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Edging: Time limit?

Edging: Time limit?

I just did a search on this and couldn’t find any good advice.

So I just had a 2.5 hour edging session, I don’t know how I held it back for so long but it felt like it only lasted an hour or so, one of those times when I completely lost track of time and got a bit too into it.

As one would expect after 2.5 hours of having a really big erection, my cock kind of hurts. I’m having a protein shake to try to make up for it, but I hope something like this doesn’t negatively effect my gains. Tomorrow I’m not doing any PE (never do after a day of 1hr+ edging) to recuperate a bit.

My question is, are the long edging sessions hurting my gains? I’m really afraid if they are, but as far as my measurements go, the days after longer edging sessions I am hanging really well and get up to around 7.5x5.6 or so. Another question of mine is would the extended edging hurt my erectile quality or anything like that? One thing I’m really concerned about is my ability to stay hard after ejaculating (I’m more concerned about keeping this ability than gaining, really), and it seems I don’t when I edge for 2+ hours (I’m guessing my cock’s just more tired than it is after having sex for 10-30 mins or so). Edging should make EQ increase, but is 1-3 hours overdoing it? I’ve been doing this since I was a kid (didn’t know it was called edging back then) so my body’s accustomed to getting a hard on for extended periods of time. If it makes any difference, I usually ejaculate at the end of the longer sessions, and I usually don’t use any porn.

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It depends on the person, people react differently.

Some guys edge for 15 minutes and they are exhausted and experience negative PI’s and it means they must take time extra off from PE to recover.

Personally if I go 45 minutes, I feel like it has been stressful enough that I should take an extra day off from PE.

My “sweet spot” seems to be about 25-25 minutes.

Just listen to your body.


The primary limit is priapism. I’d not dare to fare for more than 2.5 hours, and better no more than 2.

Though I don’t know about effect on gains, and I’m not as exhausted even after a long session - I get very bored, and it becomes hard to maintain an erection.

Interesting, sorry I ask this but what kind of negative PI’s can you experience from edging? I’ve never edged for more than hour an a half, I usually do it for 45 mins to an hour and have never experimented anything bad, maybe my penis would get a little bit sore from jelqing, kegeling and edging in a row but it wasn’t anything that would keep sore to the next day.I don’t think edging would affect my gains at all, If anything is like other kind of practice.. Like if you were practicing for MMA and you have lifting and kickboxing, so you do lifting for strength and kickboxing for stamina, some like that.

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After years of edging, I can go for a very long time. The longest was 4 hours. Actually, I had to take a ten minute break every hour to keep them from hurting too much. That was unusual. Periodically I go between 2 and 3 hours. I don’t always have time to do this, but I feel it helps to do this on occation. I go through cycles of getting hard and soft again, but each time I get hard again it always seems to be harder and larger. For the next day or two I experience weaker erections, but its always temporary. Also feeling rather sore in the pelvic area. I don’t know, I always wondered if it was really harmful or not. But it has helped with pe generally for me.

I have done this before. I have edged for 5 hours and it was awesome. Try to fall a sleep with the erection was hard, but in the morning I had a huge flaccid and edged for 3 more hours, then I ejaculated. The sad part was after ejaculation it was about normal and I had no problems getting erection. Sometimes it is difficult to do that because It get soft. So I would say try it.

When I’ve had porn sessions of 3 + hours, my cock usually feels a bit weird & sometimes shrivels when I’m done. Generally speaking I think limiting edging to only an hour or so at most is best, at least for me.

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