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Foreplay/Arousal levels

Foreplay/Arousal levels

Just wanted to pose a question to you guys. As someone that has trouble cumming, I’ve found foreplay can make a pretty big difference. It’s kind of expected that guys should be able to shoot their load just upon initiating sex, but for me it’s just not true.

If I quickly undress a woman in say 30 seconds and start making out, I’ll have an erection. However, it will be a kind of reflex erection, with no deep sexual feeling. At this point I’m only at the first phase of arousal. If I start penetrating immediately, I’ll find it difficult to reach the level of arousal necessary for ejaculation since there was no build up.

However, if we keep our clothes on and make out for say 10 minutes, explore each others bodies, and build the tension my erection is able to go from the ‘phase 1’ reflex erection to one that is really sensitive and ready to burst….when I start penetrating now, it will be much easier to cum.

It basically seems next to impossible for me to have a quickie. Can anyone else relate at all? Is foreplay just as important for some of you guys, almost on par with how many women describe it?

Hi and yeah I can very much so, me and my girl friend had a habit of skipping foreplay, therefore I never relay came when we first started going out. But it got alot better after several weeks, because we would tease and add alot more foreplay.

Recently I broke my leg therefore we are very limited to positions. Personally I believe that she just wants to get sex over which of course she denies, so she skips foreplay and then just grinds on me until she has had a sufficient amount of orgasms, then just hops off and makes an excuse as to why she won’t continue until I cum, the classic excuse is “I’m tired it’s late” which I think really means I can’t be arsed cause it takes you ages to cum.

The annoying part is, is that I’m a strong believer in girl should be pleasured before yourself. However she takes it over the top, by not giving me the pleasure of cumming.

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Haha, that’s funny. The girl I’m seeing at the moment is kind of the same. We have sex for a while, then she says “Ok, I want to get on top”, cums, then is kind of reluctant to let me pound her until I’ve came. Sometimes she outright stops but usually I can convince her to keep going. It’s pretty selfish if you ask me, but then again I don’t know, maybe they’re vagina’s are too super sensitive after cumming to be pounded more.

Yeah maybe but my girlfriend isn’t the fittest of all girls in the sense of healthy, so she gets worn out fast. But it’s funny due to the fact she is very unselfish in everything except sex, which it seems sort of selfish like yataghan50 said.

It normally wouldn’t be a problem, because I’d normally just hop on top and pound her whether she wanted it or not. However due to I currently have a broken leg, I can’t even do that so I’m stuck with what she gives me, which can be quite limited on some occasions. But due to this I haven’t came in 4 days, which is quite long in my mind.


Starting size---->BPEL 7" MEG 5.25"

Goal---->BPEL 8" MEG 6"

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