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Edging to improve stamina?



Lest I be misunderstood, the book that I’ve recommemded describes how to achieve a different type of orgasm than do the books you’ve referenced.

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I appreciate the clarification; it certainly needed to be made. I actually understood that there is a difference. While I have not read the books that you have referenced, I am looking forward to doing so.

However, many people are resistant to things that touch on what they perceive as non-“scientific” points of view. Thus, the Taoism that has been stated to be in The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know can turn them off to the benefits they can gain from learning to be multi-orgasmic, even if that is not all that they could achieve, should they have the will to do more.


It’s just one book (not books) that I’ve recommended…but we’re among friends, who’s counting :) .

I understand the resistance to things that appear to be outside the realm of science, IOW, things that we can’t understand in terms that we’re comfortable with. I’m a man of science. An open minded man of science. I don’t need to understand all that I survey. The book that I’ve recommended contains both straightforward instructions on how to achieve crown chakra orgasms as well as Taoist philosophical perspectives. It takes a minimum of effort to distinguish between the two. I hope you enjoy the read.

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Staying Power

Originally Posted by Josh 14-11
You’re right, drew, “stamina” is a poor term since it implies muscular development and endurance. “Staying power” might be a better term, but it’s essentially training yourself so that your plumbing will not to squirt until you want it to. For years, sex therapists have recommended “start and stop” or “stop and squeeze” techniques to deal with premature ejaculation. But these are essentially external controls. I don’t want to interrupt love making with my wife (“OK, dear,” grab me just below the glans—now!”.) It’s not so bad to slow the pace of thrusting, shift from penetration to some hand or oral stimulation, etc. But some guys attest to learning better internal control (mental as well as physiological) to time their orgasm for when they really want to finally let loose. There’s much more talk of “external” control, however, than the “internal” control that I’m after. And what better time to practise it than during PE, when you’re already trying to control percentage of erection?

Stmheath and others put a lot of stock in [you]The Multi-Orgasmic Man[/you] by Mantak Chia. I’m not into Taoism, but stmheath got my attention; there’s got to be some useful things to learn from this. I read a review and summary of the book at Yesterday I just tried breathing “normally” while edging and it does affect how long you can hold out. It calms the “distraction” factor described in Beating off.. For science. It’s when I’m too “distracted” that I’m more likely to shoot my load too soon. But there’s more to it than just breathing more slowly.

So I’m experimenting. Again, whoever else has some insight or ideas on this, feel free to join the discussion.


I thought that was what “Cross Country Track” was for? ;) Who woulda known?

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Originally Posted by xenolith

No perhaps. One can. More importantly, one can train oneself to orgasm at will without ejaculating. The Multi Orgasmic Man does a disservice to its readers by not explaining the HOW of achieving what it describes. Should one wish to pursue an understanding of HOW, reading this
will expidite one’s understanding. Prerequisite is an open mind.

Can you give us a short set of instructions?

I`ll post my experience about something weird that happened to me , twice.

I red about 2 years ago a book about the Taoism “mumbo jumbo” in wich was said that sperm contains vital energy and if that energy its absorbed by the body it can do wonders, very interesting stuff. So about a year ago when I was trying to deal with my mental ED problem (couldnt get it up with a girl cause of anxiety, porn, too much masturbation etc…) I just stopped ejaculation and jerking for about 10 weeks. The first 2 weeks nothing happened, but after that I started having wet dreams(probabily cause my body wanted to blew my load) but I did not ejaculated cause somehow I was able to control my ejac, and I was having orgasms in my sleep without ejaculation. At that point my libido became sky high, I was having erections during the day, night, morning, and horny like a MF. So after about 6-7 weeks something really WEIRD started.Almost everytime I touched a car or someone`s hand I was electrocuted with static electricity, you know the one when you touch the TV screen, but it was stronger, it almost hurt. If I was touching 4 cars in a day I was getting “shocked” 4 times a day. That never happened to me in my life, and it lasted about 2-3 weeks, UNTIL I BLEW MY LOAD A FEW TIMES DURING MY SLEEP AND MASTURBATING. Weird…

Originally Posted by Nick666
Can you give us a short set of instructions?

Short, no. A set of instructions of any length that would be comprehensible to the reader without having read the book in order to familiarize oneself with vocabulary, I don’t know, but probably not. Considering the difficulty of the task and the very real likelihood of it not being useful to the reader, and possibly even effecting a repulsive response from the reader (which I would hate to be responsible for) due to the unfamiliarity of the words that I would have to use (or else go into lengthy descriptions of vocabulary as well, making the “summary” unwieldy long), it seems like a task not worth pursuing. Given that I’m exceedingly busy now, my ability to “warm up” to such a task just isn’t there.

I’ve promised to try to present a summary of seminal kung fu in this thread. And I intend to honor that promise, I just don’t know how I’ll do it. Or when.

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I agree it really is difficult to summarize quickly. When I read the multiorgasmic man, the techniques in the book helped me a little. I read it a second time and learned much more, but I am still nowhere near achieving the ultimate control that is described in that book.

It is not a very long book, so if you are not even motivated to take a few hours reading and spend a few bucks, a short summary probably wouldn’t do you much good anyway.

But in general, it has a lot to do with breathing, visualization techniques that allow you to control your sexual energy and “move it around” through your body, up your spine, into your head, etc. Techniques that allow you to recognize the difference between orgasm and ejaculation, and make your orgasms “full body” orgasms rather than genital, while avoiding the need to ejaculate by separating this energy in your mind, moving this energy out of your genitals and dispersing it through your body.

I am talking about The MultiOrgasmic Man, not the book by the same author that Xenolith recommends.

Horny Bastard

Very well stated mravg. And crown chakra orgasms, desribed in the book I recommend are significantly different, and significantly more difficult to summarize than the full body orgasms described in the book you’ve read.

My gut sense is that any attempt to summarize the method of achieving CCOs would be counterproductive, or at the least

Originally Posted by mravg
probably wouldn’t do you much good anyway.

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Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama


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