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Female curiosity

Ok, I just found this thread and actually read the whole thing! My eyes are bleary!

Zane, what an interesting person you are! I’d love to pick your brain on that tantra stuff…like what would be the basics for a guy to work up to a 20 minute orgasm?

I definitely believe that we as human beings have all kinds of energy circuitry, producing different effects.

I guess the real question one needs to ask is….what do you want?

I don’t mean you personally (although I’d love to get your answer), but what do we want as individuals?

Once you can answer that, then you can go about achieving it.

I’d love to have 20 minute orgasms, but what is the price?

I remember reading some stories from China about some martial arts masters of certain styles that were know to eventually end up crazy.

It seemed the chi gung wasn’t balanced and it eventually led them to be nutty from the energy imbalance it created.

Also it is said that hardening the fingertips without using a special lotion (chinese stuff) can lead to blindness. I’ve read and heard this from several people that really know their stuff.

My favorite spiritual teacher says something I really like. He says instead of sitting for hours meditating alone at home (for spiritual growth) He says to go out into the world and help where it is really needed, with love.

What I found is that really resulted in far more rapid and real growth than years of sitting alone meditating.

Just some thoughts on this, I bring it up because you are obviously knowledgeable and intelligent.

By the way, I am glad you are here. Please stick around! :)

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“Just some thoughts on this, I bring it up because you are obviously knowledgeable and intelligent.

By the way, I am glad you are here. Please stick around!”


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Originally Posted by Ramrod
To reiterate, I understand there is a lot more to sex than using a women’s vagina as a receptacle for our penises.

Good. We’ll let you sit at the front of the class today!


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Fuck that, I got my garlic necklace, I am safe.


Originally Posted by supersizeit
I really believe that there is a kind of gateway to universal consciousness and/or enlightenment that exist when the right flow or swap of energy is exchanged in the sex act between a man and a woman. There is something very ying yang about it… the act is more than just a physical act but most of us perform it on the animal level because that’s how we are hardwired to react to it and when performed on that level it triggers forth the bare minimum function which is reproduction. I have always suspected that sex is more than the bare minimum function.

Cant really describe it but its like a portal to another dimension or level of awareness… Don’t get me wrong, sex is great as we know it… but it has greater potential and is greatly underestimated by many.

Spoken like a true tantrika!

You are right: There is something very yin yang about it. The funny thing is, once you recognize this, you can see this yin yang exchange as clearly as the hands and feet and breasts and genitals involved in the sex act.

Originally Posted by Ramrod
make sure you turn off your stove before leaving our universe.


I have never experienced a twenty-minute orgasm, although I’m working on it. I’ve experienced twenty orgasms in twenty minutes.

Most tantric techniques for men are too hard. Tantra is full of tricks and techniques for better lovemaking but personally I believe at the heart of it is a basic physiological phenomenon. If a person has lots of these small orgasms from PC muscle flexing, like a couple dozen a day, then it does something to the nervous system, allowing orgasmic reactions at different non-genital parts of the body. It’s much easier for women than men to do this, first off because PC muscle orgasms come naturally to us, and second because we do not naturally release this energy during orgasm the way men do.

Just doing tricky BC muscle flexing is generally not enough for men to have prostate orgasms. That’s why I recommend the Aneros for men—I’ve heard it can bring on sort of an automatic tantra. But of course lots of men aren’t going to want to stick something up their ass (although I say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). I’ve also come across a technique that somehow seems to generate this energy without BC muscle flexing, that seems to channel regular male orgasmic energy back and up (and also helps delay regular orgasm), called key sound multiple orgasm. Here are websites:



I believe these two approaches are the quickest way to full tantric ability for men.

I suppose what I want out of life is sensual pleasure. I know being a hedonist is shallow, but call me shallow. That’s part of the reason why I stay on my diet. Women ask me why I stay on my diet with the excruciating libido that it brings when I’m currently celibate. It’s not only the many orgasms that I have, it’s also the general pleasure that having high dopamine brings. Music sounds better, colors seem richer, the world just seems more sensual.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Originally Posted by zaneblue
Well the smartballs help with tone somewhat, but they’re really for getting off. *Cough, AMUSEMENT PARK, cough* But really to put on serious muscle, I think after an exhaustive review for the Women’s Sexual Health Foundation (which they still haven’t put up on the website) that the Gyneflex device is the most effective, easiest, and also one of the cheapest. It’s like a Nautilus machine for your pussy, very hard to screw up. Here’s a link:


The trick is to get the right level. Levels #1 & #2—you pee when you sneeze. Levels #3 & #4—you’ve had a baby or two, a while back. Levels #5 & #6 -virgin or near virgin. HUGE range in levels. Make it to where you can close level #5 and basically you are back to virgin tightness. Make it to where you can close level #6 and you can start doing a nightclub act in Bangkok.

Very easy to use, two or three times a week, lie down, spread legs, insert and start flexing. Rhythmically flex for twenty minutes, as tight as you can. You can read or watch TV or whatever, although someone like me easily vaginally orgasmic I basically orgasm through most of it, which is very distracting.


Thanks for the info. Ordered two sets last weekend and they arrived yesterday. I tried them out and have a couple of questions. I can close 3 & 4 up to a point but it seems that there is some tissue that gets in the way of full closure, to even manually close them I have to withdraw to a point so they don’t pinch. Did I read a while back on this thread about the pinching? Not sure if it was about the gyneflex or some other tool. Any suggestions? My inclination is to go to #5 since I can get that partially closed and work on that level. Obviously I need work on full closure. From your experience, does that sound like the right approach? Or stay at the easier levels?

I found that even the one workout (they suggested 3 sets of 21 - holding 10 sec. Ea. With 15 sec rest between sets) helped.

You are the first woman who has told me the Gyneflex pinches. Interesting. I was talking about the Kegelmaster2000, which really is pinchy. Maybe try lube? If you can get #5 partially closed, definitely work on #5. And congratulations! Heck, I can only get #5 partially closed. Get that one closed all the way you get an official revirgin certificate. :)

Too bad you can’t send the #3 & #4 back for a refund. May I ask if you have had kids? Just curious so I can help other women choose the correct level.

I think their suggestions on exercise are rather hard. You can get good results by flexing without holding. I also recommend going for more time than they recommend—try for twenty minutes twice a week just rhythmic flexing.

Welcome to the board!

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Originally Posted by zaneblue

Women do often find me extremely disconcerting. I am very focused on the nuts and bolts of sexuality. This is because I am emotionally damaged. I had a very difficult, long marriage that managed to erase almost all capacity for normal female eroticism. Near the end there was some minor physical abuse too. This has left me so incredibly cold, that I have found even trying to have extremely casual relationships causes the men to get hurt somehow. I am finally divorced now, and hope that things will get better.

In a sense I’m like that autistic woman who understood cows so well she was able to redesign stockyards to make the cows more contented. The emotional damage has left me with a very strong physiological sexual focus. There is plenty out there on the emotional aspects of female sexual function, but very very little on basic female physiological sexual function. I hope and believe that a strong physical foundation will only help women have more fulfilling sex lives, with all the emotional aspects enhanced. I don’t mean to cast aspersions, intimidate or dismiss in any way.

About PC muscle tone—it’s more than just a better fit from stronger tone that contributes to vaginal orgasms. Improved muscle tone increases bloodflow to the entire genital area. Dr. Beverly Whipple has done a study showing a woman’s vaginal orgasmic ability (and ejaculation ability) is directly correlated with PC muscle tone. It’s proven science. Now simply getting good muscle tone won’t necessarily give a woman the ability to have vaginal orgasms—the ability is dependent on hormones and brain chemistry too, but if you are already able to have vaginal orgasms, increasing tone will increase vaginal orgasm strength and frequency.

I never have or have had a problem with vaginal orgasms even after 2 vaginal births. But FYI since I have been doing Pilates and belly dance it has added a different physical element to sex. With the awareness of the core muscles in the pelvis and some control of them I use the external muscles as well as the vaginal muscles to “massage” the penis while inside of me. I find my partner does respond to the use of these “extra” muscles.

I think that the emotional/psychological aspect of sex is huge- the difference between making love and having sex. Admittedly, sometimes all I want is sex. I would say that when the emotions are running strong the sex is
So much more fulfilling.

Sorry I was reading through the past week’s posts and didn’t realize you had responded to my other post - guess I answered the question anyway. Yes- 2 kids but fairly small 6.5 # and 7.75# but 12 & 14 years ago and a tremendous focus on sex with my husband since that time. Almost everyday. And lots of positive supportive energy.

Fascinating. Actually that is the secret purpose of bellydance—to train these muscles. And you have been exercising with resistance—a hard penis makes a good (although not very scientific) resistance device. If you have been working your muscles during sex every day it’s no wonder you have the remarkable tone you do—and you do have remarkable tone for a woman in your situation.

I also think women who are already vaginally orgasmic have an automatic positive feedback loop to keep themselves toned. If you are having regular sex, flexing helps with orgasm—exercising the muscles becomes an intense pleasure.

You already have enough tone to do the extra credit stuff, like working out with ben wa balls and the Kegelcisor and the Mantak Chia stuff. Helps with coordination during sex, to be able to stroke a man off with your muscles. But the fastest way to get killer strength is to continue with the Gyneflex.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

Buy my book! The Orgasmic Diet by Marrena Lindberg

Originally Posted by zaneblue

Fascinating. Actually that is the secret purpose of belly dance—to train these muscles.

It’s not a secret to many of us belly dancers.

You have mentioned periodically that you are multi-orgasmic. I find that my orgasmic experience is diminished after the first orgasm. I do better if I hold off and keep my energy at the “just before orgasm” level for a while otherwise it feels like overload. You know someone rubbing the same spot too long. But.. This is not consistent. It does depend on the partner and the emotional levels involved. What’s your experience? Anything similar? Any suggestions? It is kind of annoying to have to not orgasm and feel like I’m done after.

I think the Pilates has more to do with the increased control than the belly dance but they are probably synergystic.

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Originally Posted by 24 Hours
So let me get this straight, women are hardwired to look for large penises while looking for a mate. They constantly check out guys’ bulges, their hands, and feet, trying to guage the sizes of their penis. The majority of women (excluding those who are really small and tight like you) can accomodate and enjoy large penises. So it certainly sounds like women, in general, favor large penises over small and actually seek them out. Otherwise, why would they get sexually turned on by the site of a “large” bulge over a “small” bulge? Why would they get excited by the site of a “large” penis over a “small” one? Their bodies are sending them signals in these visual reponses that the large one is the preferred one.

There seems to be a lot of double talk from women. On one hand they want to imply that size doesn’t matter, and you’ve certainly convinced me that a woman can be sexually satisfied without a large penis if the woman is as in tune with her body as you are, and if her vagina is as small as yours is. However, I believe that few women are as in tune with their bodies as you are, and that most women do not have small vaginas.

So for all practical purposes, size does matter a great deal in terms of “natural selection” where a female is playing the field and choosing a mate. Right?

Size does not me. It’s like asking if men like small tits or large. It’s a matter of preference and even with that preference, or not, if you like the person and are sexually compatible IT DOESN’T MATTER! The experience that I want is pleasure and if there is pleasure who cares about the size.


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