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Erection question; am I the only one

Erection question; am I the only one

Okay, so something I’ve noticed whether I’m handling my business alone or even if I’m with someone, is that my erection level (mainly talking about engorgement and girth) increases tremendously whenever my legs/buttocks are in a state of constant tension (straightened/flexing/squeezing). I’m not an expert but I assume it has something to do with the prostate and how I’m cutting off and trapping blood circulation to build and collect at the penis. Because I can get the same effect when sitting directly on a hard surface.

I did a few searches and couldn’t narrow anything down to what I was looking for. So my question is..

Does anyone else notice the same thing? I find it frustrating, because while I do enjoy masturbating while employing this technique (just feels bigger/better altogether), it’s not very practical when it comes to actually having sex (since legs have to be apart, bent, etc. And blood escapes) and naturally, I want to be as erect/engorged as possible while performing, both for self-confidence and pleasing my partner. So yeah. Does anyone else deal with the same issue, or do you think I’m just suffering from some prostate problem/ED? I haven’t taken measurements but I know for a fact just from the way it feels, and visually, that I’m probably losing a good .5~1” of girth comparing the two different types of erections. I’m a pretty healthy 24 year old, but I have noticed that maintaining erections for a long period of time can be difficult. Getting them in the first place is easy and happens with the slightest stimulation, but it starts to go limp pretty fairly quickly if I hesitate/pause during sex.

Can anyone relate to what I’m talking about, or is it just me. Do I need to see a doctor about ED already lol.

I can sure relate to everything you just said. Too bad I don’t have the answers, but looking forward to them.

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Squeeze the glutes anybody can do this, while having sex this helps to get circulation to the penis because they are close to proximetry. When you get good at kegals you can maintain the kegal longer thus the erection. Tighten up your abs, this helps to.

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What kingpole suggests.

This has nothing to do with your prostate, rather an area not too distant from it.

When you do what you do (squeeze your legs/buttocks together or sit on a hard surface) you are applying pressure against your bulbocaverosal muscle . The result is a momentary surge of blood into your penis and the girth expansion that you see.

Although this (the squeezing/expansion) phenomenon is normal for all of us, at your age you shouldn’t be losing erections so fast when you are having sex with a partner. You should be able to change positions pretty easily, withdraw and pause when you need to.

Try practicing Kegel exercises; working up in the number of contractions gradually. Maybe add just 5 a day and soon you’ll be up to hundreds.

As a quick fix, try using a snug-fitting cockring around your shaft when you have sex with a partner. When you get to max erection, slide it on and see if that doesn’t hold your max girth. If a shaft-only ring doesn’t work well, consider using a larger ring that will fit around both your shaft and your balls. (See the thread: The Wonderful World of Cockrings, or something like that.)

If practicing Kegels doesn’t change your erection pattern, you should consider seeing a good urologist down the road and get checked out for arterial insufficiency or venous leakage if he suggests that. At your age, you probably don’t want to need to use cockrings for the next 60 years. :) The test is simple, not expensive, and you will likely learn something from it.



Thanks for the replies everyone, especially that last bit of useful info.

A lot of the times what I contribute my loss of erection to is because I’m so “demanding”, if you will, on myself. Most of the time I’m so focused on applying that pressure to the bulbocaverosal muscle you spoke of, in keeping it constantly flexed, that it makes me exhausted after a while and I just lose the ability to maintain an erection effeciently at all. Similar to the fatigue that occurs when working out a muscle in the gym.

I wish I wasn’t so self-conscious about having it engorged as possible for the extra girth, but my “normal” erections pale so much in comparison that I just can’t help it. I always go into sex, or any sexual contact for that matter, fully focused on keeping pressure on that bc muscle and flexing it. I don’t want to stop either; when you’re my length/girth (just barely at 6.5 x 4.5) any extra bit helps for both me and my partner.

I’ll definitely work on my kegels; sounds like it’ll help. I already jelq whenever I get an opportunity, and it has made a nice difference. I’ll look into cockrings too, although I dunno how effective they’d be with my baseball bat. If all else fails I’ll look into seeing a urologist as you suggested. Thanks for the responses guys. I love this place.

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