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for all those intacts who want to be cut

for all those intacts who want to be cut

If ur intact but would rather be cut, try this. It’s a method of keeping your foreskin retracted behind your glans.
Basically what you do is you pull your foreskin back behind your glans and leave it there. It will probably roll back over the glans again. If it does, just keep pulling your foreskin back and leaving it like that. eventually your foreskin will get used to being in this position and it will stay that way. You’ll have to patient with this, it may take a long time for your foreskin to get the hang of this, but it will work in time. This is the standard method of retracting (and is the one i use) but it may not work for you if you have too long a foreskin or too short a frenulum, so heres a description of another method i found:
“You need a popsickle stick for this. First, retract the foreskin completely. Now place the stick on top of the penis, end that is closest to your body is on the penis shaft at midway point between the root or base and the rim of the head. Hold the other end of the stick, out past the end of the penis in front of you.
Next, hold the stick in that position with one hand, roll foreskin with your other hand, forward over the top of the stick toward the rim of the penis head. End of stick is now sandwiched between inner and outer foreskin. Finally, hold foreskin in position and carefully pull the stick out.
If you end up with too much or too little coverage, you may have to start over, experiment with the point on the penis shaft where you locate the end of the stick. If its a tight fit, lube the stick first.”

You may be asking urself why anyone would want to do this. Well this procedure is basically the same a being circed except you dont need an operation, it leaves no scar, removes no sensitive tissue and you can undo it just by rolling your foreskin forward again anytime u like. So, u can experience the pros and cons of being circed and then decide to keep it theis way, get circed or roll it forward again and stay the way you were. Even if you dont want to be circed u can try this just to see what a circ wud feel like.
try it and tell me of ur progress.
If you need other other info eg. other methods of doing this, the following link is for a group who practise this and can help you with any questions u may have( you may have to become as member of yahoo groups if you arent one already to view this site)


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