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Getting surgery

Getting surgery

I am now considering the surgery both length and girth.
I was wondering if it’s worth it.

That been having the lenthening done, I am guessing that you can gain length much faster with stretchers and hanging weights, than if you didn’t.

As for widening, using fat injenctions.. Is it a bad idea?
Should I look for alloderm?

The thing with alloderm though, is that it can only increase by 10% I’ve read, in the erect state.

I think a lot of these questions have been covered in previous threads. I haven’t read the entirety of those threads, but it seems to me that surgery is very iffy, and that the work needed to be put in afterwards is pretty much the same as for natural PE. But don’t take my word for it, use the search button.

regards, mgus

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Seems to me that length surgery is pretty worthless, but the alloderm girth surgery looks pretty cool.

The key is to research this matter extremely thoroughly, which of course is what you are beginning to do here!

I am of the opinion that the surgery may be the right option for certain men, though I have to confess that I am far from being fully informed on the issue. However, I also believe that the surgery should be the last option, after the nonsurgical methods have been sufficiently attempted.

What PE exercises have you done, and how long have you done them? Likewise, how consistent were you with them, how much time did you put in, etc.? These details are important if you want a considered opinion from the members here. I ask because I don’t know anything about your PE history.

In particular, you really need to give hanging a serious try before you consider the length surgery. The good surgeons who perform this procedure will tell you up front that in most cases you can only expect to increase your flaccid length unless you follow the surgery up with up to six months of hanging with weights, or using some similar means to stretch the penis. Therefore, if you can gain with the hanging alone, you owe it to yourself to go that route instead.

But you may be correct: The surgery may aid men who find it hard or impossible to gain length with the hanging, etc., alone. I don’t know if the gains will be any faster. In six months to a year, many men can gain quite a bit from hanging alone. On the other hand, the surgery is considered a real success if you gain one inch; it seems that gains greater than this from the surgery are not common. One inch from committed hanging alond is good but not great; some men gain a lot more!

As for the girth surgery, I’d be more cautious here. The girth proceedures are much more complex and much more controversial. Some PE surgeons won’t even do any of the girth proceedures, which says a lot! Once again, what girth exercises have you attempted, and what kind of time and effort have you put into them? Specifically, have you really given clamping and pumping a try? You may not become 7” in erect girth overnight with them, but I am of the opinion that, if done correctly and committedly, most men will gain in girth by using either or both of these methods. And they are a lot of fun! Just read what clampers and pumpers have to say. In particular, read some of Big Girtha’s very entertaining and informative posts.

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