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Erection Problems

Erection Problems

Well my story both pro’s and con’s, but mostly it’s just con’s. In the past couple on months I have found myself a serious girlfriend, and we made the decision that she would go on the pill and we could stop using rubbers. In the beginning it was a nightmare, it felt great but I could only last 5-10 minutes raw, it was kind of depressing, the only saving grace was that I was able to maintain an erection after three to four ejaculations.

Now two months later, the sex has been some of the best of my life, but I have noticed that my penis is somewhat smaller in both length and girth, about 1/8th of an inch in length and about 3/16 in girth. My stamina has greatly improved, I can now go for 45mins with out a problem before feeling the urge to finish, but I have also not been able to maintain an consistent erection for more than one ejaculation, the second round is only about 75% of max hardness, and I tend to lose my erection if not physically stimulated, and sometimes even with stimulation I will lose my erection. During this period I have also lost the vast majority of my morning erections, only getting them about once a week, twice if I am lucky.

The odd thing about this entire situation is that I cannot maintain an erection through physical stimulation, yet if I put on a porn I am instantly back at 100%, I can think about all the dirty things that I want to do to my girl, and watch the dirty things that I am doing to her, but I will not get me harder, but as soon as I flip on the TV, or surf the net I’m ready to go.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Do you desire 4 erections lasting 45 minutes each every night? Maybe when you are 18een and you are doing the first women you can have sex with, but not in many other circumstances. Otherwise said: you don’t have really any problems. The loss of length is so minimal that is meaningless, IMHO.

You are just experiencing a bit of sexual boredom : the man’ desire asks for frequent changes - an ugly woman could be preferable to a man who has had sex for 10 years straight with Miss Carolina. Try not having sex with your girl for a while, and you’ll see that what I’m saying makes sense.

Also taking longer to ejaculate takes a lot more out of you than cumming the minute you stick it in her. I could get boners all day long if I could get off in five minutes.

You might also be forcing the issue a bit much, expecting the little guy to spring right up and be rock hard right after sex. Try more fore-play in between and let yourself get rock hard and desperate before going right back at it.

From one porn addict to another, this may be the biggest part of your problem. What ever stimulates you the most when watching porn, may be what your needing in the bedroom, but a girl that is willing to be like a porn chick is hard to find. A simple answer is to get the porn out of your life, but likely will be harder for you to do then quitting smoking, or drugs.

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Just a suggestion here, but most women AND men don’t want to pump, pump, pump, pump etc etc., with little variation. As has been discussed in previous threads, you may want to consider more foreplay, and LESS actual intercourse time. If you just pump away for 20, 30, 45 minutes, your dick and concentration tend to go a little “numb”.

If you can learn to control one ejaculation better, and make foreplay something that you both go at until you think you’re going to burst, then the EQ and entire experience will be better. Unless your women just wants to be pounded relentlessly, (you might ask what she wants/likes), this idea may take some pressure off of you, and allow her to orgasm more often as well.

When I was younger, I could to the same thing, pump and cum, pump and cum, pump and cum. It’s great to know you can, but it’s not necessarily satisfying both partners like you might think. (ask her)

I like quality sex, not marathon sex. But, that’s just me.

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Thanks guys. By no means am I wanting quantity over quality, we are getting off more now then we were before and I do enjoy the sex now more then ever. I’m not forcing the issue right away, I’m talking about not being able to maintain another erection a good 3-4 hours later.

For example we went out last week, when I picked her up we were both horny enough that we ended up fucking on almost every piece of furniture in the living room as I walked in the door and eventually her bedroom, once we made it up there. After we went out for dinner and a movie, then when I dropped her off she was ripping my clothes off because she could not restrain herself any longer, she began sucking me, which got me hard, but as soon as she stood up and bent over I was already losing some (20% or so) of my erection. This is a problem that has began to occur recently, I’m not wanting 4 erections a day, its just that I’m not content with 1 1/2.

I’d like to think that I’m not a porn addict, I have found other things to do with my time, I have cut the porn down to maybe an hour a week, two tops. I’m not watching anything too freaky either, just plain one on one fucking, nothing special, but I will try to get it out of my life completely.

Masturbation without erection

This is precisely the advantage that you can masturbate without an erection sufficient. The size of the penis does not matter. I am very glad, for 71 years one has their problems sexual intercourse would not be possible without adequate erection. But I can also sufficiently satisfy. This is very important for me as a habitual solo Masturbator.

Masturbation is better than sex!

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