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Female sexual health??

Female sexual health??

I didn’t know where to put this, so move it if there is a better location for it.

Recently my girlfriend and I have been “rounding second base”. Every time I have fingered her (two only) she complains of pain the next day. She also bleeds some of the time. Now she hasn’t had this done to her in over two years and she claims to never masturbate. I always keep my fingernails trimmed/filled down so I don’t believe I am scratching her. She had finished her period 2 or 3 days before I first touched her there.

Is she suffering from pain just because she’s not used to it? What are your experiences with women who are new to this kind of thing?

Also, this past weekend after getting her off three or four times with my fingers we lost control and “headed for home”.

First of all, I couldn’t get a good erection. I do not know if my unit’s sudden desire to not want to play was a result of TOO MUCH foreplay/warming up, or if it was just first time jitters.

My MAJOR CONCERN is that during this whole time we were fooling around, I would pre cum occasionally. In order to get myself into her I had to clamp off and kegel blood in to get hard enough to squeeze it in. (Note: Tight pussy + Bigger than average penis w/ semi = Very difficult penetration). After I got the head in he seemed to come alive and finally start working like I am used to. Well after about 20 sec or so of actual intercourse I decided to stop because I knew I was going to get to the point of no return in a hurry. (Note #2: we are both Christians who had full intentions of remaining virgins till we married, but that is an entirely different discussion). Since we weren’t supposed to be doing this, neither of us was prepared. I didn’t have a condom immediately available, and she’s not on the pill. So, my main question is how likely is it that 20 seconds of 2” penetration with precum present resulted in impregnation? She’s freaking out and thinks we need to test.

Sorry about the essay but please comment on:

*Why my girlfriend is suffering from pain/bleeding
*Why I had so much trouble achieving an erection once I got my clothes off
*What is the likelihood that she is pregnant from the limited amount of intercourse we had

There is no need to sugarcoat responses.

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I can really only speculate as to why you couldn’t get fully erect, but my guess would be that you were nervous about the repercussions of having sex before marriage with your girlfriend. Especially since you both are Christian and view your commitment to non pre-marital sex as being important. Of course one could question your statement about being Christian and planning on abstaining from sex until marriage because it sounds like you quickly threw that out the window when it came down to it (but like you said, that is an entirely different discussion).

As for the 20 seconds of 2” pre cum penetration; I wouldn’t worry too much about that, as long as you are sure that you didn’t lose control and actually shoot off a couple of rounds, then try to cover it up by pulling out while acting like you were stopping before you went to far in order to cover it up.

If your girlfriend is freaking out and wants to get a home pregnancy test, my best advice to you would be to support the idea.

One: It will make you look a little responsible in her eyes, plus it might bring you two closer together if she feels like you will be there for her if the real thing happens.

Two: Chances are that you probably won’t get any action for awhile if she is tripped out over the incident, so it would be in your best interest to let her test herself in order to put her mind at ease.

Three: Personally I hate condoms, but if you are with a female that doesn’t bother with her own form of birth control and she is worried about getting pregnant (by the way I feel like this shows a lack a maturity) then you are just going to have to “suit up” if you ever want to get any. It is a good idea to wear condoms anyway, especially with all the STD’s that are going around nowadays.

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