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Foreskin Question

Foreskin Question

This question is for all those males who are all ready cut and at one point decided to have some more extra foreskin trimmed.

Question: Who did you get to perform the foreskin removal procedure - local physician, dermatologist or urologist? I have some extra that I want to have removed but not sure who to go to to have this done.


you’re cut and have “extra” foreskin? I wouldn’t consider it.

Me niether, I wish I still had mine!

Why wouldn’t y’all have anymore “snipped”? I’ve got stretch marks and the extra foreskin gives me the donut effect when I pump, even just under 5 hg of pressure. That’s the only reason why for the removal.

you’re just going to have less sensation, and additional scars. I wouldn’t do that because I got a donut when pumping at 5in Hg vacuum. Donuts come and go.. modify your routine some.

If you really want it done, consult your urologist.

But…I have to agree with the other posters on this one. Tinker with your routine a little bit before you go and do something drastic, and permanent, and as an added expense.


After reading the responses, it is clear just to leave well enough alone. I appreciate the advice given.

Thanks, Goingstrong

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