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Exercise and erections

Exercise and erections

From Reuters Health:

Study shows exercise on par with Viagra for some

May 01, 2003
By Nigel Glass

VIENNA (Reuters Health) - A two-year research programme at the Cologne University Medical Centre in Germany suggests that specially designed physical exercises can be as effective as Viagra (sildenafil) in dealing with some causes of erectile dysfunction.

Basic research had suggested that certain pelvic muscles could help with erectile problems, so the researchers had expected their clinical study to show the benefits of exercise, said researcher Dr. Frank Sommer.

“But we were surprised it was so effective,” he told Reuters Health on Tuesday.

In the tests, 104 patients with mild to medium circulatory problems were randomly assigned to sildenafil, placebo or a course of exercise.

Overall, 80 percent of the participants who exercised reported better erections, compared with 74 percent of those taking sildenafil and 18 percent of the placebo group, the researchers found.

The exercise programme was aimed at improving the blood supply around the pelvis, buttocks and upper leg muscles through squatting exercises and pelvic and leg lifts. Those who took part attended three weekly sessions.

Direct measurement of the blood flow necessary to maintain an erection showed substantial increases in men who exercised. The rigidity of erections improved an average of 46 percent three months after men started the exercise program.

“Exercise is a realistic conservative treatment option” for patients with mild to moderate circulatory problems, Sommer concluded.

The findings, presented at the recent European Association of Urology, are now being prepared for publication.

Maybe that’s another reason why my PE gains have been steady over the past two years and my erections have not suffered under all of the stresses. I regularly go to the gym to workout, and squats and leg lifts are part of the normal routine along with everything else.


Well, I guess I have to add this as another reason to exercise…or in my case get motivated to start exercising.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

It may also explain why my dick got supercharged from intense kegeling while pumping (added resistance).

Old post, but found it during a search and had to bring it back up top because this type of information is always nice to keep in mind.

Cardiovascular exercises are good for erections as well.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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