob involves the hand too. There’s a reason we don’t go only 2 inches and out when you have sex. My ex did the same thing, bobbing only the head at first. I need a decently tight shaft grip, and good tongue pressure. The balls also need to have some attention paid to them. If she’s just going up and down with her mouth on the head, it’s not your or her ex’s fault.

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Imagine if the missus could give all those sensations alone, with her mouth. She would have control with her tongue, mouth and throat.

Oh I know man. I had a girl who was dedicated to learning to deep throat me. She go it one night, drunk, and the next day couldn’t figure out why her throat hurt, lol. But a lot of girls can’t deep throat, in which case hands around the base an balls are necessary. Also, even while a girl is bobbing up and down I love the way it feels to have a hand on my balls, or the base. I think girls that haven’t been instructed, or don’t have natural talent, think the head of the dick is where it’s at. I actually told me ex “I like it when you rub the base more” and she said “weird, usually it’s the opposite and guys just like the head sucked”. I just think girls need to look at a dick like a pussy, if you just go down and hammer lick the clit, they might get off, but not as hard as when you work fingers and tongue exploration into the equation.

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Well she got me off. Well, after sex that is. Now I’m having a problem getting her off. She claims I’m getting really close to pushing her over the edge.. But she just can’t cum. What can I do?

Originally Posted by memento

Sage advice. I’ve always liked the smell of sage.

But is sage advice to sage, from sage, or about sage?

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The Sexual Techniques thread

That thread might help you get her off. Is this during oral or sex?

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