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Fordyce Spots and PE

Fordyce Spots and PE

After a bit of Internet research, I have confirmed for myself that the whitish/yellow spots on my shaft/scrotum are Fordcye spots and as my doctor has already told me, normal. Now I just have to learn to live with them…

The only problem I have had with them so far is that during my longer runs at PE they seem to get irritated and a few develop small scaly patches that look rather like eczema, which I do suffer from sometimes (on my scalp.) This is one of the (smaller) reasons I stop my PE as I wait for them to fade and is a bit annoying.

I thought it might be my lube, so I switched from Cocoa Butter to KY Jelly, which I think had reduced the frequency and quantity of the patches, but not eradicated them completely.

Does anyone else suffer from this or have any coping strategies? I’d rather not use steroid creams or applications as I do on other patches of eczema due to the skin thinning side effects. Is this even eczema? As always any input is appreciated.

- Scott

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I don’t know, but I have these as well on my scrotum.

Doesn’t anyone know how to treat these? I was able to get rid of some by popping them like I would a whitehead. What is that about?

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