Eeek... that was really scary!

Alright, I just had a weird thing happen to me.

First of all, background: 8 months ago I hurt my penis. I was a little too rough and I pulled the dorsal vein and caused it to swell, which caused me a lot of pain and even some ED. Now I’m better, and learning (with great pleasure) how to PE.

So the story:

I was masturbating (that isn’t the weird part), and I had about a 95% erection going. Lately I’ve been holding my thumb over the dorsal vein to achieve a stronger erection - not constantly, but occasionally throughout a masturbating session I’ll stick my thumb over the dorsal vein to engorge my penis even more, it just feels so good! I trained myself not to do this over the past many months, because it got to the point where I couldn’t even maintain an erection without my thumb there, and I also think it caused some curvature.

So lately, also while edging, I’ve been holding my thumb over the dorsal vein. Right.

Well, I was masturbating away happily, with my thumb over the dorsal vein, when I brought my stroke down a little too strongly and I suddenly felt a sharp pain just beneath the glans, on the dorsum of my penis (this is exactly the spot where I injured myself 8 months ago).

I tried to ignore it, but my penis went down to 85% erection immediately, and the more I tried not to think about it the more I released adrenaline, then I began to sweat. My penis shrank, and I started to swear profusely. My head was sweaty, my penis started turtling, and I almost started to pull my hair out (I like my hair, by the way).

I had a horrible flashback to the period 8 months ago when I couldn’t get a hard-on to save my life. Just when everything was going so good!

In the throes of denial, I started masturbating again, saying “No way, no way, it’s ok, it’s ok.”

Miraculously, I got a great big erection, and it was even better than it’s been over the past couple of days (which has been pretty good). I was also able to last forever. Phew! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

I guess I burst a capillary or something - something happened - and my penis could hold even more blood afterwards. I don’t know.

Pointless story. Sorry. I’m just so relieved that nothing bad happened.

Moral: Be careful with the dorsum of the penis. I learned this the hard way 8 months ago, and let myself slip just now. I was lucky.

Take ‘er easy, or leave ‘er alone.

Later… :)

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty: