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General Health - Blood in Throat

General Health - Blood in Throat

Hey everybody. I knew this would be a good place to get some fast opinions and some support.

This morning I woke up with drool, which is not uncommon. But when I got up I noticed my mouth tasted like blood so I went and brushed my teeth. It looked like maybe dry blood was rinsing out of my mouth, but I didn’t realize it at that moment. I went back to my bed and noticed there was some blood on the pillow where I had been drooling.

Now, there is this other spot, circular, that has been there for a couple weeks at least, I think longer. I always thought it came from a scab, and it still may have, as I never noticed any blood from my mouth before.

So I took a nap later in the day, and when I woke up I could kind of taste blood again. There wasn’t actually any blood as I hadn’t been there very long, or drooled.

I know the most common reason could be a cut or something in my mouth, or bleeding gums, but I’m 95% sure that’s not the case. When I blow out my nose with my mouth closed I can kind of taste it. Also, my nose is not bleeding at all. I even picked it and there wasn’t any dry blood.

What I’m wondering is, is there anything not serious that might cause this? Maybe something common? I’ve been dieting for about a week doing the V-diet from, which is basically a liquid diet, so I couldn’t have eating something that cut me up actually. Before you say the problem is caused by the diet, it’s only been a week so I don’t see it being related to nutrition, but maybe there is something in the powder which could cause this?

Info about me: I’m 21 years old, don’t smoke, rarely drink, and I’m not on any medication. My throat does not hurt or anything and I feel fine, aside from being kind of scared. No cough.
I had stayed up really late last night before going to sleep. I’ve been exercising pretty hard too. Still I don’t see why that could cause, just providing info.

I’m almost afraid to go to sleep because it might happen again. I know I should see a doctor and I plan too. I would go tomorrow if I could, but I have finals this next week. I can’t even concentrate to study right now.

Here is a link to somebody who described the same thing.


Maybe it won’t happen again and this thread will be waste…I hope so. But I appreciate what you guys have to say.

Have a look around your cheeks and the front lips inside your mouth. You may just be biting yourself when asleep.

So turn your lips outwards so that you can see their condition or check your tongue at the sides to see if that has been bitten.

Try a good clearing of your throat and then spit out to see if that brings any blood. if not it’s more likely in the mouth.

Hope that helps.


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As a second thought it might just be a nose bleed, which seeped into your moth as you lay on your back.

Might be worth checking after a good nose blow!

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Exercising hard while on liquid diet? A week is too short a time for scurvy, but are you exercising to the point of tasting blood in your mouth from the workout?

regards, mgus

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Bleeding from the mouth can be from a variety of things that aren’t necessarily serious, people get abscesses in the mouth or throat, or cuts as you point out, but then again they could also be early signs of a more serious, chronic condition. So, you shouldn’t be alarmed, but you should be seen by a doctor, as unknown bleeding in general should be investigated. Your doctor might refer to you an otolaryngologist, or order diagnostics (blood or imaging) for follow up if no cause can be found on exam.

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Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Petit - I did another close look around and didn’t notice anything. My nose hasn’t been plugged so I blew it really quick, but nothing. Also, I’ve tried coughing up a spit to see if it’s red but I didn’t see anything.

No blood last night, but not really any drool either. It sorta feels like there’s something in my throat though, so I don’t know. I’ll report if I notice anything else. I’m gonna try and get an appointment though.

Probably best to see a doc. If nothing else to ease your concern. Do you have swollen glands in your neck?

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Have an appointment to see the doctor Monday. No swollen anything that I can feel.

Well Good luck when you see the Doctor, beator

I hope it’s nothing serious, and has gone away by then,

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