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For Titilist and others...undecended or one testicle

For Titilist and others...undecended or one testicle

Hey Titilist,

I have been meaning to PM you for years, just never have. Now I thought I would just turn this into a thread so anyone else can chime in if they want. You and I have something in common,( oh how I wish it was cock size,LOL) it is the undecended testicle. You have mentioned it on this forum several times, with what “seems” like comfort.I know that we had nothing to do with it, couldn’t help it, it just happened. I was curious as to how it affected you at times during your life, or if you even let it bother you.

I found out when I was 11 during a physical for Jr high football. All I can remember now is the Dr. telling my mother and that he thought it would eventually drop. Well, it did, but it was noticeably much smaller than my other one. Of course during football and gym classes I became very good at cupping and turning my back so no one could notice. When I would glance at other guys, my mind would only let me see that everyone of them had huge low hangers compaired to my tight uneven pair.

I am one of those guys that passed up some sexual opportunities because of my insecurities, even though I dated several cheerleaders!!( not that they mean anything!!!LOL) I also am the worlds biggest “grower” so my small flaccid didn’t help either. I am currently just shy of 7.5BPEL and was blessed genetically with 6.5 EG midshaft. I guess because of my girth I always felt that I was short.

What I am trying to say is Thank You for bringing this out in the open. I am smart enough to know that I was not the only male on the earth that this ever happened to, but until you hear someone else say it, I sure felt like it!!! I let it mess with me for too long!!I finally said fuck it and somehow worked through it. I am now married for 28 years with two grown sons. I just wish that I had not let it get to me as much as it did. It can be tough to deal with when you are not like everyone else, for me it was the same as guys who feel they are small.

If anybody else reads this and realizes they are not the only ones out there that this has happened to, then mission accomplished.

Thanks again Titilist, all the best!!

I’m glad you responded.

I used to hide the fact that I had one good nut. Even the pictures I’ve posted here I’ve taken showing the full nut sack and not the small one. It doesn’t bother me like it did when I was younger. I know stretch my good nut to make sure it hangs down really nice. I’ve considered getting a prosthesis for the small side, but it’s cost prohibitive at this point.

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