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Getting a frenum incision on Friday


Madnez-To be more precise, you had what was known as an adhesion between your frenulum and your foreskin. This is generally caused by an inflammatory process or infection, probably when you were quite young. The inflammation caused a fusion between the two structures. The frenulum from an anatomic standpoint is the portion of the head of the penis from the urethral opening (meatus) to the shaft. It is the point at which the developing head of the penis closes and fuses in the developing male embryo. You still have a frenulum, you just now have the added attraction of a scar where the adhesion point was released. I’m surprised you didn’t have bleeding during sex earlier in your life, any kind of major traction could put stress on this attachment point and cause the skin to break or rip. Must of been a pretty tight ring you were putting on or you weren’t paying attention when you did. It’s not surprising that you find it easier to jelq as you now have the full range of movement of your foreskin. After the experience mellows into the past, you’ll appreciate that you did it. Best of luck.

pudendum, the longer I think about it, the more I start thinking that there was always something wrong in the development / design of my penis.
My doctor also dropped something about a inflammatory process when I was younger, but as an answer to another question (my foreskin has a pale area)
I didn’t really get what he meant, but he said I shouldn’t worry about it.

I didn’t had any problems before with sex. And with ring, I meant sharp ring on her finger while giving me a hand job that caused the initial cut. (at least I think, she also just might have pulled down too hard.)

Ouch!! Was this an engagement ring, wedding ring or just one she brought to the party?

Skin pigmentation on the skin of the sex organ of both men and women can vary over from place to place and is generally normal. You had an urologist wave his hands over your penis and he said it was nothing, so I’d believe him.

It is not at all unusual in infants and young uncircumcised boys to have inflammations from trapped urine or smegma. It doesn’t always cause adhesions as in your case.

Just a random ring of a 19 year old inexperienced girl.. I guess pretty cheap since it had a relatively sharp edge.
Anyway, doesn’t matter.

I asked the doctor (it wasn’t an urologist I’ve been to, to perform the operation) about the pale area, also because the texture of the skin was different. (more dry and rough) It looked like some kind of infection. He said I shouldn’t worry about it and came with the inflammation story.

But then he noticed my penile papules, and tought it were little wreathes! I knew what it was since I looked it up on the Internet years ago. He on the other hand, started to fight it by freezing it. Anyway, that didn’t help, and while burning the incision he also took some time to burn out the penile papules. Damn that hurt, but my glans edge is a bit more smooth now.

Madez-If you have any future penis problems or the papules get larger or recur, I would get a referral to an urologist. They are the best for these kinds of problems since they have the ultimate expertise in the problems of the penis. They also know how to do a penile block with local anesthesia so that you don’t feel anything when they cut, cauterize or burn something. It might be best if you have one look at the pigment differences on your penis to get assurance from an expert.

Damn Madnez, I wish you a good and quick recovery. The pic scared my totally! Well I have a small cut on my frenum, but sure hope I never experience any thing like a full rip off.

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Considering the post-surgery pic you showed, I can’t believe you tried to have sex with that mess madnez. You are definitely an impatient dude.

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Originally Posted by Madnez
I didn’t think of taking a picture before the operation. Too bad, I can’t ever remember what the frenulum looked like :)
But on wikipedia there is this picture, which is quite similar to what was there before.

What is with those little dots all around the head of the dick, I’ve seen those on a few lately on the internet - STD of some sort?

Originally Posted by inches-au

What is with those little dots all around the head of the dick, I’ve seen those on a few lately on the internet - STD of some sort?

Pearly Penile Papules. Quite common. They are not an STI.

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They seem to be quite rare, I’ve never seen them until this last year, I guess my cock isn’t that bad after all, they look really uncool - especially for girls who’d be going down on you.

Originally Posted by inches-au
They seem to be quite rare, I’ve never seen them until this last year, I guess my cock isn’t that bad after all, they look really uncool - especially for girls who’d be going down on you.

totally agree.

Had them as well. Altough they are harmless, I also found the looks not pleasing at all.
The doctor managed to frost them away with carbon dioxide.. I expected them to come back, but they haven’t so far.
(had it done over a year ago)

Congrats, sorry you had to go through the pain.

If I was in a position where I had to put a dick in my mouth, I can assure you those things would terrify me, they look NASTY and they do look like an STD.


The Frenolectomy is particularly suitable for intact foreskins. Because of this procedure, the foreskin can be moved much more freely. This means the full stroke can be used during masturbation. In addition, I’m going to have it. When the Frenulum is gone, it does not tensions in penis pumps. I have already removed my Frenulum Praeputii myself and I am very satisfied with the result. I have not been able to feel feelings of loss. I believe, therefore, that I can recommend any uncircumcised Masturbant.Kann.

Masturbation is better than sex!


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