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frenulum release

frenulum release

Hey guys,

The piece of skin that connects my penis head to the shaft is particuarly tight. This can make both sexual activity and PE uncomfortable as afterwards it an become red and sore, and on occassions, if my girlfriend is a little over aggressive, feel as if it is about to rip. I have been told by a friend that I made need an operation called a frenulum (the medical name for the area) release. This apparantely loosens the skin making it less tight. I am obviously going to see my doctor about this but firstly wanted to know if anyone here has had this done or know anything about it. I particuarly would like to know if it is safe and will it effect the sensitivity of the penis. What is the frenulum there for anyway? Any knowledge or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Man, I have never heard of a frenulum, but it deffinatly sounds serious. Get it checked out soon and let us know what the doctor says about it.

Type “frenulum breve” into the search function at the top of the page and you will get some interesting threads which contain some very interesting links.

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I had a frenulum surgery because I got small tears from jelqing.
At one point it almost tore completely, so I contacted a private clinic
and underwent surgery. The surgeon cut off the frenulum and connected it further down.
I have had no problem since. The procedure itself was a walk in the park.

Good luck to you.


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Frenolectomie is particularly suitable for intact foreskins. Because of this procedure, the foreskin can be moved much more freely. This means that the full stroke can be utilized during masturbation. In addition, the foreskin also remains in the withdrawn state, where I want to have it. When the Frenulum is gone, it does not strain when pumping the penis. I have already removed my Frenulum Praeputii myself many years ago and am very satisfied with the result. I have also not been able to notice feelings of loss. I believe, therefore, that I can recommend any uncircumcised Masturbant to this procedure.

Masturbation is better than sex!

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