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Eye floaters

Eye floaters

I read that over-ejaculating can cause eye floaters. I’m sure this is true. The more I ejaculate the worse they get. Anybody know wtf these are and the causes and if they go away. Straight after I ejaculate they get temporarily worse.


Your concern is directly addressed in this thread: Exposing Dr. Lin.

I’ve had eye floaters all my life, even before I was old enough to know what ejaculation was. All you can do is learn to deal with it, or have the fluid in your eyes replaced.

I got some eyefloaters after a, uhm, “mistreatment”, assault and battery. (Had to look that up)

Nothing that bothers me though, your brain ignores it automagically after a while.

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I love my floating friends. I can blink my eyes a certain way to control which direction they go. I’ve had them since I was a small child, and I didn’t discover the joys of masturbation (thank you Fast Times at Ridgemont High) until I was 12. Ohh, how I love Phoebe Cates.


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