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Genital warts or papules?

Genital warts or papules?

Will probably have to see a doctor, but just wanted to see if I could get some ideas from here.

I’ve found about 4 or so little bumps under the coronal rim of my glans. They’re big as the tip of a ballpoint pen, whoite or maybe flesh coloured and slightly raised. Seem pretty innocuous but I’ve never noticed them before. Anyway to tell if they’re warts or something else without a doctor?

Hey, just do a quick search on google , look for pearly penile papules, and see what it looks like, if they’re just white bumps I’m almost 100 percent sure they are PPP, happen to 8-48% of people or something like that, and if you are uncut you are more prone to get them(22% vs. 12%, respectively), also it’s not an std and there is no need for treatment, but people just get them removed for cosmetic reasons

I wouldn’t get to crazy about trying to remove them unless they are really big and are giving you a complex or something, some people claim that they removed them with a iodine treatment, or toothpaste, but I think that’s just bullshit to be sincere, toothpaste might make it look better for a couple of days but then it will come back. The best way to have them removed is having a dermatologist vaporize the bumps really carefully with CO2 laser

They also might increase the sensitivity on your penis, and if they get a little bigger don’t freak out, they can disappear by themselves too as you get older so that’s good news

Frequency - pearly penile papules
In the US: “the incidence of pearly penile papules reportedly ranges from 8-48%. Several reports suggest an increased incidence in uncircumcised versus circumcised men (22% vs. 12%, respectively). One study found a greater incidence in black versus white men, in those circumcised (21% vs. 7%, respectively) and uncircumcised (44% vs. 33%, respectively)” (Brown, 2001).

I would recommend you to go to see your doctor anyways to make sure they’re not something else

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I’ve had these my entire life, however they’re hardly noticable, but there are definitely small bumps all around the ‘edge’ of my glans. No big deal IMO

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