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erection quality

erection quality

Hey all. Okay, so after starting PE (maybe not i cant remember fully), my erection quality has went down quite a bit. I am now at about a 7 or 8, meaning I can get an erection but it takes a while of groping it and then when erect its still a bit bendable. I’m only 21 years old so this shouldn’t be happening.

The jelqing i was doing was very light - at 60jelqs a session doing 1 on 1 off. I didnt even do the 1 on 1 off i was doing 1 on 2 off after i realized my erection quality was bad. I do light manual stretches and hot wrap before and after each workout.

I have let it rest for two weeks with little improvement and then started back on the jelqing and have had two sessions since then with no decline but also no improvement. How long would it take for me to see improvement in my erection quality from jelqing? Also, after jelqing in a day are you able to get a full erection that night?

I have this girl that I am starting to see who wants to hang out and I got invited to sleep over but had to make up some excuse because I wasnt confident in my being able to get an easy hard erection. :(

Should I just keep with the light jelqing to increase my erection quality? will this work?


After jelquing a few times a few days, i coudlnt get a proper erection

The days you can not get a proper erection, are days that your penis is still fatigued from your exercises. Your on the right track because you are still getting gains, but you just need to redirect your focus a little from gaining to erection hardness. I would say that you need to focus on your kegal exercises a little more, do edging workouts, and add some supplements like L-arginine to your diet/routine. You can even just get erections and kegal as hard as you can and that will help you also.

To King, the days where I can’t get a proper erection are every day. And I’ve basically let it heal for about 3 weeks now

From what I’ve read and from my experience, you should get improved EQ after several days of doing PE. Jelqing in particular should have a positive impact on EQ. If your EQ was already 10 before starting PE, then there won’t be any room for improvement, but there shouldn’t be a drop in EQ either (unless you were over-training).

Since your EQ hasn’t recovered yet, I would advise you to take a couple of weeks more off PE and see what happens.

Is it possible that some other factor might be responsible for the drop in EQ (anxiety, fatigue etc.)?

You should definitely do Kegels. They are bound to improve your EQ.

For more information on EQ, you should read this thread.

Okay thanks gjurob, I think Im going to keep going with the light jelqing and not stretch as much, while of course doing kegels every second day. Ill do this until either my erection improves or declines and see what happens.

It should be totally recovered by now unless you were using WAY too much force!

What I recommend is to restart jelquing daily for about 5 minutes, but mild force, it should feel really good…just to begin to increase circulation. Give that about a week and see if you begin to get better EQ. If you do, then you can begin to increase the time by about 1 minute a week.

At some point your EQ will begin to drop, lets say for example when you are up to 15 minutes a day. When that happens, drop back down to about 12 minutes and see if you EQ bounces back up again…it should.

When your EQ is very high again, you can begin to experiment with slowly increasing the FORCE. Try and do that slowly also, until you begin to see a drop of EQ. When it drops, know that you have found the top limits of your force, and drop it back down to your most productive level.

Now, you will have a foundation of force AND time. From that point make small changes until you begin to see gains. Never let your EQ drop very much from its highest in your search.

The biggest mistake most guys make with jelquing is too much force too early on in their training.

Ok thanks guys.

I don’t think I used too much force or overdid it but my erections are weak for some reason. As suggested I’m going to do light jelqing but with a 1 on 1 off routine. I just finished my second routine today and nothing has gotten worse so thats a good sign :)

I’ll keep posted

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