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Avocet8 and ThunderSS

I’ve let it go; this has become a bantering session which I no longer think will benefit anyone. We’ve all had our say and have presented our position and perceptions of the situation.

I apologize for any offence.


Goober, you were and are behaving over the edge. I didn’t attack you, nor did I make unsupported comments about you.

I still can’t read much at Franktalk but here is a statement I can, the second part of which is ridiculous: “MUSE is the oldest and one of the first line treatments for ED.”

MUSE is one of the oldest treatments for ED but it is nowhere near “first line” for treatment. The take-home message from there is clear: You can’t get it up? Get yourself some MUSE first.

My urologist will not even prescribe MUSE. The percentage of men in his practice who have used it and experience severe penile pain is more than significant; erectile response (success) for users is low, as compared with the pills and other treatments.

Here is another I can read:
“One of the side effects of papaverine is
that it can cause scarring which can cause Peyronies (sic) disease. Add phentolamine
and you get a greater chance of a priapism - and a free trip to the hospital to get
your penis poked with more needles.
So, the balancing act becomes how to get the best results with the fewest risks. And
each guy has his own set of risks. Some men will battle Peyronies while other guys
are in constant danger of a priapism and others want to avoid pain at all costs.”

It is not the papaverine per se which causes scarring. It is the foolish and repeated injections into the very same “sweet spot” on the penis, over and over, without enough time lapsing for healing which causes the scarring and Peyronie’s. Dance around in your injectible areas and the odds are very much against scarring.

Any of the drugs in any ED injectible formulation can cause an event of priapism. The usual pills (V, L, and C) can also cause priapism. The issue here is not about the drug itself, rather about the dosage the patient uses in application. Patient eduction is vital here. Doctors must take time to explain how you work up from small dosages, experimenting upward to find the one that works well for you with no, or minimal, side effects.

I hope that you find acceptable solutions to your own ED. And that you learn to be more pleasant, and less insulting, in your future interactions here at Thunders.



Goob, I see our posts overlapped. You were writing at the time I was.



After re-reading your first comments about I shamefully realized that you were and are correct about not accusing me personally of misleading anyone, either directly or indirectly as I asserted. You were referring to I mislead myself to assume this and was wrong for misinterpreting what you actually said; I took it as a personal accusation on my character.

Please forgive me.


You are forgiven. Let’s move on.




You were correct with your call of me sounding like I had a chip on my shoulder within this thread. At the time, while writing my comments, I truly was not thinking that way nor was I intending to sound as bad as it does to me now after re-reading it.

I’m embarrassed of myself and would like to publicly apologize to you personally for coming across as arrogant and insulting to Avocet8.

I still feel passionately about my defense and would stand again with the same determination; however, after re-reading what I wrote and recognizing the mean tone that it certainly sounds like, I will be very careful how I choose to phrase my words in the future.

With humility

Originally Posted by avocet8

But for some of us, and because of many organic and/or psychological reasons, erectile failure becomes the pattern rather than the unusual, isolated event. Sexual erections fail repeatedly, nocturnal erections may stop happening (no more morning wood, or rarely), libido may or may not drop off.

Purely psychological reasons for me..

65bpm In the daytime doing nothing.
Resting heat rate 57-58bpm

I do not think pills will help at all, since my blood pressure is all ready low enough to get a steel rod erection.

My visual stimulation is broken also because of it. I see Everyone as nether attractive or unattractive. Very very rarely will I see someone as attractive. This is one of the reasons I avoided any relationships from my teen years on.

I isolated it to something my sister said to me 10-11 years ago. I talked to her about it, but she claimed it was a joke.

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.

Hello, I am making this post because I have been having, what seems to be, slight erection problems. I am only 26 years old. My erections are always rigid enough for sex, but they are not 100%. While it is possible for me to obtain 100% rigidity, it takes some effort and is easily lost. I would say I can achieve a 70-80% rigid erection with relative ease, but full rigidity is not so easy. I’m also concerned because I have not been experiencing morning or night erections. If I do happen to have an erection in the morning (which has been rare lately) it is weak < 70%. This concerns me because in the past I would wake up with solid, 100% rigid erections. Furthermore, upon ejaculation, my penis returns to a flaccid state in literally a matter of seconds. This also never used to be the case, I would maintain an erection for several minutes (5-15 minutes) after completion. This is obviously one of my greatest fears becoming reality, and I’m not sure what the best plan of action is to take. I started doing PE a few weeks ago. I did it regularly for about two weeks. I really can’t say if I noticed any improvement, but I decided it was best if I stopped for fear of further injury.

I passed a kidney stone back in June of 2010. I started noticing problems about six months prior to passing the stone. Once the stone passed I noticed significant improvements in my EQ, but I’m still not 100%. It was worse before the stone passed. I have seen a urologist, and I have no more kidney stones. He, like most doctors, didn’t give me a chance to speak to him about anything the last time I saw him. He actually brought another doctor (a female general practice doctor) into the room and told me that he didn’t want to see me again unless there was something wrong. I’m kind of rambling now, my apologies.

I guess my main questions are, what can I do personally to get better? I have been a smoker for 7 years and I don’t eat healthy. Despite this, I’m in good shape, and I was a competitive runner for most of my life. That might not matter anymore with the way my lifestyle has been for the past 7 years. In addition, should I go to another doctor? And, should I continue with PE? Will that help or make it worse? Any help or advice you gentlemen could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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Dirty Harry..

I recognise some of your problems and I am also 26 years old.. I don’t know if you are familiar with any supplements?, but I’ve been trying very much of them, and I know I am on the right track to find the ultimate mix very soon..

But I also want to say that I think, despite the supplements, keep the PE up! But don’t over do it, I did that way back and that decreased my EQ.

And I must say.. I’ve smoked both tobacco and weed since I was thirteen, and finally quit them both about 6 months ago and that made a hell of a difference EQ wise!

Man, I don’t know if any of my words helps, but I know there is plenty of knowledge here and every problem can be fixed..

Have a nice day man!


Thank you jrninja. I appreciate your input. Also, your story is definitely motivation to help me quit smoking. I’ve been trying to quit more frequently these days. I’ll stop smoking for 3-5 days, but then I usually break. I always assumed if I quit I would notice significant improvements in my EQ, but now I know for certain. That’s a big motivation booster.

As for supplements go, I take a multi vitamin, an omega-3, and a zinc supplement. I’d be very interested in hearing your experience with supplements.

I haven’t been doing PE, but perhaps you’re right, and I’ll start out slow and work my way up. I am very new to it.

What do you think about seeing a doctor? I don’t want to go if it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to help, that’s just a waste of money.

Thanks again.

Hello Dirty Harry..

Good to hear that you have find some motivation! A thing I did when I quit, I went for a walk every time I got the cravings for a smoke, and that did helped me big time.

But I guess any form of activity, doesn’t have to be for a long time, helps to put the mind to ease., and I always thought if I smoke now my EQ will decrease, try that! Believe me that helps!

I also know that fatty food is very bad for erections, because it clogs up the cardiovascular system= bad blood flow.

Now for the supplements..

As I was saying I’ve tried a lot, even penis pills, don’t take them..

Zinc, omega-3 and a multivitamin is good, I think you should keep on taking them..

I am on my way tho find the perfect mix, and I know I’m close, and now I take: 4-6g Citrulline Malate, 5g AAKG, 100mg Icariin and 40mg Pycnogenol, and a multivitamin, I also eat very healthy, vegan.

But I’m gonna change it to a 100mg pycnogenol and replace the AAKG with Arginine Malate, because I still wonder which form of Arginine is the best for erections..

I also know that Cayenne pepper is the bomb for circulation, I am searching for a good pill, because I used to mix 1 teaspoon in a glass and drink it, but it was not so good taste.. But very effective!

Maybe you don’t need them all, just the Arginine and the Pycnogenol, because actually the combination is patented and have been clinically tested for it’s potency.. You have a product that have the ingredients(Prelox Blue) but it’s much cheaper to buy the ingredients separate..

Man., I thought about the doctor too, because I wonder if I maybe have a venous leakage and maybe that’s the thing with you too..

And if you want to go the doctor just go, if he is a fuck up, check another one, it’s their job to help us!

I think you should do the Newbie routine for a couple a months and I believe that your EQ will increase, if it don’t after a while, take an extra rest day or less intensity in the jelqs..

A combination of the newbie routine, no cigarettes, maybe take up some running again, little more healthy food and some supplements I strongly believe that your erections will greatly improve!

Hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, inputs ore anything, you are very welcome, we are here to help each other..

Have a good day man..


Originally Posted by kingpole
I had E.D., due to diabetes, but PE and Ballooning took care of that problem.

What is Ballooning? I have Diabetes, and I am so discouraged. NOTHING tried so far has helped. Viagra, Levitra, nor Cialis.. I’m not even a QUARTER the man I used to be. My Dr. Says that there are non-invasive options for me out there, and a LOT of them natural per my Dr. But she can’t talk to me about nor recommend them.

I need help ladies and gents.. I’m failing at my relationship as well. She says she’s OK, but I feel different. She deserves to be happy. I think I may file for divorce if I can’t get help.

Excuse me if this is not appropriate but I thought to be of use to Aussies and in general all English speaking about Andrology Australia very informative site about ED and it even has a number of fact sheets about it

Worth reading info I reckon

Erectile dysfunction problem occur in men these days which is developed due to various reasons, unhealthy lifestyle like frequently smoking, drinking or psychological causes such as stress, depression are some the reason that raises the alarm and disorders related to heart, liver, kidney can also lead to impotence problems in men.

Medications for erectile dysfunction or ED and impotence include sildenafil as Generic Viagra, Zenegra, Kamagra, Kamagra dissolvable, Caverta, Meltabs & so on. These are common PDE5 drugs approved in the United States.

Here’s a website with a boatload of ED information. I don’t really know if this stuff is bogus though. Maybe someone has seen this site and possibly found it useful.

Starting stats 3/2/12: BPEL 5.625, EG 5.375, Flaccid L 3.50, Flaccid G 5.125, Mild to moderate ED

Goals: It's growing and looking good. ED is slightly better. 4/30


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