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Edging, premej and impatience

Edging, premej and impatience

I’ve been a premature ejaculator basically since my teenage days.

I’ve been able to keep going for up to like 1 hour after I’ve come before, but the first I’m mostly very fast, between 1 minute and sometimes, but only rarely 10 minutes.

I’ve taken Paxil, but since I’m currently not in a relationship I don’t have the regular chance to have sex, so I found it too much to take the pharmaceutica regularly.

I’ve tried edging a few times. I noticed then that I’m very impatient. When I go slowly I don’t feel much. So I go faster and imagine having fast hitting sex. Then once I start to feel, I have big problems to go slow. Then I come quickly. I’m realizing that I’ve probably conditioned myself in a certain way and thus come so fast when I have sex. I’ve tried to edge,but either I also come reasonably quickly or I don’t feel much and kind of get bored and think of something else to do. I’m also keeping too busy. My day is filled with activities. After work for instance I’ll normally have something to do, go to the gym or watch a movie. When I get home I eat, shower, read and go to bed. Not much time to relax.

What do you others who have this pe think about this? Can you enjoy edging, i.e. go slow on your own, but only cum fast when you’re excited or have you perhaps experienced something similar but managed to get through this and learn to feel more early on.

Hey man , you need to relax because most of this thing is all mental , even tho you think you conditioned your penis to ejaculate fast, which maybe you did by masturbating really quick when you were a kid or something like that.or rushing to when a PONR, I read this a long time ago and helped me a lot so maybe it’ll help you..


Take a look at it and tell me if it helps you, if it doesn’t you can try getting the “mantak chia” the multiorgasmic man which is really cool and I’m still reading it, you can download it ..

From my personal experience I would say you are rushing too much and you need to practice edging a little bit more, and don’t get frustrated because everything takes time, maybe masturbate visualizing a girls orgasm in mind and make it as real as possible so it’s not that boring at the beginning and you still have fun doing it.just make it real maybe get some hip action involved, close your eyes and focus on your breathing(slowly, inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth), it’s very arousing when you let your mind making it so real but at the end is way better, then I really recommend you to get the multiorgasmic man book , you’ll see the techniques for breathing and some other exercises that will help you move the energy from your penis to your whole body instead of just focusing on your penis.. Good luck man

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