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Fertility Questions Need Help

Fertility Questions Need Help

My wife and I have been trying have a baby. Is there anything I can do to help? Supplements anything. I am loosing weight I eat clean I don’t drink. Just wanting to make sure it is not me. If you have anything I can do it would be greatly appreciated. I will be going to the doctor end of the month to see what my hormone levels are and see what can be done I’d its me.

If you two have been trying for a while, then have both of you checked out by the doctor and take it from there. Knowing where the issue(s) or not will help formulate a plan.

For supplements, head over to the other cum load increase thread as some of the supplements can help. For guys, it’s about ensuring sperm production, health and motility. Anything to help in all the three aspects will only help.

Yes, weight plays a part and so is age. The probability of conceiving drops dramatically the older you both are. If young and healthy, the probability is already low - if I recall correctly, it’s only 20-ish %.

You both have to go to the doctor, why are you supposing the ‘problem’ is you and not your wife?

I have done steroids in the past. I am going to make sure my hormone levels are good at the beggining of February. She has been on birth control for 4 years also. But she previously had a child. Which I have raised.

I see. More than hormonal levels, you should check the sperm cells count and mobility. Anyway I think your doctor knows better. L-Arginine and zinc are supplements that can help with the amount of ejaculate, not sure that they do much as far as sperm counts.

I think it should be fine she has only been off birth control for a few months. I have been keepin my sac cool while I have heating during pe. I keep them on a ice pack.

I think you both should be fine also. Not always birth comes easy. Many steroid (ab)users had childs, even at old age.

It took some of us up to a year of having unprotected sex to finally get there. Don’t rush it just enjoy the process.

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Originally Posted by sed26
It took some of us up to a year of having unprotected sex to finally get there. Don’t rush it just enjoy the process.

Thanks I appreciate that. I think I will be fine. I am just kinda worried due to steroids. Any little bit can help.

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