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elective or cosmetic testicle surgery

elective or cosmetic testicle surgery

Long story short, I have a slight or small varicocele on my left testicle and an epididymal cyst on the left. I hate the way it makes my nut hang on the left, and while the cyst on the left doesn’t cause steady pain, it makes that nut super sensitive. If it’s so much as grazed it damn near floors me. I’d like to get these fixed, though neither need to be fixed, or at least that’s what a uroligist said. Anyone ever had either of these things done by choice? Can anyone recomend a Doctor in the LA area? Any idea on price? I know there is a less intrusive way they can fix the varicocele these days.

I have the same thing going on. The cyst is on my right testicle. It makes it seem as though i have three. It never hurt or caused any discomfort. I’d like to get some info on this too and find out how common or uncommon it is.

There’s a difference between cosmetic and elective surgery. In general most insurance will not pay for something that is done solely to improve the look of something (cosmetic), but will pay for something that, while elective (not urgent), does need to be done. In many cases a testicular cyst or varicocele causes no pain or problems and does not need to be fixed. In your case there is a problem, the sensitivity and discomfort. The surgeon would have to confirm that this is being caused by the varicocele and or cyst and convince the insurance that treatment was necessary.

Open surgery is no longer required to correct a varicocele. See:…article/112867/. Embolization is a radiological procedure, but you’d have to get the proper diagnosis from a urologist first.

I had prostatitis a few years back and saw Dr. Orecklin who’s associated with UCLA and is part of a large and well known urology practice (urologists). I was pleased with his treatment plan and the care I received.

This site ( is interesting in it’s approach and presentation. It’s geared toward infertility, but gives the information in a unique way (including surgical photos).

I have a epidermal cyst on my right testicle and have had it for several years. It gets a little sensitive at times. I am sure the doctor said it could make that testicle sterile if operated on. If it could be removed without risk to fertility I think I would get it removed. Interesting topic.

Maybe someone has a few suggestions on the above, it has to be quite common?

I guess what I had at one point wasn’t actually a cyst but it was termed epididymitis. It never hurt me except on a psychological level. It freaked me out. I went to two doctors and finally a urologist who examined it and wrote a prescription for some type of meds. Either way, it went away shortly after and hasn’t been back. The only thing concerning me now is that my right testicle does not retract back towards my groin when I tense the ligament or whatever like I can with my left. Surgery to get that bump removed was an option but I have never had to since it went away. Also, it kinda scared me to think about needing surgery. I wish I could remember the name of that prescription my urologist gave me. It really did work and thankfully, no side-effects. Best of luck for those who are in worse shape though. We try to make ourselves bigger and end up enlarging something that’s not supposed to be.



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