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Getting aroused too quickly

Getting aroused too quickly

I’ve noticed that when my girlfriend decides to be spontaneous and just push my against the wall and go down on me, the overwhelming arousal makes me 100% erect in like 20 seconds and even before I get to a 100% erection, I sometimes come because of the sensation. Sometimes when it starts off slower, I tend to hold out longer but anytime any sort of sexual activity begins, I’m hard in under a minute and I get very sensitive. Are there ways to control the process of becoming erect when I’m being stimulated? I think if I am able to control this and slow down the erection process, I will not have to worry about become overly sensitive at times.

Also, here’s a question I’ve been wondering.. How come I will come super quickly when I am having a “wet dream”? I could recall in a few dreams, in a matter of seconds I will wake up and not even have an erection and have that lovely sticky wet spot. What are the reasons behind this?

Thanks, I’m trying to learn more about how my body works.. I think some guys just take for granted that this extention exists and they don’t know how it even works.

Age usually helps there tmar89 ;) .

Now, to be a bit more serious, try using a technique called visualization. In other words when the girlfriend is ravishing you, think of Bess Truman or some other equally unattractive person, that will usually slow things down a bit.

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Here’s a little something to help you with the visualization. She’s never failed me in times of need.…/wellesley.html

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I think that its not a good idea to try to suppress the erection process.

You could end up “over thinking” and end up with psychological ED.

Better to control the ejaculation end of it. You can exercise and practice alone or with a partner. DAS on premature ejaculation.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

luvdadus is right

Edging is the way to go.

Check out the book ESO. The exercises allow you to control the timing quite well (holding off or getting off).

[[ I previously remembered the name of this book wrong. Multi-orgasmic Couple is a different book. ESO if better for learning control and learning to be a multi orgasmic male—I didn’t like the feel of it, felt like you took all the joy and spread it. Never been able to get back to the fully concentrated cum.

As long as the girl is happy that is all that I care

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