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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Sites

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
More info on that site here.

Exposing Dr. Lin

Wow, this guy has been peddling his stuff for a long time.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Probably about as long as this forum has been around.

I was looking at one of his recommendations for addressing ED. It was taking 3 separate supplements. Listed as an ingredient on EACH OF THE THREE was 25mg zinc. I don’t think I want to be taking 75mg of zinc per day. That’s all I need to see to know I don’t want this guy’s garbage.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30

I think everyone should check that out. I was suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction because of years and years of masturbating to hardcore porn. I’ve been 61 days free of porn and masturbation and the improvements are unbelievable I feel like a complete different person.

My libido skyrocketed and my erections are always 95-100% hard when I’m with a partner (which was really hard to achieve before), I have tons of energy and confidence.

It’s been super hard to change that horrible habit, and before my current streak of 61 days I relapsed a lot to masturbation, but it gets easier if you truly have the desire to change.

This is a great group that help for all the needy. You can use as source. I hope it helps.

I never encountered this thread before and was surprised to see that was considered a potentially unreliable source of ED treatment information. I have been a member there since October, 2010 and I credit the site for enabling me to overcome my severe diabetic induced ED. It was FT that introduced me to Trimix injections and the use of the VED (though I was introduced and learnd a great deal about pumping at Thunders) which allowed me to regain my erections after 15 years of slowly increasing ED to the point that even 150 mg of Viagra could no longer get the job done.

Granted, FT is weak when it comes to penile therapy through the use of manual exercises, but for some, like me, it has turned my sex life around. Not intending to tout their forums, but in fairness it should be mentioned that FT is affiliated with the ED Foundation, an approved 501, C, 3 charity.

I can not say enough about the benefits I have derived through Thunder’s with regard to the progress i have made growing my sub average dick into at least an average dick or, according to some studies, a high average dick. However, my high average dick would not be of much use to me without the assistance of Trimix injections. As far as I am concerned, I have derived outstanding symbiotic results due to my duel membership in both forums. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and both are subject to criticism.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Thanks for this knowledgeable share. It truly help a lot.

HI, Also suffering from ED, would really appreciate any help or pointers.

I can get an erection with little to no problem when It is not needed, I.E. Hanging out and just having a good time at a movie with my lady. The second It needs to get to work or her or my attention is on it, it has a tendency to bail on me.

This leads me to think that its psychological or, performance anxiety. I do want to please her, and rock her world ect. ect.

A solution I have heard tossed around are ‘pills.’ Ive tried two different kinds and they have not helped me. One I cant remember, something I got from Adam & Eve I think, and one “Rock Hard Weekend” ( Not saying its a crappy product or anything, I got the recommendation from a friend actually saying it was amazing.) It just gave me a headache, and not even a wiggle down there when It was time to get to work.

I did actually get the deed done earlier on in the week she was down here twice, and then the 3rd I couldn’t finish due to deflating penis. I was not able to get it up for sex time again for the rest of the week. He did spring up frequently when it wasn’t time though.

The ensuing aftermath led to some serious emotional situations on both our parts, her blaming herself and then my subconscious as “I don’t really want to be with her” I quite like her, we make each other laugh a lot. But she does have some rough edges, as I’m sure I do also.

Other bits: She came down to visit for a week, with 2 months before I can see her again. Thereby pressure on sexy sex. She was more aggressive than I am used to, possibly putting me out of my comfort zone. I myself am pretty darn inexperienced and have never had a fulfilling sexual relationship, quite likely due to my ED.

Possible leads:
Was into hard porn for a long, long, long time. Trying to cut the habit now. Can’t say Ive been porn free, but can say Ive cut down dramatically.
I like sugar, no idea if I have diabetes or not, I consider myself reasonably fit, Good muscle mass, but also sporting a bit of a bulging belly.
I have trouble maintaining a solid erection even in the best of times. I find it difficult to hold onto the level of stimulation required to keep it for too long. Super hard niche porn helps with this, but I don’t think its conducive to my situation.

I’m posting this to kind of get it into words as well as admit to myself I need help. I realize there is a lot of help out there, and will check out some of the sites in a bit, but for now I’m a little down and frustrated with a bit of self hate thrown in, so this is what I can get done. Any help or ideas are much appreciated.

Ed problems

There are times especially upon waking when I will have morning wood about 60% EQ. If I take 1/3 20 mg Cialis tablet everything is just fine. I am especially horny after a hanging session or doing my PE exercise routine.

This routine consists of stretches for 3 minutes in five directions, i.e. up, down, left right and straight out. I also do 200 to 300 dry jelqs along with 200 Kegels. I also stretch BTC for approximately 4-5 minutes. Some of these stretches are done in the morning and others in the evening, 5 days on and 2 days off.

I am capable of edging for any where from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. There are times even when on Cialis when after about 10 minutes of edging I will loose my erection. However, if I continue to stimulate myself I will regain a suitable erection and am able to continue for upward to 20 to 40 minutes.

I have requested hormone evaluation from my urologist. He has asked me a series of questions, which I do not remember. He says that because I did not answer all questions in a specific manner, I am not a candidate for hormone levels evaluation. BTW, I have gone to the same urologist since 1988. This date predates any ED problems.

I am a fit, active, not overweight male. My BM index is 22.5. My triglyceride count is 131 and my total cholesterol level is 134. I am 76 yo, 5’8 1/2 ” tall and weigh 144 pounds


08-12-2014 BPEL 8.875, EGMS 6.6, EGB 7.25, EW 2.101, EV 30.331, FL 6.75, FG 5.6, Glans Girth 6.5p

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Please HELP!

So I m 26 yrs old, 192cm (6 3) a bit overweight, but athletic 105kg (230pounds), I have a bit higher blood pressure, I workout a lot. Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol. So I live healthy life. About year and a half ago I started PE and everything was fine for first half year, I gained about 0,5cm in length and improved my EQ buy 10-20%. But after that I went to work seasonal summer job and I got one more job. In the meantime I started progressively to jelq and stretch harder. I didn’t have sex for first 2 moths of harder PE and when I did I noticed I had major problem with staying hard. I didn’t pay much attention on my EQ cause I worked a lot and I thought I m just super tired cause I used to hit the gym as well 3-4 a week. So I just continued to to the same things and I though PE is going to help me sooner or later as before with my EQ. But that never happened and after about 3-4 of hard and often PE and 1-2 of random hard PE I stopped. I came back home and I tried to figure out what I did. In meanwhile I started seeing this girl and then came sex. I had problems with getting hard, staying hard and premature ejaculation. So mega failure, but this girl is great she had understanding. After about month I told her about my problem and during 3-4 months almost no PE (I did it maybe once a week for 5min) things got better and I stopped PE so I don’t do it at all for last 4 months. Thing is I never recovered back. Before all of this I was able to have sex for 1-2 hours or to be hard if I masturbate or if I am motivated, aroused. Now I can’t be hard longer than 30min. Almost no morning wood or 50-60%. Before I was able to have sex 5-10min after orgasm, now 1 hour. In some positions during sex I loose hardness (when I m on my back) or if I get distracted. So I did recover but about 40%.. I don’t know what to do because now I m half of what I was.. I m not ungrateful cause I was probably at about 5% when I met this girl (stayed hard for 5min and then premature ejaculation). I want to recover completely but I don’t know how.. I m afraid I got some vein leakage.. I read about it here.. But I m unsure..

Thank you just for having will to help me!
Cheers and all best.

I’m going trough a lot of stress lately because of college. I have been given exams and essays to do and some analyses. I have seen that this week since Sunday I have not been able to achieve a erection like normally I do. I do not reach 100% and if I can get near 80% is a miracle and then it dies in less than 10 seconds. It has to be because of stress because I know that I have not been overdoing it. I am really stress about it and I have been almost 4 days since I ejaculated and I am not a sick person but I have the high libido but with the stress my dick wont wake up.

Please if someone know something please help me.

Peyronie's Disease

I’ve just purchased a Penomet Standard’s in the mail on it’s way. Anybody else have this condition?

For all the guys with ED there is a new treatment. It consists of ultrasonic shock waves on the shaft of the penis. This is with the purpose to create a new web of capillary vessels on the penis.


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