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ED Worries...

Thanks Zane. I’m interested in your comment about men and iron, could you elaborate?

Originally Posted by zaneblue
Take fish oil. I’m so tired of typing this.

Install a keyboard macro! Take fish oil,Take fish oil. ;)

Just kidding!

Masturbate frequently even if you can’t get fully erect. This is health to the prostate.
You can not balloon or edge enough. It totally reversed my ED how be it it took a couple of months. And like you noted in several post above you have to give up habits that cause ED like marijuana. In my case it is diabetes, diabetic medications and blood pressure medication as well as neurontin. But you have to replace bad addiction with good addiction.

That said I think one should aim for 40 minutes per session once or twice a week.

1: Start out with testicle massage, rub the line dividing the scrotum, gently rub the testicles this can be very pleasurable.
2: Balloon slowly, do ballooning motions, rub the sweet spot, rub the glans, then alternate with edging motions.
3:Edging motions are stroking the base of your cock.
4:Then alternate with erect kegels not kegels.
5: by staying off ejaculating you build up pressure.

The key here is your going for therapeutic pleasure, not necessarily a full erection, go for the feel good there are tremendous health benefits from masturbating even a soft erection.

Also on your non masturbating days do PE. Warm up, stretch, jelq warm down, flaccid kegel throughout the day. Do PE two days per week and edging combination ballooning two days per week Start out ten to twenty minutes per day and build it up over the course of several months to 40,60 or more minutes per day.

Touch every mm of your penis!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Wow kingpole,

If you beat ED due to diabetes, that is impressive.

How many ejaculations per week did you allow yourself during this regimen?

women tend to be slightly anemic from menstruation. Men don’t have to worry about that. My full diet in my book recommends women take iron (after checking with their doctor).

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Originally Posted by zaneblue
Women tend to be slightly anemic from menstruation. Men don’t have to worry about that. My full diet in my book recommends women take iron (after checking with their doctor).

Glad you can join us Zane your in put is highly valuable is wish Advocet8 would come in on this one to. A question for you zane is there any substance that can repair damaged valves in the penis? I’m thinking calve raises, why I don’t know.

Currently I can have multiple dry orgasms. Possibly 7-15 per session.
When I started out I was like any other guy out there a two minute man with ED.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by kingpole
Glad you can join us Zane your in put is highly valuable is wish Advocet8 would come in on this one to. A question for you zane is there any substance that can repair damaged valves in the penis? I’m thinking calve raises, why I don’t know.

If you are talking about valve tissue in penile veins (as exist in a leg vein, for example), there are no similar valves in the veins of the penis. Hence, no valves to “repair.”



Good no valves, this may make it easier to repair.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hey KingDong69,
I remember you now, you started that really good thread on porn addiction:
My porn addcition has driven me to despair.HELP

This is not a dig, but I’m sensing contradiction here:

Originally Posted by kingdong69
the best sex and erections I’ve had throughout all my years of porn/ED troubles were when I’d been occupied with external things not been concentrating on my problems and internal thoughts and to busy to think about my dick, then get some.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
…then find a relaxing moment to look at some really stimulating (for you) porn. You should get instant boner and no need to kegel to maintain hardness.

You seem to be saying here that porn is both the solution and the problem? If he is not already a porn user, I would say he is best keeping it that way. It sure is a powerful drug, and hard to control.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
Wow. You must be my long lost twin brother. My life has been so identical in many ways. And I am still going through similar problems.
Though in all honestly if you are like me I believe your problem is thinking too much.

Even though your symptoms may be similar, from reading your posts, I would say that you and whatsallthisthen, have totally different personalities and body types. In his case, there seems to have been a gradual depression of his vitality and lust for life. So for him the solution is to re-energise. From your writing style, I am getting the picture of someone who achieved dissipation through burn out. “Cat on a hot tin roof” ;)

So for you, things that create peacefulness in your life might be the way forward.

mmm I dunno man last few years I’ve been up and down had many twists and turns it’s been a roller coaster at times and then times of severe depression and crippling social anxiety (like he had, as well as periods of no sex because of this). I also had problems with not cumming or getting hard with girls as he did. And also, kegeling to maintain weak erections. he’s similar height and weight. Plays football once a week. Smoked weed. lost confidence with girls. lost hardon when changing positions. Bad sleeping patterns. Surfing porn etc…these are all identical things I have had in my adult life which is why I state he is like my long lost twin.

You didn’t understand me correctly or I didn’t make my point clearly in that quote you refer to (you cut out the first part of the sentence, to test if its a mental or physical problem:

‘At least 1 whole week no porn, masturbating etc, keep fit weights, cardio (don’t overdo it)…then find a relaxing moment to look at some really stimulating (for you) porn. You should get instant boner and no need to kegel to maintain hardness. ‘)

What I am saying is if like me you wank every day and look at porn every day. If you go one week without looking at porn or wanking you’d be amazed at horny you will become and how easily you will be aroused and stay hard looking at porn after this period of time. Well this is what happened to me. Wanking and looking at porn every day it is hard to stay aroused and always hard looking at the same stuff especially if you have been doing it for years. So, what I’m saying is to test of it is a mental or physical problem he could go 1-2 week no porn no wanking, then look at some really good porn and IMO he should have a instant 100% boner with no kegeling needed to maintain. If not, then maybe the problem is physical. Though in saying that yohimbe, viagra or muiria puama would be a quicker test.

Another thing I should add is about low testosterone levels. At my worst depression I stopped eating, working out, playing football, socialising and went down to like 120lbs. I never felt horny and my erections were weak, orgasms no intensity, cum loads low. Yet, I was still addicted to porn so wanking off despite this even though nothing was arousing me. I got over this, began eating proper, working out, taking testosterone pills like ZMA, tribulus, other bodybuilding stuff and eventually my sexual power came back. I then got carried away on sexual stimulants which brings me to where I am now and now need to learn to relax again LOL.

Anyway depression alone can lower testosterone levels, as can social exclusion and loneliness in turn affecting erections and sex drive. So, getting busy in activities, meting new people and being generally active help his problems a lot. This is advise I should really use as well but when you feel out of contact with the world and low in confidence for so long it’s hard to get back out there.

I’d found playing sports is probably one of the best things in these situations- football, badminton, pool even making music if you play an instrument. For me though having finished uni it’s hard to get involved in these kinda things now.

on another thread:
kingdong69 - Pre-sex improvement routine
you said that despite all these problems, you were highly aroused by the slightest whiff of skirt, which seems to indicate that for you the mind is the “big one”. I am similar to you in that respect, but I have come to see that for others, hormones and vitality levels are the bigger factor.

Another thing I found with myself was that, boosting the hormones had the power to make me so horny that my mind was just not able to sabotage my erections. I learned a lot from that.

Yeah you’re right, definatley my mind atm. It is fucked im many ways hahaha. But during my depressed time I was definatley physically exhausting my penis.

Hormones are crucial. I fell into my porn addiciton during my heavy weightlifting days. I felt great back then, like Arnie. I was cumming at gym, cumming with girls, cumming to porn all day and night, just cumming all the time lol. Then after getting chronically depressed and loosing weight, stopping eating and exercising I could barley get a hardon but still cumming/wanking all the time, ruining my dick, as I was abusing like I used to when I had all those hormoes and testosterone but now also not getting proper nutrition. Once getting over the depression, the problem was now in my mind and still is. But things are getting better, not looked at porn for 40 days!

Kingpole, what are the physical problems that you overcame due to your diabetes? well done by the way, sounds like you really worked on it and can now reap the rewards!

Kingdong69, or should I say, Brother?! Sounds like you actually choked your chicken half to death man! I don’t think I overworked my dick because i’ve never been a massivley heavy masturbater, and I didn’t PE for more than a few months, might have even been weeks I can’t remember (Ganja has fried my memory!). But I do agree with what you say about staying off the porn and letting the natural lust for sex take the reigns, and also that in the moment with a woman, I need to focus my mind anywhere but on the image of the last chicken in the shop!

Mark777, cheers for the advice. I agree with you that years of cannabis smoking has affected me, I didn’t really have any sexual experiences while being a reclusive depressed smoker of ganja but I definitely became anxious and paranoid in general. Although it’s a lot less intense than what it used to be, the feelings have stuck with me. I think I re-trained my brain to work in a negative, worried kind of way, and it’s not something that I can undo in, hmm… 5 years apparently! But I am a lot better than what I was.

I still have lots of anxiety and nervous energy though, plus I find it hard to concentrate, so even during a makeout session my mind will be drifting about, which can’t be good for Wots. Jr!

Maybe I also got into a bad masturbation habit.. whereas kingdong held kegels to remain as hard as poss during masturbation and now struggles to stay erect, perhaps I became lazy and didn’t really try to get full erections, maybe because porn wasn’t turning me on as much anymore due to using it on a daily basis, so i just did the job at half mast. So maybe now, my brain is used to the pattern of… arousal, semi-erection, ejaculate… job done! So now it doesn’t try give me a full boner anymore because i’m achieving the goal of ejaculation without having to, so why waste the energy?!…

After getting some great insight from you guys, i’m putting my current situation down to a few main factors:

Becoming isolated, depressed, socially anxious and losing self-esteem.

Losing my sexual confidence with girls (which I never truley found it in the first place!)

Becoming de-sensitised to pornography.

Becoming lazy regarding how hard I allowed myself to become when masturbating (I think… I really can’t remember, argh!)

Losing concentration levels, having moments of ‘dissassociation’ to cope with situations.

*Undecided* damaging myself with irresponsible PE. (Like I say, I remember struggling to keep it from getting too hard!)

*All this was between the ages of about 18 and 24*

*from 24 onwards:*

Having chronic ‘droopy’ moments during the few times I actually had girls in my bed.

*most likely* Letting this get to me allbeit subconsciousley and having the problem repeat itself, only to reinforce the anxiety for next time!

Then over the past few months finally getting into a regular sexual relationship with a single girl.

Feeling pressure due to my persistant inability to competantly perform with her, and never really finding my feet, or my hardon.

Getting dumped by her!

Then becoming completely neurotic about the possibility that i’ve damaged myself permanently from PE, and the harsh realisation about all of the above, simultaneousley smacking me in the face at once! And all during my final yeat at uni, yay!

It’s amazing, this denial stuff - tugging away at a little floppy thing on a daily basis and not realising that it’s not a happy floppy thing, otherwise it wouldn’t be a floppy thing, it would be a big stiff thing, that if I absent mindedly turned round, would knock my cup of tea off the table!

So I am now going to take some steps to recover from this unfortunate and frustrating situation I find myself in.

I’ll try and improve my diet and sleeping patten, although i’m really bad at stuff like this.

Take fish oil and vitamins everyday.

Stop looking at porn and cut out masturbation for a while.

Get some V. and use it on my next victim, and hope to gain some confidence and routine in an upward direction.

Start edging and ballooning, but only if the medical results show no physical damage - i’m a bit worried about messing around down there right now!

Try and get reconnected with my penis… that may sound wierd but I really don’t feel ‘at one’ with it anymore. I think the underlying build up of fear and inxiety about me and sex, have kind of caused me to mentally withdraw from acknowledging its less than almighty presence (maybe more dissassociation in order to cope?). This I think has fed upon itself until I finally faced up to reality and now I have yet another hole to get out of, or rather, I have a throbbing tower to erect, whatever, I’ve got to some work to do in this area and it seems that things can be improved, which is massivley encouraging, so I won’t be jumping off a cliff anytime too soon.

I’ll post when I find out what the Doc says about my blood test, and if anything notable happens.



With the positive attitude you are displaying, you are already half way there. even if you have damaged your dick, they have an unbelivable ability to repair themselvs. Up your protien levels a little so that the little fella has somthing to work with. Junk food is often full of feminising agents, so best stay clear.


The mind is enlessly plastic, and can be moulded into whatever shape you want. The adult brain however takes a little while to tear down old pathways and wire in new ones. I think the key is consistancy.

40 days porn free, cool. :)

Its not likely you could have done any damage with your stretching routine. It is just about physically impossible to apply a force with just your “arm/hand” that would cause damage. The penis is a robust character, people pull trains with their penis’.

This is definitely a mental-side condition since you are able to produce an erector you just have difficulty sustaining. You must work on the issues you have with sex and overcoming the long latency that resulted in your current condition.


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