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Erectile Dysfunction & NSAIDS


Aprostadyl theoretically works by relaxing smooth muscle in the penis and dilating the arteries. But that does not mean that that is a natural way of obtaining an erection ( I don’t know the role, if any, of Prostaglandin E1 on normal erection physiology). In a kind of absurd analogy, just because Viagra causes an erection does not mean that ED is caused by a viagra deficiency. (Or even by an NO2 deficiency).

I think you are oversimplifying, because if your theory were true, the strongest effect of NSAIDS on erection would be when they were in high concentration in the blood. But even high doses of NSAIDS do not have ED listed as a possible side effect.

The study talks about a chronic effect from NSAID use, not an acute ED problem, and I think that people who use NSAIDS regularly are in general, unhealthy and in frequent pain, and that would explain a lot of the ED. Even the study admitted that the reasons for taking NSAIDS is a confounding factor in the results.

Also consider that 93 cases per 1000 patient years means that most of the NSAID users do not have an ED problem, and we know nothing about the people who did have a problem. Were they taking massive doses of VIOXX for many years? etc. Again, this study does not justify a concern over taking aspirin or ibuprofen on an occasional basis.

For another absurd analogy, Im sure you could do a study that shows that cheese eaters have more ED than non cheese eaters, but the cheese eaters with ED would likely be the ones with the highest amount of cheese in their diets (causing cardiovascular disease), but that would not mean that if you eat cheese you get ED.

Horny Bastard

I didn’t think it was either, however one of the articles from the list on Google called it one and if prostaglandin, when released, is what causes pain ( also from an article on Google) , then it does qualify , doesn’t it?

I don’t think Boxcar was saying solid proof exists that NSAIDs contribute to ED. He gave a heads up, as in think “hmm” and keep your eyes out for more on this in the future.

The association was news to me, so thanks for the info.

Google and others list Tylenol (Acetominophen) as an Ansaid . By definition prostaglandins cause pain when released due to injury. Tylenol relieves pain. I agree that it is not an antiinflammatory like the others but that’s beside the point: it still is an antiprostaglandin

There is an article in Consumers Report —- their Medical health .org. citing NSAIDS as a cause of erectile dysfunction.This is in the current
issue (Ipresume this is in the December issue or if out , in the January issue)

I would add, I think it is a matter of amount used and how often.

I’m always using Ibuprofen. My work is very physical, and I often get little niggles in my back that Ibu is quick to sort out.

I guess it may not be the magic bullet it seemed to be.



This is a very interesting thread and suggests a lot of questions.

One topic that puzzles me is “just what prostaglandin(s) are we talking about?”

There are several. Some are facilitated by enzymatic action on Omega3s (the so-called ‘Good’ prostaglandins like PGE1, I believe - that are believed by some to lower inflammation) and others are derived from Omega6s that do express inflammation. Saying that NSAIDs affect prostaglandins may be correct, to a degree, but I think that to be more meaningful, the specific, individual prostaglandins need identified and discussed in terms of their individual biological activity and effects.




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