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Getting a frenum incision on Friday

Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons
How in the world does that not hurt like hell? I can feel it all the way over here.

What sort of skin damage or discoloration is expected?

right now it’s still painless, and feels perfectly normal. No idea how comes.
No damage exect for a scar is expected. I have something to keep the wound soft.

Thunder; I made the assumption because I ‘ve red a thing or two about older men’s frenulum ripping again after several years with their wives.

hm ok.

tried having sex waaay too soon in the meanwhile.. it looked good, but it turned into a bloody mess on Wednesday.
Have to let it heal from zero again =(
why am I so impatient?!


Wow, can I use that pic for my avatar on halloween? W-O-W!!! Unbelievable that you’re not getting a lot of pain with this! Good for you! Hope it heals up sport. And for goodness sake Madnez, let it heal my man, let it heal!!!

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Ok.. WTF is wrong with that pic ?? Lets see.. Hmm.. First of all, it doesn’t look like he just lasered away just your frenulum. It LOOKS like he might of taken a part of the lower glans away too (the part where it connects to your glans). Second, why didn’t you ask the doctor about making the frenulum longer by making just a small incision and letting it heal ?

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Sorry westla, I’ll try using proper english in my posts. Thunder also already pointed to this, I didn’t knew about that rule even though I’ve been here for 3 years.

I learned my lesson, the pain was unbearable. I’m going to let it heal for a while now.
The glans is still 100% intact okish6er. That picture makes it just look bad.
I don’t know why, perhaps a bad angle or something. Might post a new one when it’s healed.

It was the doctor’s suggestion that he made a small incision, and I figured that’s what he did.
Only it ended up looking like a rather big incision.


It healed quite well in the meanwhile and I think the operation was a succes.

But now I have antoher problem. Because I used strong disinfection every day until now; my skin is very dry, it’s even peeling of a bit.
It truly feels like plastic. Have to find a solution for that, but I hope it will better by itself.

I sketched the attachpoints that indicate where the skin was connected, just to show the amount of space I gained in between and why this solves the problem of a ripping frenulum. As you can see, I don’t have a frenulum anymore.

About the sensitivity, nothing changed..
Tried having sex once so far in a not so sober condition, so it felt kind of less sensitive - but I blame the alcohol for it.

Conclusion; if anyone ever runs into this problem, lazer cutting the frenulum it is a pretty solid solution.


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That certainly looks a lot better than the previous penis portrait! Keep us informed of how it’s going. Thanks for adding another useful and informative thread to the Thunder’s Place collection.

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Wow that turned out really great! Too bad you didn’t take any before photos.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

I didn’t think of taking a picture before the operation. Too bad, I can’t ever remember what the frenulum looked like :)

But on wikipedia there is this picture, which is quite similar to what was there before.

Hmmm you really got me thinking now. I am considering getting one of these. My frenulum feels tight when I’m hard and I do get rips every now and then. You probably already mentioned it, but how much did it cost or was it covered by insurance?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Didn’t mention it yet. It was about € 100 including two checkups and a STD test. From this amount is 70% recovered by insurance. (still need to cash that, good to remind me)

So I can’t really tell how expensive it was. I guess around € 40.

Nice new discovery. Started pe-ing wednessday: because of the extra gained foreskin while pulling back, jelqing became a breeze without using lube.

A full stroke from base until head is possible without pain and just skin moving along with the stroke.


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