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Frustrating Problem

Frustrating Problem

Hey guys.. So I guess I’m just looking for opinions really. I seem to be having some serious problems with my dick lately. I just don’t get nice boners or stay hard like I used to.

I’m 27, fit, healthy, never had any issues. It all started about a month ago when I took a weekend vacation with some friends. It was a great time, we were all cramped into this tiny hotel room so of course no one scored, lol. Anyway, this entire trip I didn’t get a single hardon, not even morning wood.. I didn’t think much of it because we were constantly out doing stuff and there were never any sexual situations. After the trip though.. I still didn’t. A couple days after I forced myself into a boner and jerked off, just because I wanted to feel good I guess and make sure it’s still working. Fast forward a week and I was with someone who I’m really into and I just couldn’t get anything more than like a 60% semi.. After 3-4 hours just gave up without even getting off.

At that point I decided I was going to stop watching porn and not jerk off so much, I was only every 2-3 days anyway, and see how it went. Fast forward to right now: I rarely have anything more than a morning semi, and that’s not very often.. And I’ve been with the same person again, was able to get off this time but I wasn’t anywhere near 100% and it was a real struggle. Like, I would feel myself getting hard and that awesome swelling feeling, then it just fades way.. Like my dick never clamps down and keeps the blood in like it should. I have jerked off on occasion but the boner never comes as easily and is hard to maintain.. Never as big and strong as it used to be. I have watched porn once since, for what reason I have no idea, and used a fleshlight during.. That was about the only time since the trip my dick has been raging hard.

All of this is incredibly frustrating and makes me wonder what’s going on. I’ve read all about porn addiction and what it causes.. And I can’t believe it could have happened to me, but I guess the symptoms match. I have been incredibly stressed out with school and my personal life lately too, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I don’t know.. Makes me pretty down on myself and worried about whats happening.. I guess I’m just looking for answers.. Maybe some reassurance that this will pass.

Oh yeah.. The only thing that has changed via my diet or exercise is that I stopped taking ginkgo (ran out and just haven’t bought more). I take it for vascular health fyi.

My guess is that you’re under several sorts of stress, all at the same time. That’ll do it.



Thanks for the reply. Hmm.. But why would it suddenly happen during a fun trip with friends? That was the least stressed I’ve been in months, lol.

Sorry FL_Titan,

Seems to me that you are going through the porn rewiring. You had a hard on while watching porn but couldn’t get one with just yourself or a person. I think you need to quit the video watching for at least three months. You also are probably in the flat line period as well. I know it seems weird for a man to spend time not thinking about his dick, especially here at this forum, but you need to. Everything you described is the downward spiral. Stay focused on the gym and school. Leave all the other bullshit behind, including women. Once the baggage is off you, watch for the boners to be back.

Just that simple? No porn or forced masturbation for a while, maybe months =O , and all goes back to normal?

Would it have happened so quickly like that? It’s like that trip caused something.. I guess maybe time away started the whole “flatline” thing and made me realize it. I had a habit of checking a couple tumblr sights everyday.. Didn’t jerk off while I did, but I just looked at it for fun. Would that have aided in causing this?

Thanks for the advice man. I’ll avoid all the porn crap. Question though.. You think I should be doing any PE during?

Well, ya it is that simple. The brain knows what you previously did to excite your dick which was porn, anything else would just be boring. So ya I would think you just ignore porn and masturbating for awhile and things will go right back to normal. I think you are spot on with your assumption, the trip probably gave you time away from day to day routines, most likely you weren’t watching full porn videos and sitting in the bathroom rubbing one out. This led your mind to start “rebooting” as its called, which happens very quickly. Your mind wants to be at a homeostasis, porn was causing it to be out of whack.

I am still trying every day to reboot from porn. It is definitely a tough challenge that will show you who you really are at some times. Even through thick and thin just remember back to not getting a boner, that should keep you goal orientated.

As for PE it is up to you. If you don’t have any cues associated with porn and PE then you should be fine. I took a 2 week break from doing any PE to relax my mind from connecting PE with porn/masturbating. Avoiding porn shouldn’t be something that all encompasses your life, if that happens you are just losing the battle. It should be so simple for your willpower to not watch that you shrug it off. So for the first few days just monitor your internal responses to PE. If you can go through 3 days of no porn/masturbation AND you are doing PE during that time I think it is safe to say you have no connection between the two and you can safely do PE while you reboot. If you do get aroused while doing PE and the urge to masturbate or watch porn really badly hits you, then I would recommend you just take a week off of PE also to let things cool down.

Hmm.. Thanks for all the advice man. I don’t think it will be much of a challenge to stop porn now that I know what’s going on. What will be a challenge, is fighting off the frustration of not getting morning wood or my dick acting like it used to for however long this may take. I’ve never used porn for PE, so I think I’ll be fine there. Probably not do much for a few days anyway though, just to let everything settle.. Not like I have any gains to maintain anyway, lol.

Thanks man! I’ll update when I see changes.

Little update with this I suppose. I know it hasn’t been long.. And I have seen improvement over what it was, but it’s still not a lot better. How long does this normally take?

I’m still not getting morning wood or random boners through the day.. And my dick seems very shrunk and tiny all the time. I even got a comment from a friend who has seen it before at a urinal, “damn dude your dick is small right now”.. Yes we’re close friends lol.. But what a kick in the balls!

This shit sucks.

Hey, hope you’re doing okay. Might be psychological.. Haha

Get to a Doctors office and have them run a hormonal panel. It may be as simple as low testosterone.

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