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Even morning wood is psychological

Even morning wood is psychological

When diagnosing ED, doctors tend to look to morning wood as a non psychological indicator of a problem. However, anecdotally even morning wood seems to be influenced greatly by mental factors.

As some of you may know I struggled with ED for some time, and ended up having surgery which helped quite a bit. However, morning wood and spontaneuous erections were still lacking. I was still lost, depressed and overly focused on my dick.

Now I’ve met a girl that I really like, and really likes me back. All of a sudden my ED is gone. I’m hard the entire time making out with her, I wake up thinking about her and pitch tents which refuse to subside. My well being is greatly increased, I have so much energy and I’m rarely even thinking about my dick and my depression, which is basically gone.

Point is, I always scoffed at people saying ED was in someones head. Since mine, atleast initally had a definite physical cause it annoyed me hearing that line over and over. But now I understand how much of a difference it can make. I was underestimating how obsessed, lonely, lost and upset I was, assuming this was just normal. Now I know how happy you can be, and what do you know my erections are in full force… even better than when I was stacking arginine and cialis whilst depressed.

I think that’s a wonderful outcome for you. Have fun with it. :)

But ED can be physiological or psychological, OR both. There are doctors who don’t bother to make the distinctions any more with the selection of ED drugs now available; easy to hand out a script or pat someone on the shoulder and say, “It’s in your head.”

However, it behooves anyone with ED to try to get to the source of the problem, preferably with the help of a specialist in ED.



That’s great news Yata. Glad to hear things are going so well for you.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I know this thread is ancient but this is actually something I’d like to discuss.

Erectile dysfunction is surely psychological in some regards. Let me explain:

I had a wonderful relationship with a girl this summer. I am a fairly religious person, but even so I struggle very much with masturbation (meaning that it’s hard for me not to do it). Now, she is not a fantastically gorgeous girl with a great body, but I was so attracted to her, that when I saw her for the first time in a year, I masturbated that night, the first time in four months. Anyways, anything that reminded me of her smell would give me a raging erection, playing footsie or holding her hand would do the same. Every time we kissed I was hard (except I lost my erection during our first kiss, which was my first kiss as well, I attribute it to being nervous).

I never really have morning wood. Occasionally I’ll wake up with it and it won’t go away, but I never noticed any difference while I was with her. The first time I remember having difficulty keeping it up was when I was with her and we were making out, but basically she’d been teasing me the whole time, so I was going up and down and up and down. But other than that, no problem.

Then we broke up, and she went back to her college, but we still stayed in fairly regular contact. However, I could still tell that my libido wasn’t the same. When her schooling finally began to take all of her time, and she broke contact suddenly, things got really weird.

I was watching an episode of Smallville and realized that I found Tom Welling more attractive than Allison Mack. Now, I think Allison Mack is gorgeous, so this is weird for me. Never had any homosexual tendencies before. Like, maybe one or two random erotic dreams out of the many many heterosexual dreams I’ve had. Hence, this was very weird for me.

I could still get erections by playing with myself, but I only thought about girls, still. I even trying jacking off thinking about guys, didn’t work. But still, it wasn’t the same. Before my relationship, I’d still get random erections just from looking at girls. Ever since then, just looking at pictures of girls doesn’t make quite the same tingling in my loins it used to. However, while things are back to normal in that I don’t find guys attractive at all, I’m in the same boat with girls - looking at them doesn’t really turn me on. I have to be already pretty turned on for it to happen.

Then I met another girl, over this winter break. At first it was back to my normal libido. Being around her, not touching her, would get me so hard it was painful to walk. Then we made out and everything was great. Then after a week or two it’s begun to take kissing her to get the same tingling in my loins that looking at a random girl would give me, and I’m REALLY sexually attracted to her

I mean, did I just have a monster libido before in that traces of my ex’s smell would turn me on, that looking at any girl’s face too long would get me up?

I’m only 20 and if my libido is already starting to fade, I will be sad.

As you get older and more experienced sexually, your reactions will change. You don’t have to get horny everytime you think about girls or their scent. But providing you can get horny when necessary then your libido is OK.

So Stop worrying about your reactions or perhaps if you take a shower in a communal place you might start getting erections.

It happens.

(not to me )

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

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Thanks for the advice.

I showered communally all the time in high school and still do so sometimes in college. Never had an erection. Gross. :-P

One my my friends who was on the wrestling team turns out to have been gay. Lol.

Also, keep in mind that sexual “wiring” is different for all of us. It isn’t about libido level, it is about what turns us on for whatever erotic and sometimes strange reasons. This wiring starts at an early age and stems from a lot of influences: parental attitudes about sex, religion, all kinds of social stuff we pick up along the way.

As you mature, this wiring may even become more sophisticated. What began perhaps as an attraction to, say, red-headed girls with medium to small breasts and narrow eyes can morph into something else. Best thing you can do for yourself is find out where your own sexual attractions are and think about them. Are they positive for you? Are they not?

If you do have a gay streak, don’t be ashamed of it. Take a look at it.



Wow. Dude, you just described the girl I’m with right now. That’s hilarious. She’s smokin’.

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