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"Fat" erection VS "thin" erection?


Without wishing to sound unduly negative, do these “how big is this guy?” threads ever achieve much?

Holdon Ren. After discontinuing stimulants, you will feel down, but after your body begins to restart, you will have a big rebound. Give it some more time, possibly get on a natural supplement from a health food store or from online to strengthen the adrenals. I am thinking 1 month minimum for you to feel back on track. These are our bodies not machinery.

Do you or your dr have any plans on how to reduce cortisol? A very low dose of an SSRI typically helped me, and I mean LOW. Think 2.5 mg if the recommended dose is 5-10.

Thanks, Iron. That`s encouraging.

I will stay of caffeine and see what happens. Did you also have high cortisol? I did not know.

Me and my doctor does not have a plan as I don`t think he knows anything about it, but we`ll see what he says on my follow-up appointment. Right now I`m cutting coffee on my own and also adding phosphatydil serine which is know to bring down cortisol levels. Also, I guess I need to get a confirmation from my second test to see if it`s consistent with the first test and not a random elevation during that day. Having had high cortisol on the lastest blood tests, I think it may be accurate.

Interesting about the SSRI. What brand were you using? I`ve heard that SSRI`s can kill libido. Mine is low enough already. :)

Thin erection checking in!

After staying off coffee (caffeine) and adding phosphatidyl serine, my flaccid was real warm and thick most of the day. I would come from the gym and be really surprised to see how fat and low my flaccid were hanging. I can`t remember if my erections were “fatter”, but I`m not confident they were.

I`ve experienced the “fat” and relaxed state a few times recently, but 70-80% of the time, I`m stuck with my “thin” erection.

Any news here?

Thin erections have been the status quo here lately and they are definitely thinnest in the morning. I’m starting to wonder if I should accept this as my normal state and that the fat erections are an anomaly and not something to chase.


I think there are so many factors influencing the quality of an erection that it is really hard to isolate and find the “culprit”.
I have usually rather thin feeling morning woods too, but nightwoods tend to be rather fat and rock-hard.
Both of them have the same origin (body’s own penile maintenance and a big influence of bladder filling level).

But my thin morningwoods are usually just a kind of technical erection, no erotic feelings go with them.
Meanwhile the nightwoods wake me up and I am immediately feeling horny.

Maybe this is a track to chase down - erotic stimulus and erection volume?

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Thanks for your input, Richard.

Any new input from other people here?

I still have this issue and I believe it must be hormonal

I have EQ problems in that I start out hard and fat and it fades if I’m not fucking like a wildman! I took Cialis 2.5mg daily with little if any effect. I doubled it and it got better. I was still losing it during slow copulation. So When I knew we’d have sex that night I started doubling my dose to 10mg. It is better this way as my erection is better most of the time and when I double up I know she is going to get a full erection for as long as I can physically go at it. (Unless I get a mental turn off like the clock alarm radio blasting out the news!) Even when I’m 80% I can fuck the wife because the corpus cavernosa is so naturally thick even when it isn’t filled with blood. PE and jelqing did this for me. Thousands of jelqs per week for months!

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I know those thin but hard erections.

It’s pretty damn simple I think because I feel the difference in various areas. It’s actually the CS that is less filled with blood.

Those observations confirm the “focus your gains” theory. There’s a big difference between my BPEL and BPFSL, so I’m born with a relatively underdeveloped CS which I have to get bigger.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


I had thin erections every now and then.

Few weeks ago it seemed I only had thin erections and that really scared me!
I started thinking about this, what had changed etc.
Only thing I could come up was my new kettlebell routine, which includes only heavy double swing and clean&presses.

I did little research and put pieces together.

What I found out, was that my pelvic floor was maybe too tight/tense.

My training tensed my pelvic floor too much!
We hold urine/farts all our lives, which also contributes to this.
We talk much about strengthening our PC muscles and do our kegels, but like normal muscles, PC muscle needs to relax too!

Now, I sometimes try to “shoot” my urine with force (reverse kegel) reverse kegel is really powerful when done while inhaling.
I put tennisball into hard chair and massage my PC muscle (area between anus and ballsack) few times a week.

Yoga seems to be great too, but for me at this point would require too much dedication.

For me, results have been great! I don’t have to “kegel” to make my erection hard, my morning woods are warm and fat.

Try it out or at least do some own research!

Pelvic floor tension and tightness.. I found lot’s of stuff about women’s problems, but found enough for men too.

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The tennis ball sounds painful!

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I have never heard the term “fat” or “thin” erections before, please explain. I know that I have different levels of erection, but all seem to be equally thick from my perspective.

I think the only thing that’s changing is how much fluid has built up and how much blood is trapped (in the fleshy part). Morning wood is an auto-erection typically without a lot of erotic stimulus (besides dreams), so even if the mechanical part is there due to subconscious kegeling (bladder control) or whatever, it’s not full blown sexual wood. We all know there’s a phenomenon where blood fills the flesh as we near ejaculation, and so our fattest wood is closer to the end of sex. If we are edging for a period of time, we are keeping ourselves as close to this point as possible, so naturally our wood fattens up with more blood, but the CC is not any bigger unless it’s forced by a clamp or whatever. Essentially the blood aspect is probably most directly related to our mental stimulation and how aroused we feel.

The other aspect is fluid build-up which is both a normal effect of re-hydration after a night of sleep (morning wood to evening sex wood after having re-hydrated during the day), but it can also be a product of clamping or pumping or even other kinds of PE I suppose. This kind of fatness can feel great but is not necessarily a sign of effective training and has nothing to do with arousal, so it’s just something to note, not something to strive for or be proud of.

The short version is I don’t think we need to be concerned with the fatness as far as growth is concerned. Temporary girth can involve edema, but we have no reason yet to believe that matters long term. What counts most in girth gains is training the CC, and I would posit the fatness of our wood has nothing to do with whether the CC is being trained correctly or not. (note- when I take liquid Cialis on a routine basis, I get a lot of extra hard wood, but it tends to be more of the morning wood type, skinnier, because it’s more automatic and less dependent on stimulation. I don’t think it makes much difference in the long term either way.)


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