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Extra Benefits of Prostate Formulas

Extra Benefits of Prostate Formulas

I’ve been taking a formula called “Prosta-Metto” for about 18 months since my diagnosis of BPH. In addition to reducing the prostate size to normal, I’ve also notice that the graying of my hair has not only stopped but it’s actually been reversed! My hair is returning to its original color!! (brown). I spoke to a doctor who said this is quite common for men who use this stuff regularly and is primarily due to an ingredient in the formula called “African Pygeum” or “Pygeum Africanum”. The main ingredients are Saw Palmetto, African Pygeum, Zinc, and Pumpkin Seed extract. Vitamin Shoppe manufactures Prosta-metto as well as Vitamin World. There are other “male” formulas out on the market that have the same ingredients but go by different names. Schiff Labs has one, Twin Labs and a few others. But the most important factor is that the product contains the Palmetto, Pygeum, Pumpkin Seed and Zinc combination of ingredients.

This stuff really worked for me and even gave me back a little of disappearing youth. I would recommend this formula for anyone who wants an alternative to the usual prostate meds and anyone looking to improve their sexual health.

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What did this stuff cost?

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Price seems to vary ——Vitamin World sells their Prostametto formula for $32 (240 gels) Vitamin Shoppe sells it for $44 (300 gels) but Vitamin Shoppe also has a 100 ct. bottle for considerably less. You really only need to take 1 gel/day for basic prostate health and maintenence. I’ve been taking 2 per day for the last 2 years because of my condition. Now that the condition has entirely cleared up I’ll be taking just 1/day. 32 bucks is not a lot of bread to part with for months and months of relief and improved health.

I take a formulation fron Life Extension Foundation. .Have been for years and have no signs of BPH, I’m 52.

Their formula contains, per pill, I take 2/day.
160mg saw palmetto CO2 extract
136mg free fatty acids and sterols from saw palmetto
120mg stinging nettle extract
50mg pygeum extract
6.5mg sterols from pygeum extract
5mg lycopene
1.5mg boron 400mg rosemary extract

I have been a member of this organization for many years and attribute my good health, not only to my excellent diet and exercise regimen, but to their research(monthly mag) and the supplements I take. Check them out.

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