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Finally found the right doctor.


Finally found the right doctor.

Ive known for some time now that my testostrone level is low. Went to two docs, both saying, well its not real low, bull shit. This new one said it is at the low end of normal. When younger I’d fuck a handful of worms as long as they were moving.This new guy says he’ll give me treatments or whatever. What I would like to know,which are the best treatments to get? I first realized it was low when I’d be talking about something sensitive and Id get chocked up about it. Next was the lack of sex interest with wife. Been married a LONG time but still. Walked away from an argument, something I thought was very wise, but strange for me. Alot of little signs. Now I dont want to go out and get in barroom brawls but when I look at some sweet pussy I want to get hard. Will the “tes” treatments do this? Thanks for any help or advice you may have.


I believe it to be wise that you have checked three doctors for your problem but if I were you I will check another one just to be sure that your current doctor’s diagnostic is genuine.

I do not really know much about Testosterone treatments but I have heard quite a lot of bad things about it.

So get your information about the treatment before embarking into it.

Wish you luck.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Keep in mind that with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) many guys experience a sort of roller coaster effect. You feel great for a couple weeks, then you may go into a slump. A good doctor will monitor you along the way, choosing the most appropriate treatment to keep you “even” most of the time.

The jury is still out on whether or not TRT has any effect at all on erection quality. It can improve libido and general mood to a great extent.



I have tried ZMA as a bodybuilding supplement.

It work wonders but had little effect on my erection and libido.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

To get the most bang out of your test use eurycoma longifolia this herb lowers your SGBH hormone (sex binding globulin hormone) this hormone will bind on to your test and make it unusable by the body the next thing you can get is arimadex this will flush estrogen from the system.

Remeber the body will deal with the increase in test in 2 ways changing it to estrogen or bonding it with the sgbh hormone. The best way to deal with this is to use short cycles 6 weeks on with 2 to 4 weeks off use. Clomid to keep your natural test up on the off cycles anti-estrogen’s can be use all the time but I would stick with letrozal or arimadex these to flush estrogen out of the body, novaldex will only block the harsh estrogen from the receptor sites.It dose this because it is a weaker form of estrogen that will enter the receptor site first but it is still estrogen and I just rather not have it at all if you can avoid it.

You do need some estrogen in the body it helps with the amount of water in the body and you need this for growth.guys who use lots of test for long periods have a bloated look about them this is because the body is trying to get balance back in the boy by increasing estrogen production.they will also be kind of bitchy like a girl anything can make them pissed off I believe this is the main reason for guys on test getting in to fights over stupid things at bars increase estrogen bitchy factor, increase test manly factor, and of course alcohol cocktail for a fight.

The next way if your one of the guys who never gets off is to dose your self with around 750 mg to 1000 mg per weak. The body will never be able to stop this amount of test from doing it job even if you body completely shuts off it own production of test but then if you do get off it could take up to 6 months for the body to get back to normal.long cycles are any thing over 12 weeks. This is not what I suggest it will eventually lead to lot of gyno unless you take anti estrogen all the time just better to do the first way I mentioned the dose should be about the same but the body will not shut down your test because of the short cycles and you will not need as much time off of the drugs to get things back to your normal production 2 you get less estrogen build up less Chance of side negative side effect like balding gyno and acne.

The body’s rebound system takes about 4 to six weeks to notice there is way to much test in the system your plus the outside test you are injecting once it see this it will start slowing down your natural test that’s why people gains slow down or stop. You can avoid this by short high dose test cycles and hard core training for the 4 to 6 weeks you are on then lower train protocol in you 2 week off the drug the hit it again hard for another short cycle gain all year long.

Most docs prescribe cyponate or enanthate these cyp last for ten days in the body enanthate for 7 day from your last injection.

Best way to inject is with you total weekly dose broken up over 7 days shooting small dose every day keeps total blood plasma levels high throughout the cycle not just one large spike mid week.

I you are not good about shooting every day than at least do 3 times per week dosing mon, wen, fri.

For all the guys who don’t believe in using anabolic remember this the reason we grow old and die is because the body doesn’t produce the same amount of test and growth hormone throughout are lives like it did when we were in are 20s I know guys in there late 60s that have more muscle than me.

Exercise with weights will increase you productions of good hormones like test and gh for longer periods of time but there is a time when the body’s loss in hormones like in your mid to late forty’s cause a drastic decrease in lean body weight I.e muscle loss in muscle makes your metabolism slow down slowed metabolism = more body fat more body fat leads to most of are health problem to day heart disease, diabetes, arthritis. It’s how you use these hormones that makes them good or bad and even guys who use them with no research the worst thing most guys get is gyno balding or acne very few guys end up with enlarged hearts and if they do have this happen it is there fault for throwing cation to the wind and never researching what they are taking just doing what there friend did we don’t do this in PE why would you do that with hormones.

Steroid’s get a bad rep because you have to inject them and when people think of drugs and injections we think of heroin users. I find it funny that steroids are put into the same class of drugs as mdma cocaine and heroin on the drug watch list.You will never here of a steroid junky robbing some one for money for there steroid habit or getting real fuck up and killing people while you are in you car driving home from the bar. On the other hand the to worst drugs on the market that cause the most deaths are legal tobacco and alcohol kill hundreds of thousands of people every year but they are legal. I can also go to the doctor to day tell him I feel really depressed and with out giving my one test he will prescribe some type of anti depressant that alters my brain chemistry if I tell the same doctor I want a persecution for test so that I can gain muscle and increase my general well being about my self he would freak out my. Know isn’t that fucked up. Bye the way test was given to men in the 80 for male depression worked great until they came out with anti depressants and they have more side effects and are really addictive.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

On top of this gh and test and deca are give to AIDS patients to stop muscle wasting effect of the disease to keep them healthy an to live longer lives.that is the wort disease you can get other than cancer what does that say about steroids.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

Pretty much just the act of remaining physically active will keep test levels up somewhat. If one excercises a moderate amount with weights and cardio, coupled with a good diet will do tons to staving off depression, and will keep the hormone levels “up”.

It takes about 3 weeks of being on the program to start to really feel the difference.

Good info ‘diesel220’

diesel — I am curious, what is your dosage of eurycoma longifolia? Do you cycle it?

younhard — I would compare having low testosterone to having diabetes. If your pancreas (a gland) can’t make insulin, then you need to inject insulin. Your body needs it to be healthy.

If your testicles (glands) can’t make testosterone, then you need to inject testosterone. Your body needs to be healthy.

Simple as that, it is something that needs to be treated for your health.


Did provide a simplistic answer. I’ve never heard it put that simple:

1. “If your testicles (glands), or system is not or cannot make testosterone. You need testosterone to be applied externally to be healty, shots or tabs”.

I’ve never heard it put as plain and simple as an ordinary person can understand.

We could list the side effects of having too low a testosterone level, or too low amounts of estrogen, or incorrect test/estrogen balance, some
Of them could make it hard to lead a normal life

Well I naturally modified my test production through exercise and diet. Not only did it increase all my sexual aspects it gave me confidence and energy, feel good etc. When I don’t diet/weight-lift drink a lot I get weak and depressed and sexual problems.

But that is crap that means I need to properly diet and exercise, be healthy all my life to have IMO normal-good hormones.

But I get acne and hair loss so that is a big negative.

$Hit. Naturally before cars and horses and things, one had to excercise. To go get food, shelter, etc.

Some of us like kingdong69 are finding out, that it really isn’t optional if you want to live a good life.

You have to take care of your health, and part of this is regular excercise.

I’m the same as you ‘kingdong69’. Once I start my exsercise regiment up, and eating a more complete and balanced diet, it takes 3 or so weeks
To notice. And there is a big difference. You can feel your blood just circulating, you feel stronger, more alert, and the erections do feel stronger.

About 3 months in being real about it, and you are at a high level of physical functioning. One of my guys is into tennis.

I might just have to get back into shape so I can go at it with him.

I had pretty much the same story.

Late 30’s, did T tests came back on the extreme low end but still in range (I mean come on the range is for something like 18 - 72 year olds and I was right at the bottom end with the 72 year olds and T reduces 1-2% every year after age 40. The Dr. Says my results were normal, seriously that is crazy).

Long and short he prescribed T gel. I said “won’t that shrink the testicles over time and make me reliant on an external T product as my body produces less T). Dr. Pondered that, said yes and to come back in a month.

I thought f*** that and did some research on how to increase T naturally.

I did the following (not all for T directly but all great for general health).

Heavy weightlifting every day - 1 set only 6-10 reps max effort (vary 1 set of either squats, weighted pull-ups/dips or good mornings etc)
1/2 hr cardio with heart monitor - heart in 75-85% zone for max effect
Pomegranate Juice
RoP (yes yes, I know there are haters are out there but it works for me)
I went outside and tried to get 10-15 minutes of sun a day at least (I have an indoor job)
Early morning edging or sex whenever possible
Reduced eating extraneous crap - only whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, eggs and meat (all organic where possible)
A ton of reverse osmosis or purified water
Reduce alcohol consumption significantly to once per week (this was a biggie for me, I was up to about 5 bottles of wine with my SO per week +hard liquor).
Tongkat Ali
Reduce the time spent sitting and move around or stand wherever possible
7-8 hours of sleep

Results: I lost about 10 pounds (body fat % down to 15% and still dropping, T levels increased 2.5x.

I went back into the doctor’s office and he looked at the free and total T results and said “that T gel is really working for you”. I laughed and handed the prescription back to him and said I didn’t fill it. I told him what I was doing naturally and he was somewhat amazed and said keep on doing it :)

I believe that my overall T levels have further increased beyond the initial follow up. I will get blood work confirmation at the end of May.

Sorry dose is around 900-1500 mg per day it was in the book building the perfect beast great book on roids the since of using them and has all the natural products that work I agree with all the stuff in his books have tried them and they work. I used to run GNC and health food stores so have tried ton of natural products so know what works and most stuff that natural you have to double the dose for them to work. At least that’s what I have found.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5


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