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erection probs after circ?

erection probs after circ?


I got circumsized 1½ weeks ago and i’ve been having some erection problems since then. I can’t really keep an erection or get an erection as easy as i could before. I know i shouldn’t get any now with the sutures in BUT i can’t really get a boner, wtf has happened? im getting REALLY worried.

H e l p! PLZ :(

Hangh, don’t worry about it. You’re penis is probably just getting used to the new environment without it’s ‘turtleneck sweater.’ There’s less sensitive tissue now for stimulation. Once the skin and glans get used to the difference I’m sure you’ll be getting erections just as easy as before.

Do your kegels in all their different varieties and don’t stress over it.

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well my glans is kinda already comfortable with being out, i did another circumsision a while ago, it was like a partial circumsision. But i’ll do my kegels everyday. it’s still a bit swelly so i hope my erections will enter the house soon. has anyone else had this same experience when they’ve been circed as adults?

Thanks for the help so far :)

Tell us about your circ, how did it go, is it as bad as its made out to be ?

I’m sure the problem is only temporary due to the shock of what’s happened.

Give it a little longer (no pun intended) and I’m sure it’ll be back to normal.

well it’s not BAD at all from a “medical” point of view, there were no complications and everything went smoothly but I just don’t like the look of it, he left the frenulum there. I’ll let it be for awhile before i start considering recirc and removing the frenulum, then it will look very nice :)

at the moment it’s just the erection part im worried about :)

I think chances are, your not getting wood is a natural mechanism of the

body inhibiting extra bloodflow to a recently “traumatized” limb: part of the

healing process. Let your pal heal, then see if you have wood problems.


Were you in excruciating pain 24/7 for weeks on end ?

nopes, I wasn’t in any terrible pain, walked in jeans the third day :)

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